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    Spending time outdoors with the family. Hunting ,hiking, scouting.

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  1. hunter01

    Kodiak Canvas Tent

    Great deal there, awesome tents! I bought one last year, $625.......
  2. hunter01

    FS Savage 17 HMR

    You always have the coolest stuff! Didn't take long!👍🏼
  3. Looking for a gunsmith in N/W Tucson for brake install and some minor tuning. Please advise, Andy
  4. hunter01

    Fly fishing rods

    Text sent.
  5. hunter01

    Ammo 45 ACP and 357 Mag

    Shoot me a text, we could work on something, I'll take it. Andy in Tucson. 520-954-3403
  6. hunter01


    PM returned
  7. hunter01


    I'm interested in the 223 wssm if its still available. I have 45 auto. Andy
  8. hunter01

    Shotguns for sale price drop

    PM Sent
  9. hunter01

    PSE Ferocity RH RTS bow

    Hey G, You're killin' me. You still have this for sale? PM'd you too. Andy
  10. On the fourth day trying to get on a herd of bachelor bucks, my daughter, Hunter was able to connect on a good desert muley in south east Arizona. Her buck grossed right at 150”.
  11. hunter01

    PSE Dream Season

    PM sent.
  12. hunter01

    WTB Archery deer target

    Check academy outdoors on-line, decent prices on new, occasional discount on blems.
  13. hunter01

    Upholsterer needed

    I will check on the place on 29th and advise.