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  1. Sam

    Official Official Hit Thread

    Two charges - $90 and $135.....antelope (26pts) and bull elk (9 pts)....been a long wait!
  2. Sam

    Credit Card Hit

    Antelope - 26 pts drawn for unit 10 - finally!
  3. Sam

    Apps on Portal

    Yea - with 26 antelope points and 9 elk points, my luck has not been great these past few years........
  4. Sam

    Apps on Portal

    Just curious if you guys are seeing all of your applications listed as "pending" on your Game and Fish Portal? The family and I submitted apps for both antelope and elk yesterday, but only the antelope applications are showing as pending on our portals. The elk apps aren't showing. Received an email receipt for the elk apps, so I was thinking they should also show.
  5. Sam

    Youth Rifle Recommendations for Big Game

    Started my daughter with a .270 and used Managed Recoil bullets. These bullets are made for numerous other calibers as well. Here is a good article .......... https://www.chuckhawks.com/rem_managed_recoil.htm
  6. Sam


    Do you slaughter them or do we have to take them away live?
  7. Sam

    Nov. 29 Current Road Closures

    Years ago, it was very rare that a highway would be completely closed. The first restriction was chains or 4 wheel drive required. Or closed to big rigs. There are just too many clueless people out who cause too many accidents and slide off the road. Three years ago, took my daughter 6 hours to drive back to NAU after Thanksgiving- every few miles someone was in the ditch.
  8. Sam

    3 for 3 One day at a time

    What a great outing!
  9. Dirt Bike carrier for a 2 inch hitch. Detachable ramp. Solid steel, nothing wrong with it. I just don't need it, no more dirt bikes. Selling for $50. Major crossroads - 56th street and Bell.
  10. Use a bobcat. Don't use plastic.
  11. Simple and good.........after cleaning the birds, I always soak them for a few hours in salt water, sometimes I leave them overnight and freeze or cook the next day. For an easy recipe - flour dove and then saute them in olive oil and garlic. After they brown, add chicken broth, use two cans or one box. Then cover and simmer on low for a few hours. The meat will fall off the bone.
  12. Three of us went out this morning.......60 Eurasians, 25 mourning and 5 whitewings.........called it quits at 9am.
  13. Sam

    Rolling Stones Tickets SOLD

    Tickets have been sold, I will use offer up next time. I didn't think of that.
  14. 2 tickets for sale - I first saw the Stones in 1981. Saw them again in 2006. Can't believe they are still playing......if you are an old classic rock fan, I have two tickets for sale. My daughter needs new tires for her Jeep, so I decided not to go - priorities. Trying to sell them on Craigslist has turned into a pain - people saying they want them and they don't show up. So, I thought I would try to sell them here. Not the usual thing for sale on this website, but I figured I would try. I am asking $300 for both of them. I know this sounds like alot, but this is way below face value. They were selling for $200 plus a ticket from Ticketmaster. The concert is Monday August 26 at State Farm Stadium where the Cardinals play. They are in section 234, Row 5, Seats 5 and 6