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  1. Ernesto C

    Coues killer for sale

    Bradley is a good guy buy with confidence!
  2. Ernesto C


    Dang that was fast! I love Sightron scopes!
  3. Ernesto C

    Question about 6.5 creedmoor

    The one the groups better ?
  4. Ernesto C

    6.5 143 eldx

    If ammo, hurry! grab them for me!
  5. Ernesto C

    Upgrade scope from Vortex Viper HS LR

    Here is one in MOA https://www.milehighshooting.com/zero-compromise-optic-zc527-5-27x56-ffp-moa/
  6. Ernesto C

    Different brass question

    I always appreciate this types of topics or questions because I want to learn. I'm not expert or I don't have much experience reloading. But I was told the different brass will have little effect in accuracy and I'm sure is true and sometimes "little" is to much. On my 6.5 WSM I saw no difference in accuracy between Bertram and Winchester brass. On the 28 Nosler I could never find ADG or Peterson Brass to try. I don't think Lapua makes 28 Nosler (?) So I was stuck with Hornady and Nosler Brass and didn't see any difference in accuracy either between the two. Great topic guys! thanks.
  7. Ernesto C

    Leupold Problem..Maybe

    That happened to my and it was the rings. I couldn't move or rotate the scope with my hands but the recoil of the rifle was strong enough to slide the scope.
  8. Ernesto C

    Perfect Coues Rifle

    I already have it, but is a little heavy for my taste (12 lbs) I wish I would have gone with a lighter barrel? or maybe a carbon barrel? But is very accurate! McMillan Stock, Timney Triger, Remington Action and Bartlein barrel in 6.5 WSM
  9. Ernesto C

    Leupold VX3i LRP 6.5-20x50 $650 shipped SPF

    Dang great deal!
  10. Ernesto C

    28 nolser load data

    LOL good point Chris! and when I get drawn I can't get time off work 😌
  11. Ernesto C

    Who Am I

    I don't know wasn't alive yet ...it was Bethoven?
  12. Ernesto C

    28 nolser load data

    Yes I herd that too that's why I went with H1000
  13. Ernesto C

    28 nolser load data

    Since everyone is getting a response from them I might as well contact them and ask them too lol
  14. Ernesto C

    28 nolser load data

    For over a year I looked for RL33 to try on my 28 Nosler but could never find any and still have not seen any RL33 any where.
  15. Ernesto C

    28 nolser load data

    Well keep us updated and let us know what you end up with.