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  1. NE AZ Guy

    Photo Radar

    Good for Payson PD!! Took some drugs and some of societies bottom feeders off the streets. How can that not be positive!! Great work recognizing something was amiss! Glad the County Sheriff and Judge have a good working relationship. I remember when the County Sheriff and Judge were brothers I think, Lyman and Ezera Peace. That was bad news for the bad guys.
  2. NE AZ Guy

    Photo Radar

    I received a photo ticket in the mail a few years ago in Show Low. Talked to a retired JP who advised me to just ignore it, don't send anything back to the court, if you do you acknowledge it and have to either send in the fine or show up to contest. He told me the court must serve you in person, which in Navajo County is an extra 75.00 charge. I found the ticket on the Show Low justice court website, and checked it every so often, about 3 months later in was dismissed. A friend of mine received one also, from the same camera, he ignored it and in about 3 months it was also dismissed. I figured I would bet an extra 75.00 against not paying the 250.00. It worked out for us. Good Luck to you.
  3. NE AZ Guy

    Truck side steps

    I put a set of Luverne Side Entry Step Running Boards on my ram 2500. I have used single step and nerf bars in the past, on other vehicles and they seemed to really mud up, and hard to keep clean. These fit against the rocker panel and so they also keep the panels from getting chipped up. Also, a little wider step area. Very easy to install.
  4. NE AZ Guy

    G&F and state trust lands.

    I would assume since the commission has statutory authority over hunting, they can create no hunting areas anywhere in the State, except maybe some federal lands, like federal wildlife areas, not sure about that. I wouldn't think they could unilaterally make a change on state land, only the State Land Commissioner could do that.
  5. NE AZ Guy

    Another poaching story

    I applaud you for getting involved!!
  6. NE AZ Guy

    rem 700

    That is a chronic problem with some of the Rem 700. There have been a few fatalities because of it. According to my gunsmith Its a spring issue, gets stiff. I have two both did the same thing. I would suggest changing out the trigger with a Timney trigger. Supper easy fix.
  7. NE AZ Guy

    USFS - How To Properly Blow Up A Horse

    Easier way is just put out a Rumensin Tube, buy at any feed store. They eat on it and actually do "explode" from inside!!
  8. NE AZ Guy

    Side by sides/UTVs

    We have to raise the top bunk all the way up and take the bottom bunk out. Also, my son is a member of some ATV club that does a lot of 2 and 3 day back road trips around the state, they are a bunch of gearheads, they pretty much all drive CanAms. If the industry is getting away from Belts thats great!!
  9. NE AZ Guy

    Side by sides/UTVs

    I had two Rangers 2010 and 2014, both were good, but the belt drive was very frustrating if you were trying to ease forward or backward. Purchased a Pioneer 1000 in 2020, use it everyday on my farm, as well as in the bush. The difference between a belt drive and a gear drive is night and day. And as said, it is much quieter than my rangers were, and has crazy power, I have a tailing ditch I have to drive through and had to pull my ranger out of it a cpl times, the pioneer fords it like a champ. Dont know what the industry is doing as to belt drives, but personally, I would never buy a belt drive machine.
  10. NE AZ Guy

    Taxidermists in pinetop/show low

    Absolutely, Chris Williams Trappers Den, and there is a processing plant there also.
  11. NE AZ Guy

    Shooting areas near Pinetop

    Second Knoll Shooting Range, east of Show Low, its about 4 miles east of the light at Hwy 77 and US 60. Also, the cinder pit at porter mountain is a wildcat shooting location, if they haven't shut it down, been years since I was there...
  12. NE AZ Guy

    Parking on State Land

    Just trying to clarify a couple points, based on questions I always received on SL. If you knew all that great, but you must understand not everybody is as smart as you. Also, thanks for the label Newb, I am usually referred to as Oldb.
  13. NE AZ Guy

    Parking on State Land

    Your hunting license is a permit to use state land, but you have to be actively hunting, just having it doesnt count. SLD does not have an enforcement arm they contracts with individual county Sheriff Dept for enforcement, so if they dont have an agreement with the county you are in it probably isnt going to be enforced. G&F can also, but usually, at least in the past doesn't. If you are worried about being hassled just by the permit. I bought one every year so I could walk on a state section across the street from my house in Yuma, took 5 minutes on the net. It was $20.00 a year. Whats the big deal?
  14. NE AZ Guy

    What's your favorite Burger Joint?

    yes it seems strange for a pizza/sub place. my friends in Lakeside go there all the time. Not sure I would trade a build-your-own calzone for a burger!
  15. NE AZ Guy

    What's your favorite Burger Joint?

    I have heard Red Devil Pizza in Pinetop has a great burger. Not a place I would think of to go for burgers