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  1. Thank you all I appreciate your support. I sent my binos to Swarovsky on November 13. I was told by them I'l have them back the first week of December. I recieved an email last night that they shipped them and gave me a tracking #. So I should recieve this coming Friday 12/18/2020. that will be a time of 5 weeks. I'm just happy that I'll have them ready for my Mexico hunt Once again, thank you all!
  2. Thanks guys thank you all, you guys rock! and yes, next time I will call some of you for sure! Thank you.
  3. Thanks Keven and thank you all I appreciate your words, thank you!
  4. I had with me a small vortex binos that I use on my chest. I placed them on top of my tripod and hold them with my hands and that's how I was glassing..but you know..is not the same.
  5. Coues deer hunting is my passion, love it! That's what I breathe. Located a shooter buck, disappeared in the thickness of the desert floor. While glassing for him for about 3 hrs. a BIG BUCK walked into my field of view. My heart skipped a beat! My eyes wide open and my jaw dropped to the floor, what a buck!! Looked for him frantically in the brush and mesquite packed desert floor.. just before dark I saw him again, waling behind some trees and then stopped on a opening to show me his majestic rack, wow! I immediately got up with the intention to grab my rifle and got into position for a shot; as I lifted my tripod to put them by my side some how my swaros got detach or disconnected and fell hard on the rock below me. It was a hard hit I knew that while I was aiming my rifle where I just saw the buck... the buck wasn't there anymore. I looked around that opening with my rifle scope and with my naked eye to see if I can see him again and shoot but nothing...looked again and then some more and notrhing. Immediately after I grabed my binoculars put them back on my tripod to find him again and guess what? they were broken!! My binos broke when fell onto the boulder below me! I could not see through them!! and somewhere below me therea was a huge buck! Looked for him with my naked eyes and through my rifle scope but with no success! 😩 Now I had no binos and it was only the 2nd day of my hunt. I was frustraded, devastated and traumatized...how I was going to look foor that giant on an area that is very thick full of brush and trees with no binoculars? To make a long story short, hunted for him for 4 more days never to see him or the other buck I originally saw before him. On the last day of my hunt I moved to a totally different area. Right at 7:00 am located this buck at 473 yards. I said to my self hey, last day, lets do it! One shot and this buck was mine! It was a long 3 hrs haul to my truck but a very happy camper 😋 Next year, Lord willing...I will go back and look for that big buck and with binos of course. P. S. Sucks to hunt with no swaros.
  6. Ernesto C

    2020 Mexico Coues Video

    Welcome! We love coues deer here I can't wait to be back in Mexico again
  7. Ernesto C

    Sad news- Hoghunter

    Wow I just can't believe it....RIP Mike!
  8. Ernesto C

    Vortex and Nightforce SHV

    LOL not enough bud LOL
  9. Ernesto C

    Vortex and Nightforce SHV

    Thanks bud but I liked the other two you just sold.
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    Vortex and Nightforce SHV

  11. Ernesto C

    Nightforce BEAST 5-25x56 MOAR

    Message sent.
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    Vortex Viper PST Gen 2 5-25x50-Back up

    If just were a FFP...
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    Climber for sale $60 SOLD

    Wow what a great deal!!
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    Change of Plans

    Well I know several people could not make it or will not make it to our Goulds turkey hunts in Sonora Mexico ..