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  1. Ernesto C

    Predator Season

    You definetly did more and better than me. I used to use a 22 MAG a lot for coyotes and Javalina. Taken several of them from 2 yards to upto 125 yards away. Later on a switched to a .222 REM.
  2. Ernesto C


    To bad they aren't AR500
  3. Ernesto C


    PM Sent!
  4. Ernesto C

    Custom 6.5 WSM FS

    This is a great caliber. It performs better than the 6.5 PRC. I'm surprised no one has jumped in into this deal.
  5. 0.10 of a grain? SEND IT!
  6. Ernesto C

    H1000 For sale

    He said cheaper
  7. Ernesto C

    gravity is a SCAMMER

    Let's send him a bunch a texts let's anoy him!
  8. Ernesto C


    BAD A$$
  9. Ernesto C

    Pistol brace ruling

  10. Ernesto C


    PM Sent
  11. Ernesto C

    Savage 110 Ultralight 6.5PRC

    Mee too. I also use Berger Elites on my 28 Nosler. I shoot the 143 eld- x on my 6.5WSM and they shoot great so for that reason I haven't try the Bergers..but maybe one of this days will give them a try just to see what happens.
  12. Ernesto C

    Savage 110 Ultralight 6.5PRC

    I have the same rifle with a SIGHTRON SIII 6-24x50 also in FFP. I also used to shoot the factory 143 eld-x. It was shooting great but I just reloaded and tested the 140gr Berger Elites and oh man it shoots even better!! Good luck with the sale!
  13. Ernesto C


    Wow! Exactly the same happened to my Nephew like 6 months ago! The F-250 truck got stolen from his work parking lot. The locks were damage and the ignition too. The truck was running when the police found the truck also on a parking lot of a apartment complex. The only thing stolen from the truck was his handgun.
  14. Ernesto C

    Scope vs Scope Question

    Im not familiar with the Vortex Diamond back. How far are you planning to shoot? and like the previous question from Curtis, will you be bench shooting? Hunting? or both? Why you need to upgrade your rifle and scope? Scope doesn't track good? Doesn't have a good clear image at 4, 5 or past 600 yards? Your rifle doesn't shoot good groups? Is hard to give you advice not knowing all the details... but I have a cousing the loves the Vortex Viper PST, my friends love thier Zeiss, my brother loves Leupold and my personally have had great luck with Sightron and Sigs. There are other scopes out there but you must willing to spend 2,500 + dollars for them.