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    Spending time outdoors with my daughter. Hunting, camping, hiking, glassing, scouting, varmint calling and guiding.
    Watching my daughter press the trigger on a critter.

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  1. hunter01

    Fall Clean out lots of stuff

    2nd on the 16 Ga. Andy in Tucson Text is best- 520-954-3403
  2. hunter01

    SPF 204 factory ammo reduced

    PM Sent. Andy
  3. hunter01

    Coues Shirts

    PM Sent
  4. hunter01

    Variety of 270 wsm ammo

    Greg, I'll take the 130's you have left. Can meet you in the next couple days when convenient. Andy
  5. hunter01

    Manfrotto 128 RC heads price drop

    Text sent on #1 and # 2. Andy in Tucson 520-954-3403-Text is best.
  6. hunter01

    Shooting goods

    I'll take the copper and hornady 45 MZ. PM inbound. Andy
  7. hunter01

    Blazer 357 magnum 158gr. JHP

    Text sent. Andy in Tucson.
  8. hunter01

    Good Guy Seller List

    Add DESERTMAFIA 21 to the good seller list. Straight shooter, easy to set up sale. Andy
  9. hunter01

    Closet clean out (New items!)(and more!)

    I'll take the kid carrier. Text is best; 520-954-3403 Andy in Tucson
  10. hunter01

    Looking for quality used Crossbow.

    Hey Phil, I just saw a sales add for cross bows on Camofire.com. Andy
  11. hunter01

    Good Guy Seller List

    Add EarlyBronco to the list. Stand up guy and a straight shooter. Easy deal works out in a few text messages.
  12. hunter01

    204 ammo SOLD

    I'll buy them at $120.00. Andy in Tucson/OV Text is best- 520-954-3403
  13. Are you in Tucson? Andy
  14. hunter01

    WTB duffel bag

    Keep an eye on CAMOFIRE.COM, they have them on occasion with good pricing too. Andy