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  1. For sale, some items for a F 250 2017+ 6.75 foot bed: BAX Flip MX 4 hard tonneau cover for a F 250 Super Duty, 2 years Old- $700.00 I also have a heavy duty rubber bed mat for a F 250 Super Duty 6.75 foot bed, two years old - $50.00 Last is a set of Sumo springs for a F 250 Super Duty 2017+, only 2 months old - $180.00 I am selling these items because I upgraded to a 2019 F 350 Dually.
  2. AZorion

    2008 Starcraft RT Series M-14 $6,000

    Last bump before it goes on RVtrader.
  3. AZorion

    2008 Starcraft RT Series M-14 $6,000

    BUMP With pictures
  4. AZorion

    2008 Starcraft RT Series M-14 $6,000

    Will get the photos on here soon, out of town right now on business.
  5. I am selling this popup trailer, great for hunting in remote places, high clearance and room for a quad up front or camping gear. Manual crank for the lid Has some flaws as this was used many times a year, I will include photos for the minor tears in the trailer. I will include photos later, serious inquiries only!! John
  6. Chompy, I will take it!!!!
  7. Well that seems like a very good alternative to my problem!!!!!
  8. I have a box of 20 6.5 PRC Hornady Precision Hunter Ammo in 143 grain ELD-X, I mistook the box at Cabelas for a 6.5 Creed, so my mistake of 43 dollars is someones gain. Cabelas will not take it back of course, so I live in the West Valley and will sell for 30 buck. John
  9. AZorion

    Lost dog

    Anyone loose a hunting dog near Dudleyville?
  10. AZorion

    WTS Varget

    Mike, I will take both of them.