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  1. azcouesandelk

    Confused on when elk drop.

    Majority of the mature bulls will drop by mid March
  2. azcouesandelk

    If you were looking for a 300" bull...

    A tag 🤷🏻‍♂️ All kidding aside it seems a lot of folks apply for elk and once they hit that 6-7 point range the decision has to be made to either go for a “lower tier” archery tag, a limited opportunity tag or a late rifle tag.
  3. azcouesandelk

    New record Coues ?? Does anyone have the scoop?

    Maybe the hunter doesn’t want the publicity? I know of several trophy hunters who never post anything and nobody would no about any of there trophy’s.
  4. azcouesandelk

    If you were looking for a 300" bull...

    Only 4 residents out of 33 resident applicants drew 23 late rifle last year with 10 points. 3 of 26 with 11. The pass started at 12 last year and the year before.
  5. azcouesandelk

    Non-Res Deer tags sold out

    This was not unexpected. This has been known information for close to 9 months.
  6. azcouesandelk


  7. azcouesandelk


    Draw tag
  8. azcouesandelk

    Non-Resident tags…

    They are down to 475 non residents tags as of 15 minutes ago. Should be sold out by tonight or tomorrow morning
  9. azcouesandelk

    2022 Coues hunts

    Unbelievable season for you and your family so far. Thank you for letting me be a part of it
  10. azcouesandelk

    I have the opportunity to harvest 4 Coues deer this year

    What unit will you be hunting on the Rez
  11. azcouesandelk


    Thursday night I believe
  12. azcouesandelk


    Mine just popped up
  13. azcouesandelk

    A Good Day

    Great buck! Congratulations
  14. azcouesandelk

    UTV Winch

  15. azcouesandelk

    UTV Winch

    Champion 4500 UTV winch new in box. Located in South Scottsdale. $140 obo