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  1. azcouesandelk

    Archery Goat Down

    One of my favorite pictures from the hunt. My buddy Randy teaching my buddy Tyler’s son and my buddy Pat’s son how to properly gut an animal
  2. azcouesandelk

    Archery Goat Down

    Quick story Opening morning went in after my target buck. He has been traveling the same drainage for the past several weeks. Had him at 110 and he spooked for some reason. Made a loop around and came over a rise and he was at 130. He ended up hooking up with several other small bucks and moved into some thicker country. Decided to loop around and try to get on him again when we saw this buck. He was my #2 but I wasn’t gonna pass him up. After a short stalk I was at 70 yards. One warning shot later he stopped at 80 yards and I regained my composure to double lung him. He ended up running about 80 yards before piling up.
  3. azcouesandelk

    Archery Goat Down

    Spent all summer scouting turning up a lot of good bucks. Went up for the hunt and was able to take this heavy buck opening morning. Big thanks to everyone who came up to scout and help out on the hunt
  4. azcouesandelk

    Interesting #.. thought they were banned

    Stealthcam is owned by GSM. They make a lot of cameras that are not cell phone cameras
  5. azcouesandelk

    Kuiu attack pants solid

    PM Sent
  6. azcouesandelk

    Dear Arizona Game & Fish,

    When and who? I never heard of this before
  7. azcouesandelk

    Dear Arizona Game & Fish,

    Arizona Big Game Super Raffle?
  8. azcouesandelk

    Dear Arizona Game & Fish,

    Are you saying 1 sheep per lifetime or 1 rocky and 1 desert per lifetime? Currently you are allowed 1 desert and 1 rocky per lifetime
  9. azcouesandelk

    Nikon 4-16X50SF X-MOA BlackX1000 for SOLD

    Where are you located?
  10. azcouesandelk

    Dear Arizona Game & Fish,

    1. Yes 2. Yes 3. No. To many variables with this. What’s saying the person with the most points has a medical or family emergency? How is it fair that they wouldn’t be able to get their points back? 4. No. If this were to happen then an individual could apply for deer more than once or it would hinder people like myself who apply for both archery and rifle. Possibly go back to one application period for all species? 5. Yes and No. I believe certain units this would be beneficial but there are To many variables and not enough man power to enforce this 6. No. Most seasons are 7 or 14 day seasons that end on a Thursday with another hunt starting the next day. The few seasons that end on a Sunday are 10 days hunts so you already have 2 weekends to hunt
  11. azcouesandelk

    Leftover question

    This would be a good idea. Some other western states do this already
  12. azcouesandelk

    Leftover question

    I’ve brought up the idea of doing a second online draw. Allow a 72 hour period to apply and run the draw afterward
  13. azcouesandelk

    Leftover tag

    It’s Monday and my portal still isn’t showing a left over tag!
  14. azcouesandelk

    Arizona pronghorn rut/archery

    Bucks were making scrapes and starting to get with does last weekend. Rut should be going strong in a few weeks
  15. azcouesandelk

    Left Over List

    You only have to pay the app fee for a leftover tag if you get drawn for the tag