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  1. Ernesto C

    SIGHTRON Scope!!

    I have a couple of Sightron Scopes SIII series and love them they both have serve me very well. I have nothing bad to say and lots of great thing to say about them. After 8 years of great service on Coues deer hunting and shooting at the range, one of this scopes started to "act a little weird" a good friend told me to send that scope out and have it check. I was a little skeptical at first, hard for me to believe I had a scope problem because like I said before, it was always perfect and never failed; but at the end heck I said I'm going to send it and I did. About 5 days later I recieved a phone call from Sightron Company. I was told that effectively, there was a problem with my scope internals and they will send me a new one! I said what? A new scope? they said yes! And how much I will owe you? They say nothing! We are sending it for FREE! I was like wow really? Yes they said! The following week I recieved my NEW SIGHTRON Scope! I'm a very happy camper! I have nothing but words of appreciation, THANK YOU SIGHTRON!!
  2. January 22 to the 29th, Who wants to go with me? DIY coues deer hunt, Deer tag, Gun Permit and lodging included. Does not include cook and food. Lets go!
  3. Ernesto C

    Misc reloading components for sale or trade

    How much you want for the 270 WSM brass?
  4. Ernesto C

    Daughters sheep hunt

    Good luck and thanks for keeping us posted
  5. I'm working on loads for my 28 Nosler too. I can't find any RL33 so I'm using also H1000. I have no magazine problem on mine, I have the Browning Hells Canyon with a 1:8 twist. I started with a COAL of 3.500 I started with 76.5 grains and getting an average of 2965 fps. with a SD of 8 and a ES of 20. Had 4 shots at 1/2" but for some reason my 5th shot was like 3" low. Then I tried the 77 grains of powder at the same COAL and got an average of 3020 fps with a SD of 12 and ES of 26. Got 4 shots at one inch 2 shots at 1/2" and the next 2 at 1/2" also but separate one inch between them and the 5th shot way low. A good friend told you must send that scope to be checked out, there's something wrong with that scope and I'm glad I listened to him...he was right! So right now I have other loads here at differen COAL's but same powder charge (77 grains) I'm wating for a day off and a cooler weather to go out and try them to see at what lengt I'll shoot better groups....to be continue...
  6. Ernesto C

    Already over!!!!!!!

    Very nice! Congrats!
  7. Ernesto C

    Reloading Bullets and Powder

    I'll take the Hornady 162 ELD-X
  8. Ernesto C

    Midway. Cci 450 primers

    Have you seen Federal 215 ?
  9. Ernesto C


    AOH DISH NEE' there's a ton of 222 and 243 here in my neck of woods but sucks that we do not live closer to each other.
  10. Ernesto C

    Bullets for Sale!

  11. Ernesto C

    WTS 6.5 prc brass

  12. Ernesto C

    WTS 6.5 prc brass

    2nd on the 215 Primers
  13. Ernesto C

    Wife's first hunt ever! Wyoming Antelope

    Awesome story and great shot! Congrats! What's next? Coues?