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  1. SunDevil

    NIkon monarch gold 1200 range finder sold

    I will take this
  2. SunDevil

    Aluminum boat, 40hp mercury, tilt motor, steering

    how many feet long is it?
  3. SunDevil

    Unit 10 early rifle bull help

    be mobile. lots of land up there. best not to have a camp keeping you tied to one area.
  4. SunDevil

    Unit 9 bull archery hunt

    leave your bow in camp and take a spot light with in your truck
  5. SunDevil

    We need a CWT gathering

    maybe climb some hills on quads \"/
  6. SunDevil

    How bout them Devils!

    #10 and 19 - 0. Only undefeated D1 baseball team left in the nation
  7. SunDevil

    Funky Rack

    my vote: 41 - 40
  8. SunDevil

    22 Points

    +1 for 4B
  9. SunDevil

    Going Goulds hunting in 35A!

    fun hunt. I had it many years ago. I could not draw a goulds tag this year with 19 points but my daughter drew last year with 5. go figure!
  10. SunDevil

    The Game!!

    Ha. Forks Up!!! and everyone laughed when Anderson hired Herm. I guess Sumlame was the real joke.
  11. SunDevil

    The Lobos Buck

    Unfortunately I do not frequent this site as much as I use to and some of you are not on social media so I thought I would share my daughters youth buck from this year with you. It is an amazing deer. If any of you are ever considering an AZ or MX outfitter I would highly recommend Steven Ward with Ward's Outfitters. This buck was the largest in a herd of 14 he put us on. It was an incredible day for a very deserving young lady. Thanks Steven!!!
  12. SunDevil

    rifle for wife

    Ruger Compact in 7-08 and then put a brake on it. very light. lots of factory ammo to select from.
  13. SunDevil

    2018 Youth Coues Success and Video

    did your family come back to AZ or are they still in Washington?
  14. SunDevil

    Where to retire?

    Sonora MX on the beach somewhere and a couple of months in the Mtns but it is going to be awhile. 12 more years of school for my youngest
  15. SunDevil

    Mountain Goat on Kaibab

    what about bobcats in MX?