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  1. AZBob

    WTB .270 Reduced Recoil Factory Ammo

    Wow! I appreciate the offer. Let's see if someone has some factory loads left over from their kiddos first.
  2. AZBob

    WTB .270 Reduced Recoil Factory Ammo

    I haven't reloaded in probably 25 years, and didn't load .270 back then. I'm fine with factory loads in my .270, just looking for something with a little less pop for my grandson.
  3. My grandson has a cow elk tag and he will be using my lightweight .270. He is a little recoil-shy with standard factory loads. Anyone have a couple boxes of the lighter loads available? I can't seem to find any in stock. Thanks!
  4. Have any of you tried Consumer Cellular as a carrier in Show Low? Did it work for you for phone and internet? Same question for Flagstaff and surrounding areas. Thanks for your input. Verizon is fine, just looking for an economical alternative.
  5. AZBob


    He looks old and massive! Congrats!
  6. AZBob

    AZ Bucket List (input needed)

    Experience Grand Falls when it is running.
  7. AZBob

    Selling some more shiz

    I think John Hinckley used a similar Rohm revolver in his attempt on Reagan.
  8. AZBob

    Big Boguillas Gone?

    50 less rifle tags and 45 less archery tags were proposed for antelope.
  9. AZBob

    My 2021 RAM!!!!!

    Beautiful ram! Congrats!
  10. AZBob

    Guess the score part 2

    Man I love mule deer! I'd guess 176.
  11. AZBob

    Spare tire/wheel - FREE

    Still available.
  12. AZBob

    Spare tire/wheel - FREE

    Here's a spare tire that's been in my garage for years. It fit my Dodge 1/2 ton. Cooper Discovery 275/60R20. It's basically unused, but I think it was made in 2013. Located in North Phoenix, near Tatum/101. Free for pick up.
  13. Still one of the best days of my life.....Game 7 World Series, 2001.
  14. AZBob

    My Mentor

    Wild guess.....Ben Avery?