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  1. Low#country23

    Adam’s adapters Kowa bigeyes

    What are you switching to? Do you want to sell the variable eye piece?
  2. Low#country23

    Oneida Bows - 7 for sale $150 each

    Where you located?
  3. Low#country23

    Oneida Bows - 7 for sale $150 each

    I'm interested in one what are you letting them go for?
  4. Low#country23

    Unit 27

    Access is almost impossible. Plan on backpacking. Deer are pockety.
  5. Low#country23

    Kuiu/under armor/upland bird vest/etc

    I’ll take the bino/hip ammo holder and the verde gaiter.
  6. Low#country23

    Elite Energy 35

    How much would u sell the bare bow for? I shoot one and I can’t put it down it is deadly!
  7. Low#country23

    Small pistol primers

  8. Low#country23

    Small pistol primers

    I have 700 in the box. I’m not gonna use them. Open to offers and trades for cool stuff. Located in Gilbert.Thanks
  9. Low#country23


    Pro harness? Location?
  10. Low#country23

    WTS - Twin Swarovski STS Spotters ("Big Eyes")

    How do these compare to the twin kowas.
  11. Low#country23

    7mm 168 ABLR's

    I can get them on Saturday. I live in Mesa. I was trying to take the 124 so could sell an even number. For the rest of them. Did they not shoot good for you? Are they loose bullets?
  12. Low#country23

    7mm 168 ABLR's

    I’ll take 124 of them.
  13. Low#country23

    7mm 168 ABLR's

    Will you spit them up? I’d like to have some.
  14. Low#country23

    Elite Energy 35

    I’ll take it! I text you as well.
  15. Low#country23

    Caldwell chronograph

    Hey buddy I’ll take your chrono.