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  1. azcouesandelk

    Whatcha Lissnin to?

    Ryan Bingham, Josh Ward, Kyle Park, Cody Johnson, Aaron Watson, Casey Donahew, Whitey Morgan, Hank Williams III, Ray Wiley Hubbard, Wheeler Walker Jr and just about any 80’s country.
  2. azcouesandelk

    Results are up.

    Multiple applicants on the same application
  3. azcouesandelk

    Outdoorsman Tripod *Price Reduced*

    TTT Someone needs a new tripod for deer season
  4. azcouesandelk

    sheep horn growth this year

    Just like every bull is 400+ and every strip buck is 220+
  5. azcouesandelk

    21 Late December Bonus Point Pass

    Last year 7 people applied with 7 points and 4 were drawn in the bonus pass
  6. azcouesandelk

    Badlands Ox *Price Reduced*

    Bump Great pack for Coues hunting. Able to pack entire deer with the pack still attached to frame
  7. azcouesandelk

    Badlands Ox *Price Reduced*

  8. azcouesandelk

    Outdoorsman Tripod *Price Reduced*

  9. azcouesandelk

    Badlands Ox *Price Reduced*

  10. azcouesandelk

    Outdoorsman Tripod *Price Reduced*

  11. azcouesandelk

    Badlands Ox *Price Reduced*

  12. azcouesandelk

    Outdoorsman Tripod *Price Reduced*

    South Scottsdale
  13. azcouesandelk

    Outdoorsman Tripod *Price Reduced*

    Posting for a friend Medium Outdoorsmans Tripod brand new never used. $375 obo
  14. azcouesandelk

    Badlands Ox *Price Reduced*

    Badlands Ox. Pack has no tears, all zippers work, has some blood stains, comes with 96 oz water bladder. $200 obo
  15. azcouesandelk

    Guess the Scores

    1. 315 2. 350 3. 320 4. 310 5. 300 6. 330