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    Spending time outdoors with the family. Hunting ,hiking, scouting.

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  1. hunter01

    PSE Dream Season

    PM sent.
  2. hunter01

    WTB Archery deer target

    Check academy outdoors on-line, decent prices on new, occasional discount on blems.
  3. hunter01

    Upholsterer needed

    I will check on the place on 29th and advise.
  4. hunter01

    Upholsterer needed

    Try the Garcia's on 29th, west of swan. It might be called custom trim? I see boat and travel trailers there pretty often.
  5. Ruger SP101, 2.25", 5-Shot, stainless steel, in 38/357 mag, Crimson Trace red-laser grips, factory box, manual, cards, laser adjustment tools, only shot 50 times, very clean, great condition. 1-25 round box of 38 FTC Spl home defense and 1-25 round box of 357 Ammo FlexLock Ammo $550.00 FTF in Tucson, will not ship No Trades Andy Text @ 520-954-3403
  6. hunter01

    Sonora Coues hunt (last minute opening)

    Jim, That might be a ranch I guided on maybe 10 or more years ago. The one I spoke of on the phone with you yesterday. The albino strain of Javi's has been there for some time. If it's the same ranch, it's a good size ranch with ample water sources, nice ranch house. I don't know what the deer have done since then. We were always able to find a few 100+ bucks a day. Pretty sure a few taken were over 110. I think that's the same ranch Guy Eastman from Eastmans Journal hunted years ago. Good luck, keep in touch. Andy
  7. hunter01

    In need of a Remington 700 part

    Brownells sells some replacement parts or check with a local gunsmith, they'll have one.
  8. hunter01

    Guns for sale

    Text on the 03A3 sent.
  9. hunter01

    Closet clean out

    PM sent.
  10. hunter01

    Fs pse dream season evo

    What year is the bow?
  11. hunter01

    Leupold Rx-1200i TBR RangeFinder

    Sending PM
  12. hunter01

    Guns, Bino

    I'll take the 38 Ammo. Text sent.
  13. hunter01

    Knight Bighorn 50cal

    Sending PM
  14. hunter01

    Good Guy Seller List

    You can add Winchester to the list, good guy that I would buy from again.