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  1. SunDevil

    Ruger K77/22 Magnum VMBZ

    Great 22s GLWS
  2. SunDevil

    Any Side by Side Shotguns for sale?

    Vowell and Big Browns nothing fancy. Just a solid old safe Queen in very good condition sears 101.7
  3. SunDevil

    Opportunity VS Trophy Hunts

    I waited 16 years for an early rifle tag. Screw that. I started putting in for hunts with lower success and higher draw odds. 3 tags in 7 years. 3 dead bulls!
  4. SunDevil

    338 laupa ammunition

    Gonga deal!
  5. SunDevil

    Crickets ?…

    That lost tonight to the Johnny Utah Utes!!!
  6. SunDevil

    Bear Meat

    The general consensus on aoudad meat is that it is not very good to eat. Most hunters/guides/ranchers in TX leave it in the field.
  7. SunDevil

    Bear Meat

    Had bear once. ID bear. Was not very good. went to TX in Sept and shot an aoudad. Caped it out and left the rest. Weirdest thing I ever did was walking away from all that meat.
  8. SunDevil

    Coues with a Pistol

    How far was the shot?
  9. SunDevil

    Things to do in Tucson w/10yr old?

    Yes on Eegees. Deluxe grinder! Half strawberry half lemon Eegees!
  10. SunDevil

    Things to do in Tucson w/10yr old?

    Pima air museum or Sonoran desert museum or SCI wild animal museum or kartchnrr caverns mi nidito
  11. SunDevil

    Looking for help 36b

    Mature bucks are the first to bed in the morning and the last to come out in the evening
  12. Nice rug! GLWS 8 MPG?
  13. SunDevil

    Crickets ?…

    Wilbur got ROCKED!!! FullSizeRender.mov
  14. SunDevil

    Crickets ?…

    2horns, I could go back and count them but I am pretty sure Zona had more personal fouls than ASU
  15. SunDevil

    Crickets ?…

    Hey. It was an exciting game. 5 turnovers and no defense are not going to win many games. ASU wrestling is #4 in the country