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  1. azcouesandelk

    Kodiak Canvas Tent

    Left you a voicemail
  2. azcouesandelk

    wanted: Taxidermist with freeze dryer for velvet

    I think Mogollon Taxidermy is about the only one who has the machine to do that
  3. azcouesandelk


    Check out Option Archery. Get the best of both worlds with a multi pin and a true single pin
  4. azcouesandelk

    Max point number for each species?

    Cabelas tag applicants most likely who are unaware that they are paying for a javelina point every year
  5. azcouesandelk

    Pops 2019 buck

    Congrats again! You are on an amazing run this year
  6. azcouesandelk

    41W Sheep 2019

    I think this is spot on
  7. azcouesandelk

    Road Closures for Coconino National Forest

    Has anybody heard anything in Kaibab National Forest yet?
  8. azcouesandelk

    Look at this AZ freak buck

    Absolute tank. I bet he will go mid 130s
  9. azcouesandelk

    Girls Trip

    Way to go Izzy! Wish I could’ve made it on this one!
  10. azcouesandelk

    2019 Muzzy bull

    Congrats again Tyler. You put in a ton of time shooting and scouting and it paid off big time!
  11. azcouesandelk

    Boots need new soles

    Tony’s Shoe Repair in Scottsdale. I’ve been bringing cowboy boots there to get resoled for years. Not sure what he does as far as hunting boots but it’s worth a call
  12. azcouesandelk

    13b HornPorn

    It would be nice if you guys harvested some mature bucks lol Congrats again in an amazing archery season! Good luck matching/topping this during the rifle hunts
  13. azcouesandelk

    Unit 10 my beautiful blessing

    Congratulations Ernesto! Beautiful buck!!!
  14. azcouesandelk


    I have the Honda Pioneer 1000-5 and live it. But if you are looking to use 4 or more frequently I would recommend going to a crew of some kind