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  1. Ernesto C

    Vortex optics, rings, range finding binos

    Are you sure those binos are new?
  2. Ernesto C

    Custom 270 wsm $4500

    What brass were you using and do you have any available?
  3. Ernesto C


    Those will work for me but I'm $4,999.00 short.
  4. Ernesto C

    What Round would Sell Best?

    All of the Above! but me personally..the 6.5-284 the 6.5x47 Lapua.
  5. Ernesto C

    Harvester EVO Suppressor

    So when everything is set and done the total cost will be close to 900 bucks, right?
  6. Ernesto C

    Harvester EVO Suppressor

    + 1 Please educate me. Also it says that is a 30 Caliber but...does that mean it can be use on any other caliber under 30? Or should we buy one specific for the caliber you intend to use? TIA.
  7. Ernesto C


    Honey, bring me another beer please!
  8. Ernesto C


    Honey, bring me a beer please and some popcorn..
  9. Ernesto C

    ISO inexpensive 22 revolver

  10. Ernesto C


    Info like Brand and if they swivel or tilt will help
  11. Ernesto C

    Anyone bought or sold anything to muleyy?

    I hate thieves in any way shape or form!
  12. Ernesto C

    What is it?

    Is the ball Joe Dirt was carrying around.
  13. Ernesto C

    Anyone bought or sold anything to muleyy?

    The key word is "California" enough said.
  14. Ernesto C

    Proposed hunt guidelines

    I can see more people fighting for the same spot to hunt.
  15. Ernesto C


    Great caliber for javalina and coyotes!