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  1. Sam

    33 experts, are the shooters?

    100%......and I would use my TC Renegade within 100 yards.
  2. Great bucks and pictures - congrats!
  3. Sam

    Looking to buy 7mm Rem Mag

    If you have any extra after UggRedBilly buys what he needs, please let me know. I sent you a message - thanks!
  4. Sam

    Black River Small Mouth

    On this trip, we came in from Globe and the San Carlos. We cut in way south of the Salt, so we would not have been as far north as the White River. The cable had to be going across the Black.....we used to fish for trout on the East and West forks of the Black and access those spots from the White Mt Apache side. Those spots sure where nice and remote back in the 80s as well.
  5. Sam

    Black River Small Mouth

    This won't help you, because my only trip into the Black was in 1986 or 1987, just out of high school. I'm curious if anyone knows this spot.......Me and a buddy spent hours, mostly in the dark, driving my 74 Blazer down to what seemed like a really remote part of the river. Every road we turned down was rougher than the previous one. We had a hand drawn map someone gave us. We tossed lures for 3 days and easily caught 60 fish day. We threw our sleeping bags next to the fire and slept each night. Woke up every morning to bear tracks. Saw a few as well. Hiking up and down the river, we saw no one for 3 days. I do remember a steel cable with a basket going across the river at one point. Anyone know this spot? If you don't want to share it, pm me. I would really be curious as to where it is and if it is now a popular, easily accessible spot. Or if it is still remote.
  6. Sam


    Also sent a PM on the Browning and the 2000 rounds of Winchester, but it looks like I might be 2nd in line.....
  7. Sam

    Winchester 12 Guage

    I figured this would sell.....had a day full of meetings and didn't have time to check until now, oh well......
  8. Sam

    Winchester 12 Guage

    Is this 12 gauge still for sale? I am very interested in the gun. I have the same gun in a 20 gauge. I've been shooting it since the 70s. Please let me know - thanks. Tried to PM you, but you can not receive messages.
  9. Sam

    Longest two weeks of the year

    Thanks for calling and the update. I was going to call today and see why the portal was not updated. Last few years, the portal was updated quickly. Crazy they are updating by hand. Wonder if they will mail out pink post cards this year 🤣🤣 Might as well fully go back to the old school draw.
  10. Sam


    Sent a PM if More D does not pick up - thanks.
  11. Thanks everyone! I messaged everyone and really appreciate it. Turns out one of my daughter's good friends heard we were going and wants to go. We are very close to his family and his father passed away 5 years ago and never had a chance to take him hunting. So, I am really glad I can make it work and take them both.
  12. Sorry, I do not have any primers. Thanks though.
  13. My Daughter wants to go dove hunting one last time this season and we are completely out of shells. I have tried a few stores and really have no desire to drive all over town. If anyone has shells they would like to sell, I will buy them. OR, I will be happy to trade powder and shot for boxes. Please decide what you think is fair. She needs 20 gauge and I can use 12 or 20........2 and 3/4 inch bird shot Willing to trade - A full 8 pound container of Winchester Ball Powder WSF Super Field And 22.5 pounds of lead shot Thanks!
  14. Sam

    22 ammo

    Nice job!
  15. Selling my daughter's Ikea Bookshelf and Dresser. Both for $70 or $35 each Bookshelf - 79x32x11 - 5 shelves, 4 of them are adjustable Dresser - 41x32x18 Greenway and 56th street