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  1. Low#country23

    Wtb 300wsm

    Hello everyone I’m in need of some 300 wsm 150 grain. Remington core- lokt. Let me know if you’ve got any you would like to part with.Thanks! Good luck to everyone on the opener.
  2. Low#country23

    7mm bullets

    I’m still on the hunt for some bullets guys. Let me know if. You guys have any thanks!
  3. Low#country23

    7mm bullets

    Briant_az pm sent.
  4. Low#country23

    7mm bullets

    Azmuledeer let me know thanks!
  5. Low#country23

    7mm bullets

    Hello cwt! I’m in serious need of some 7mm bullets! I’m sure I am not the only one out there. If any one has an 150 or 160 type hunting bullets they want to sell I would love to have them! I’m not interested in any match or target bullets thanks a lot! Shoot me a dm.
  6. Low#country23

    WTB 7mm Remington brass

    I received the brass I needed from a great cwt member! There are some good people here.
  7. Low#country23

    WTB 7mm Remington brass

    I’m looking for 7mm brass as well. If anyone has a lead or has any to part with I’d like to know.
  8. Low#country23

    Diamond Razor Edge - $100 or trade

    I’ll take it dm sent.
  9. Low#country23

    Badlands bino harness

    I’ll take it can we meet up.
  10. Low#country23

    Vortex razor HD

    Looking to part with my 27-60x85. Glass is perfect box and paper work. 1200.00 dm if interested.
  11. Low#country23

    Outdoorsmans pistol grip

    I have a pistol grip and panner. One adapter plate. Another dovetail adapter. I also have an outdoorsmans digiscoping setup with an adapter ring for sworavski 15s it will fit the slcs and HD’s. Last is a sworavski bino adapter and stud . Open to offers dm me. Thanks.
  12. Low#country23

    WTB outdoorsman's pistol grip

    Hey buddy I have one I can part with. Let me know if you would like it.
  13. Low#country23

    UPDATED, Firearms, and Scopes

    I’ll take the 12 gauge sportsman. And the 410.
  14. Low#country23

    RL22 WIN748

    I will take A pound of 4350 please. Thanks.
  15. Low#country23

    Swarovski SLC 10x42 WB Binoculars

    I’m interested in the glass bro will you take 1000. Thanks