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    Do you have pictures of the 1100s?
  2. AdamE90

    Possible scammer

    Sherrifburell- offered to sell me a pistol I commented about on another person's post. They were asking 300 for it shipped from ohio, wanted payment to be zelle, cashapp, or PayPal. Said they were selling due to medical problems. I told them the only way I'd buy is cash face to face in az, they never responded. No other posts and they are a new member. Be cautious if someone sends you a pm offering something too good to be true.
  3. AdamE90


    Is this out in AJ? I apologize I'm not familiar with the ironwood area.
  4. AdamE90


    Interested, where are you located?
  5. AdamE90

    Man stuff yard sale Fri/Sat May 27/28

    How much would you like for the jointer and what are the details on the bandsaw?