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  1. Sam

    Double Down

    Congrats to you both. What a great hunt.
  2. Sam

    **SOLD***WTB .410 Youth Shotgun

    Sending pm
  3. Sam

    **SOLD***WTB .410 Youth Shotgun

    Are looking for a pump or single shot?
  4. Sam

    Otc elk. My first rifle elk.

    Seems like you have been after an OTC elk for a while or may be mistaking you for someone else that has posted some stories. Congratulations. They are few and far between.....is the Marlin a 30-30 or .357 or some other caliber?
  5. Sam

    Horse Trailer - SOLD

    Price reduced to $4000.
  6. Sam

    2 Horse Slant Trailer - SOLD

    There are a few 15" saddles, not sure if they are barrel saddles. This week, I will post some better pictures.
  7. Sam

    Huge Grain Silo

    Make an offer. All one piece. Silo is welded to the stand. I saw one for sale in another state for $1500. I am open to offers. Trying to raise money to help with in home health care for my dad. Located 7th street and Carefree Hwy. Thanks.
  8. Sam

    2 Horse Slant Trailer - SOLD

    Yep, he actually may want that sign, or charge extra for it!
  9. Interested for my Dad. I sent you a message, but you can not receive messages......let me know if you still have the recliner. I am not too far from you. Thanks.
  10. Sam

    Card Hits!

    Tag numbers are posted on the portal, but not the hunt number or group bonus points. I don't remember results being posted in phases in the past. No early rifle bull for us based on the tag numbers. Still hunting elk in October.
  11. Sam

    Free dog on CL

    Saw this dog posted on Craigslist in the free section. Maybe someone is interested. The add was posted yesterday. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/zip/d/phoenix-month-old-puppy/7582228804.html
  12. Sam

    Cabeza Sheep

    Great hunt. Really incredible how things work out sometimes. Congratulations on a hunt of a lifetime!
  13. Sam

    Kids First Knife

    Gutted my deer this year with my Buck 110 that I received from dad 45 years ago. Wooden handle, lock blade, can't go wrong. Have other knives, but that was in my pack and I'm glad it was.