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  1. azcouesandelk

    13b HornPorn

    It would be nice if you guys harvested some mature bucks lol Congrats again in an amazing archery season! Good luck matching/topping this during the rifle hunts
  2. azcouesandelk

    Unit 10 my beautiful blessing

    Congratulations Ernesto! Beautiful buck!!!
  3. azcouesandelk


    I have the Honda Pioneer 1000-5 and live it. But if you are looking to use 4 or more frequently I would recommend going to a crew of some kind
  4. azcouesandelk

    Dream Buck

    Atta boy. Big congrats on a once in a lifetime buck
  5. azcouesandelk


    Every year this happens.
  6. Point pass for 2018 started at 14. Probably higher this year due to better winter moisture and lots of folks with higher points only applying for bonus points last year
  7. azcouesandelk

    2018 Can Am Defender

  8. azcouesandelk

    2018 Can Am Defender

    2018 Can Am Defender Max XT 570. Has 738 miles and 63.5 hours. All maintenance is up to date and has been very well taken care of. Comes with winch, gun rack, second seat and Can Am storage bag. Is setup for street legal riding. This rig new setup like this is around $12000 Asking $7500
  9. azcouesandelk

    1.5 Day Offshore Trip

    That was the trip I was on. I had a blast on the trip and will be going again for sure. We only had 3 or 4 fish in the boat by 2 in the afternoon. Not sure if the fish were not feeding or what. We ended up getting into a pile of yellowtail and a few yellowfin for about 2 hours. After that it was very slow with only 5 or 6 more fish caught the rest of the day.
  10. azcouesandelk

    1.5 Day Offshore Trip

    Picked up the scopolamine patches today
  11. azcouesandelk

    1.5 Day Offshore Trip

    We are going on the T-Bird
  12. azcouesandelk

    1.5 Day Offshore Trip

    Going on my first trip ever out of Point Loma this weekend. We are doing a 1.5 day trip. Any pointers on what to bring would be appreciated. I already have my Dramamine šŸ‘
  13. azcouesandelk

    $20 Fantasy Football League

    Iā€™m in. Sent through pay pal
  14. azcouesandelk

    Bear Opener

  15. azcouesandelk

    Gov tag buck