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    Spending time outdoors with my daughter. Hunting, camping, hiking, glassing, scouting, varmint calling and guiding.
    Watching my daughter press the trigger on a critter.

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  1. I'll take it, if not sold. Andy in Tucson
  2. hunter01

    Raymond Cow Hunt

    My daughter drew this hunt about seven years ago with 3 points when she was 13. You will shoot in order, based on the tag number. It was in the teens and below, 7 degrees opening day during the first week of December. After shooting the cow bison (Rachel) we hung it in the ranch barn, skinned and quartered it. We let it hang over night to cool (freeze). Returned the next morning to haul it out. The ranch manager will give you all the needed info when you arrive and you'll get a G&F info packet sent to you before the hunt. Things to have on hand; Several tarps for keeping meat clean while cutting/quartering or wrapping quarters or the cape for the ride home, should you not need ice chests. Bring a few friends, take turns cutting and thawing out your fingers. Extra help goes a long way. A vehicle or portable winch, they're really heavy. Tow straps or heavy rope are helpful. a quad ramp or similar to winch it into the truck. Several sharp knives, sharpener or a replaceable blade knife with a couple dozen blades. A portable propane heater if its cold, the wind can be brutal up there, helps thawing the fingers in the barn. A small generator and a sawsall with a few extra clean blades, longer is better. Everything froze, making bulk cutting difficult. If you don't cut and wrap your own meat, line up a butcher before the hunt, Dan Bix or Casey's are both good. We used Dan Bix and completely satisfied. Several extra large ice chests if you're going to cut it all up and take ti home or a butcher outside of flag. Then all the usual stuff too.......Maybe a back-up rifle. Best of luck, cows eat better than the big bulls too. Andy
  3. hunter01

    Whats In A Name

    My daughter was named, Hunter and born in 2001. The Beast named the first two, I got to name the third, leading me to "Hunter01" Andy in Tucson
  4. hunter01


    Killin' me Smalls! I'll trade you 5 big a$$ ammo cans for one. Great looking pups, good luck re-homing brother. My Lab is keeping me on my toes. Andy
  5. hunter01

    Rare 12ga SxS Helicodog

    Check with Phil Carr on CWT, He's pretty good on old scatter guns. Andy
  6. hunter01

    30 Round Ar Mags

    Text sent.
  7. hunter01

    Vortex HST scope

    Done. Thanks. Best of luck to your daughter. Andy Lopez
  8. I'll take it. Take 45? I'm in OV and can pick up today. Andy
  9. hunter01

    FS 300 Win. Mag ammo

    2nd for 5 boxes if deal falls thru. Andy
  10. Take 45? I'm in OV and can pick up today. Andy
  11. hunter01


    Killer deal on rigged decoys there! I use mine sitting water on deer hunts. The deer are not as skittish when they see birds on the water, coyotes too!
  12. hunter01

    Old tape game call FREE Johnny Stewart.

    Vintage stuff there!
  13. hunter01


    Anyone from Tucson picking one up this weekend? I'll put $20.00 towards your blind to pick up a second one, with a ride to Tucson. Andy
  14. hunter01

    loader, call, air gun

    I'll take 5 Ammo cans. Can pick up Saturday. PM inbound. Andy