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  1. thegunsmith2506

    My first predator season

    That would still blow up a fox
  2. thegunsmith2506

    Why do they keep doing this?

  3. thegunsmith2506

    Rim lakes?

    Show low creek
  4. thegunsmith2506

    Hair on mule deer hide questions

    I would soak it in water then brush the hair and let it dry.
  5. thegunsmith2506

    Rim lakes?

    We were in Pinetop for the weekend. Even at first light the wind was so bad you couldn't even cast. We tried to fish the creek below Show low but I was shocked at all the drug paraphernalia and homeless people down there.
  6. thegunsmith2506

    Gunsmith needed

    You can probably order a sight pusher for pretty cheap online.
  7. thegunsmith2506

    White Mtn Fishing Reports?

    I'm interested too. Heading to Showlow with the family this weekend for a few days.
  8. thegunsmith2506

    Whitehorse lake

    Yup it is always that color
  9. thegunsmith2506

    Whitehorse lake

    I took the wife and boy for Mothers Day. We only fished a couple of hours due to the wind. We kept enough for a good dinner.
  10. thegunsmith2506

    Any luck with Gun Safe in Garage?

    My buddies dad had a safe in his garage in Chandler. It was bolted down but someone still broke in and took the whole safe.
  11. thegunsmith2506

    Line-X or Inyati or something else?

    I have had 3 trucks with Inyati with zero issues
  12. The Tunnel Fire has closed Highway 89 in both directions in Doney Park, however detours are available to avoid the immediate area. One alternative route includes taking Interstate-40 east to about a mile past Winslow, then heading north on State Route 87 to the Hopi Reservation, then west on State Route 264 to Tuba City. Then head east on Highway 160 to Highway 89. A second alternative route available is by taking I-40 west out towards Williams, then taking State Route 64 past Grand Canyon Junction to Valle and Tusayan. Then take the highway around the South Rim of the Grand Canyon until it meets up with State Route 89. The Grand Canyon is not charging a fee to drive through the park. For more information, log onto Coconino County’s Tunnel Fire website.
  13. thegunsmith2506

    Youth turkey hunt - update and pics

    pozole is what we usually do with them
  14. thegunsmith2506

    Kentucky man takes a white Turkey

    i thought it was funny
  15. thegunsmith2506

    Kentucky man takes a white Turkey

    https://www.kentucky.com/news/state/kentucky/article260580142.html Hunter captures rare white turkey in Kentucky. I read this yesterday.