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  1. thegunsmith2506

    helpful tips for spotting scammers

    In Williams we have a spot at the court house that is a designated meeting spot. It has cameras that monitor transaction.
  2. thegunsmith2506

    Container gardening for a total begginer

    When I was in high school I trapped gophers for some local farmers. I would set and check traps all day long. I learned that digging down to where the hole is more flat and then covering the hole with a board seemed to help.
  3. thegunsmith2506

    Looking for Barnes VOR-TX 30-06 TTSX-BT, 150GR for Sheep

    https://destinationtactical.com/cart https://www.solelyoutdoors.com/barnes-vor-tx-30-06-sprg-150gr-ttsx-bt.html
  4. thegunsmith2506

    a week in the warm country

    The State Trust land north of Rucker Road use to be really good.
  5. thegunsmith2506

    Late Elk Rut

    A few years ago we had a pocket of bulls going crazy on the late archery. They did that for about 3 days and then we never heard another peep out of them.
  6. thegunsmith2506

    Boot deals?

    They come up on camofire from time to time
  7. thegunsmith2506


    https://cameralandny.com/shop?query=bushnell nitro these get good reviews from what I have seen
  8. thegunsmith2506

    Rut Activity

    There is plenty of water, but a lot of the small tanks are drying up fast.
  9. thegunsmith2506

    video player for GMC truck advice

    We bought a used 2005 GMC a few years ago with an aftermarket JVC installed in the dash. I never thought much about it until a couple of weeks ago when we had to drive clear across the state for a funeral. There aren't enough toys and books to keep a 6yo happy for 16 hours of sitting in 2 days. While I was getting gas my wife ran over to the Redbox and rented a couple of movies for our boy to watch. It worked out great! What I really liked about the JVC is that I could control everything from the factory controls on the steering wheel. If I needed to hear what he or my wife were saying I could pause the movie.
  10. thegunsmith2506

    Best Tripod for the money???

    If you can find one of these on ebay they are pretty good for the money. https://www.amazon.com/330DX-Tripod-3-Way-Quick-Release/dp/B00009R6R9/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_bdcrb_top?ie=UTF8
  11. thegunsmith2506

    Dec Elk - need a jacket

    I have the Kelvin down hoody. I have sat out and glassed at -9 deg and it was warm.
  12. thegunsmith2506

    WTB 15x SLC carry bag.

    When I lost mine I went to Cabelas and bought a pistol case that works great and provides way better protection. It was only $12.99
  13. thegunsmith2506

    ISO CCI small rifle primers.

    pm sent
  14. thegunsmith2506

    Rut Activity

    Heard a few the other morning while I was getting ready for work.
  15. thegunsmith2506

    Hunting Access From Highways

    I have probably parked in that stretch 25 times checking cameras or hunting. We got an orange sticker one time because we were too close to the entrance ramp. I was told to park well off the shoulder and leave a note. We never had another issue.