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  1. DotShot

    Bulk ammo 9mm, 223, 308, 22

    I'll throw rocks before I pay those prices, thats just robbery.
  2. DotShot

    Win Pre 64 Model 70 264 Win Mag "SOLD"

    The longer this gorgeous rifle is available, the more and more tempted I get.... someone buy this so I dont cave!
  3. DotShot

    Multiple rifles for sale

    Sent you a PM, Very Interested in #8
  4. I have a Marlin Golden 39A that I need worked on. It’s a pre hammer block safety model that I’ve had about 40 years and would love to have it returned to Fireable condition. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
  5. DotShot


    I just purchased a new CRF-2700B and have my old CRF-1600B that I donut need any more. If you can find them they are $799 new. I'd be willing to let this one go for $450. Let me know if you're interested.
  6. DotShot

    Credit Card Hit!

    Got hit for 5 Tags!
  7. DotShot


    Just got hit for 5 Tags!!!
  8. DotShot

    $2500 budget to get into long range

    I'm also going to have to recommend the Sendero. I purchased mine almost 2 years ago and absolutely love it. I opted for the 300 RUM and again, am completely happy with it. I topped it with a Vortex HSLR 6-24x50 FFP mounted with Nightforce rings and picatinny rail. I also put a Kenton Industries LR Hunter turret on the scope. All in all it comes in at just a bit under $2500 for the entire setup. The first deer i took with it was at 415 yards and he took a dirt nap right where he stood. You really cannot go wrong with the Sendero regardless of which caliber you opt for.
  9. DotShot

    South Texas Whitetail

    What impressed me the most is that this buck took a 210gr Nosler ABLR out of my Remington 700 Sendero 300 RUM from 206 yards and still ran about 30 yards. He was walking almost straight away from me and the bullet entered left side just forward of his last rib, traveled through lung, exploded his heart, just forward of his right shoulder and lodged just under the skin forward of the right shoulder. In the picture you'll notice a dark spot on his right shoulder, thats actually the lump of the slug.
  10. I know this isn't a Coues but as I didn't get the opportunity to hunt Arizona Coues I made a trip to my wife's niece's ranch in South Texas in order to get my whitetail fix for the year. I've hunted the ranch for 28 years and have seen a lot of big whitetails, but nothing like the one i ended up taking. Pretty stoked about this buck to say the least.
  11. Wanted to send a huge congratulations our to my friend Chris and his Son Tristan. They spent a lot of time patterning this deer and a lot of time waiting and watching and it finally paid off. Tristan took this awesome buck this morning with a 200 yard shot and i know he has to be beyond excited. I stumbled upon this deer a few years ago and have tried unsuccessfully to take him myself. I cannot think of a better scenario by which this phenomenal animal could have been taken and am supper happy for these two, especially Tristan. I'm curious as to what you folks think he might score?
  12. DotShot

    Rifle for Sale

    It is .22LR
  13. DotShot

    Rifle for Sale

    Posting this for my Son. Selling his Savage MKII topped with a Baraska Hunt-master 3-9x40 scope. Rifle also has a Boyds SS Evolution stock as well as the Accu-Trigger (Harris bi-pod not included). This rifle is, without question, a tack driver and a blast to shoot He is asking $400 OBO. PM me with any questions.