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  1. thegunsmith2506

    CW Long Range Meet Up: January 30, 2021

    I would expect fire bans by early May this year, but you never know. Most years they are in place by Memorial Day at the latest.
  2. thegunsmith2506

    Tick Tock

    I would like to see how much money is spent on the Landowner relations program. I bet its way more than we think.
  3. thegunsmith2506

    AZGFD - Card Hits?

    That is super cool. I grew up hunting with my grandpa in all those same places.
  4. thegunsmith2506

    AZGFD - Card Hits?

    Not since he had that tag... lol
  5. thegunsmith2506

    Tipping Taxidermist

    Do you tip the plumber and the hvac guy too?
  6. thegunsmith2506

    WTB Blackpowder

    What exactly are you looking for? I have some stuff in .50cal and .54cal.
  7. thegunsmith2506

    AZGFD - Card Hits?

    Today I had an eye appointment and they said the card processor they use was down. I ran into that at 2 other stores as well. I am guessing that could be the issue.
  8. thegunsmith2506

    20 Grays the past 3 weekends

    Awesome! Those foxes are a blast to call in!
  9. thegunsmith2506

    Fish habitat plants

    What kind of fish are you stocking?
  10. thegunsmith2506

    Digital Calipers?

    I have used a pair of these daily for 15 years. They work well and the battery lasts me 6 months. https://www.amazon.com/Mitutoyo-500-196-30-Advanced-Measuring-Resolution/dp/B00IG46NL2/ref=sr_1_5?crid=4M927PHIBUHR&dchild=1&keywords=digital+calipers+6+inch&qid=1613588834&sprefix=digital+cal%2Caps%2C211&sr=8-5
  11. thegunsmith2506

    Is it too much

    I did that in the snow with a .338-378. I could see red chunks everywhere before I even walked up there.
  12. thegunsmith2506

    Alamo Lake

    I honestly don't remember how many, but it was enough to make us happy. Probably 10 keepers a day along with lots of other fish mixed in.
  13. thegunsmith2506

    Alamo Lake

    My wife and I have been there around the end of March a couple of times and had a blast. I have never fished Alamo from a boat so I can't compare it to that.
  14. thegunsmith2506

    Primers, brass, bullets

    All primers spf
  15. thegunsmith2506

    Primers, brass, bullets

    Large pistol 700pcs. spf Small pistol 1kpcs. spf Small rifle. 1kpcs. spf .280 once fired nickel 41pcs $20.00 7mm .162gr amax 53pcs $20.00 Located in parks. On 2/18 I am driving down to Tucson to help my buddy on a pig hunt. I will be returning on the 21st. I am on a really tight schedule but could try to meet at sportsmans i17 and 101 or in North Tucson but it would need to be on my schedule.