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  1. Sam

    Youth Cow Hunt

  2. Came across this site and they are running some good sales on Kodiak Tents. The 10x10 is less than $400. They are on back order, but should ship before the late elk hunts....... https://familytentcamping.com/collections/kodiak-flex-bow-tents/products/kodiak-flexbow-canvas-tent-10x10-basic
  3. These have been in my closet for years. Time to see if someone will wear them.....Both jackets are lined and in very nice shape. 1. Buckskin Jacket - Made in Berlin, Wisconsin by Mid Western Sporttogs. Fringe on front, back and sleeves. Size 44. Fits more like a 42 or 43. Asking $50. 2. Black Lapin Rabbit Fur Coat - Women's medium. Asking $50.
  4. Sam

    Backcountry coffee

    Nescafe Clasico......not packets, but in a jar.
  5. Never too old to learn something new.......
  6. You must have stopped applying at some point?
  7. Sam

    AZ Rifle Antelope

    Congrats Keith! What day did you get him? Are you guys back to in person school or teaching virtually? We might go back in October......
  8. Sam

    surrendered tag call 2 years in a row

    Yes, Friday evening. His daughter was lucky to draw a tag. She must not have had too many points.
  9. Sam

    surrendered tag call 2 years in a row

    Over the last 4 years, it seems like this unit has decreased in quality. Still some great bucks, but just fewer and farther in between. Is your friend still up there?
  10. Like many of you, I have spent almost a lifetime of applying for an antelope tag. I think I started in 1980, before bonus points even existed. I skipped a few years in college and finally drew a tag this year with 25 points. I had great plans to do tons of scouting, but with trying to figure out how to open up a high school in the midst of Covid, almost every waking hour these last 5 months was dedicated to meetings, planning and tons of stress. On Thursday, as I drove through Seligman, it was 95 degrees. This was going to be one hot, dry hunt. This has been a heck of a drought. I had patterned the antelope pretty well and knew where to be opening morning. I did not see an antelope until 9am. Very unusual and discouraging. The herd I spotted was working toward me so I stayed put and watched as they got closer. They ended up angling a little behind me and I shifted to get a better shot at the buck when it got in range. Well, cactus is not the best cover and one of the does busted me and off they went. Drove back to camp, cut some wood and waited for the evening hunt. At around 4pm I spotted a herd roughly 2 miles away. I knew this herd had a good buck. I started working towards them and thought there was no way I would get close enough for a shot, but it was opening day and I had 5 days left to hunt, so I tried. I had my frame pack and stool with me and was having a heck of a time staying low. Between the pack, my gun and binoculars, it was a juggling act. I am not sure I should say what I did, but maybe someone can learn from it. For the first time ever, I dropped my pack to make the stalk easier. My water, knife and saw where in there. Big mistake, don´t ever do it. I thought I could find it easily later.......I crawled for a bit and then realized I could get to a little drainage and cut off the antelope. They kept feeding and had no idea I was there. I made good time when a herd of cattle got between me and the herd. I walked parallel to the cows and they hid me from the antelope, it worked perfectly. There were also some horses in the area and a coyote. So, plenty of activity. There was one buck and 19 does. They continued to feed and ended up among the cattle. I got within 280 yards and set my scope at 300. So, very steadily, I pulled the trigger. I hit high and broke his back. Ran up and shot him quickly one last time. It was 6:30pm and I was a good 3 miles from the truck. This when I realized I left my knife in my pack. Forty years of hunting big game and I felt like a lost puppy. I went back to look for my pack and could´t find it. I am embarrassed to admit what happened, but like I said, maybe someone will learn from my stupidity. So, it is getting dark and after seeing the coyote, I thought, I need to drag it back to the truck. Right, with the guts, I made very slow progress. I am in decent shape, but this was the most exhausting thing I have ever done. Packing out an elk and moose is far easier. At midnight, I gave up. My ribbon was also in my pack so I left a trail of toilet paper every 40 yards or so. Got to camp at 1:30am, slept a few hours and prayed the coyotes did not get the buck. At daybreak, I found my pack, found the trail of toilet paper and found the buck untouched. Talk about relief, anxiety, thankfulness and every emotion in between. It got down to 50 at night and the hole in the spine allowed the internal gasses to escape. The sun did not hit the animal. The meat was 100% fine. I used the skinless method, packed out the quarters, the head and the rest of the meat in one trip. The buck has a 7 inch prong and great mass. The broken prong still measured about 4 and half inches. Rough score was just under 80 inches. Great hunt and I learned a valuable lesson.......hoping for one more tag before I am really old.... I included a picture of my daughter´s antelope 4 years ago to show just how dry it is up there.......The West is in a heck of a drought.
  11. Sam

    First Archery Antelope

    Congratulations! That is a nice looking goat. Way to go.
  12. Sam

    surrendered tag call 2 years in a row

    Yes! There were 19 does with it and no other bucks. So unusual for up there. When I saw herds of 15 or more, there was always another smaller buck or two. The small herds of 4 or 5, had just one buck. I really could not pass it up with the mass. And it was over 90 degrees and dry as could be. I will post a story and some pics when I finish wrapping the meat...... Would you have shot it? Just curious?
  13. Sam

    surrendered tag call 2 years in a row

    Jeff - You're right, it was incredibly hot up in 10. I finally drew the tag with 25 pts. I shot the herd buck I had wanted. Turned out to have a broken prong, the other was 7 inches! Scored just a tad under 80.
  14. Sam

    San Tan Valley Combs school

    The media does some great stories on educators, the problem is alot of people don't watch those stories because they think we are a bunch of cry baby liberals. I have seen many people on this site post such opinions.......As is sit here at 7:30pm watching mandated safety videos. I am thankful that a few guys on here have already spoke up and that many of us continue to do our job for the sake of helping students; not because we can't do something else, but because we all chose to get into education for a common goal. This is my 26th year in education. Before this career, I worked for the Game and Fish Department and made $3.25 an hour in the Biology department. My 1st teaching contract was also $19,000 per year, about what I would have made as a full time Biologist for the Game and Fish. Yes, I chose to get into teaching for the benefits and for my love of science. I could teach, coach and be with my own kids when they were out of school - family time is crucial. Now, I am the head counselor at a high school and have my masters degree. I finally make a decent salary. I no longer coach, but instead many of my after school hours are dedicated to school improvements, building the master schedule, writing letters of rec, talking to parents, talking to kids off the edge of suicide, filing abuse cases with DES, keeping kids eligible to play ball, and the list goes on....... Very few teachers took this summer off. Teachers, counselors and administrators worked hard all summer in order to get ready for online schooling. I worked every day this summer and did not get paid. I am not complaining and I take great pride in making sure students at my school have every opportunity to be happy and successful. No one was prepared for this, but everyone is doing their best. Teachers did not go to college and become educators to sit in front of a computer all day and try to teach chemistry. The lack of social interaction is affecting both students and educators. Every educator I know would rather see a classroom full of students right now.
  15. Sam

    Cali Gov penalties on hiring tutors

    Most of the ELL kids take the TOEFL exam versus the ACT........but, if you are looking at AZ Merit scores or AIMS scores, then yes, these results are greatly affected by ELL and SPED kids. Of course, AZ spent millions of dollars developing both of these exams to be used as an exit exam from high school and neither one is going to be used in the future. We should have just used the ACT across the state.