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  1. Ernesto C

    Another Amazing Hunt in Sonora Mexico

    Thanks Kevin and yes it's great!
  2. Ernesto C

    Another Amazing Hunt in Sonora Mexico

    Thank you everyone still enjoying and thinking about our great time
  3. We had a blast, from the begining all the way to the end. Laughing all the time We crossed the border and like always no issues and very easy. We made it to the ranch. Arnie wanted to make sure his rifle was still zeroed in after his airplane flight...to make a long story short, after 7 or 8 shots at the paper plate guess what? A decent buck walks by the target and Arnie takes him can you believe that??!? Target shooting and a nice buck walks by the target! 😫 😊 Arnies with hes nice buck! On a different area of the ranch, Clayton made a great shot on this beautiful buck My buddy Kyle was after a very big buck that he and Clay had glassed about 1000 yards away. He did not know that the ridge where he glassed the buck was the same ridge I was on. I did not know that the buck he was after was only 200 yards from me. After talking to him on the radio I told him and Clay to move and hike the knoll what was infront of them so they can see down and have a better position to shoot the buck. The buck was at the bottom of the ridge or canyon. While I was waiting for them to get to the top of the knoll, I glassed the top of the ridge infront of me (same ridge where the buck they were after was) and OMG!! I saw a giant buck walking from left to right! I felt like if me eyes open wide open! Big main bean long tines I wanted to shoot that buck. I knew right away he was a shooter! I ranged the buck at 530 yards. While the buck was walking I kept saying, please stop, please stop, stop buck the buck keep on walking until he went into a little draw out of sight. I knew Kyle and Clay where going to be in a lot better position than me becuase they were going to be able to glass that draw were the buck desapeared out of my sight. I inmediately called them on the radio and asked them, are you on top of the knoll? We just made yes we are on top of the know they responded. Please I told them glass the top of the ridge infront of you, the ridge that is on the same side where the sun comes up in the mornings. Do you see on the top of the ridge the two tallest trees? The trees that rise above all other trees? Yes they said, -ok, a very big buck just walked 20 steps below those two trees; he was walking from left to right please glass that area and look for that buck it looked really good I told them. Like 30 seconds later they called me on the radio and told me Ernesto, yes we found the buck. Ok I told them if you like it Kyle, shoot him. Kyle and Clay were looking at the buck through the spotting scope and were trying to decide which buck was bigger, the one they were trying to shoot or the buck I just told them where it was. Whyle they were looking at the buck on the phoneskope the buck turned his head and they said at the same time double droptine! double droptine! Kyle inmediate jumped towards his rifle and got in position to shot that buck. Clay call me on the radio and told me, Ernesto, we are going to take that buck, its 350 yards from us, I told them, take it! Here is a picture of Clay and Kyle just moments before taking the shot.. And here is the result of a well placed shot After eveyone got their buck, now it was my turn to get a buck. On the last day of the hunt, around 4 pm or so I got this one What a beautiful hunt with great people, great friends. Waiting for the next January is going to be brutal on my....I can't wait for the next hunt. Stay thirsty my friends! Ernesto C.
  4. Does anyone have any experience with these range finders? I'm going to buy a new one because mine it sucks!
  5. Ernesto C

    Great Sonora coues hunt

    You guys rock! Congratulations to all on beautiful memories
  6. Stay thirsty my friends....more to come
  7. Ernesto C

    Senior trip to Mx

    Oustanding! Beautiful memories! congrats!
  8. Ernesto C


    Or, do it right at the border on the Mexican side.
  9. I have always said, Hunting in Sonora Mexico is MAGICAL! The beautiful variety of mountains where the amazing coues deer live. The cold mornigs and sharing a hot cop of coffee with new and old friends, the food and great hunt stories shared at camp, the ocassional joke that makes everyone laugh etc etc. I just love it! I'm blessed also because I get to know the most beautiful people when I take hunters down there and seeing their faces and their looks when they take their first coues deer or their biggest buck is something I can't explain but makes very happy fills me with satisfaction; all I can say to God and to them is, THANK YOU for the opportunity. Thanks guys, thanks for watching and good luck on your future hunts. Ernesto C.
  10. Ernesto C

    Good Time in Mexico

    Well done Kevin, love those extras on your buck!
  11. Ernesto C

    First Time Mexico Coues Hunt DIY

    Nicely done guys congrats! 5 hours to do the proceedures to head out to the ranch is 4 hours to many.
  12. Ernesto C

    Sonora hunters, good luck!

    Thanks guys, Kevin, good luck and I'll be waiting to hear from you.
  13. Good luck to everyone heading to Sonora for a deer hunt. I was ready since February 2018!
  14. Ernesto C


    If no one is going to take them, I'll take them and find double the bucks, will you take $1,000.00 ?