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  1. bonecollector

    1 more week

    dont say that!
  2. bonecollector

    1 more week

    Lol. I have 6 points, put in for 23N and 8 early archery bull.
  3. bonecollector

    Major winter storm to hit high country

    Cant fix stupid
  4. bonecollector

    1 more week

    One week from today we will be talking about card hits and if they are done hitting cards yet.
  5. bonecollector

    Need New Mexico antelope tag

    Like yotebuster said the landowners are now managing their own antelope herds. They can issue as many tags as they want on their own land. It will be interesting how these ranchers handle the management of the antelope.
  6. bonecollector

    Big Browns

    I'll just say Happy Birthday
  7. bonecollector

    Major winter storm to hit high country

    Received alert flag received 31” so far, a new record
  8. bonecollector

    New P&Y world record bighorn

    Beautiful ram!
  9. Zone 10 is closing today as well for lion hunting.
  10. bonecollector

    Junk science, anti hunting laws, and pushover hunters

    The 1/4 mile rule was brought up last yr during the same time as the trail cam ban. Look at the lion quota's now, some prime units will close today at sundown, they caved to the antis on that as well.
  11. bonecollector

    Zone 4 closure

    The zone has met the quota, Closed till Aug I believe
  12. bonecollector

    CC Hit

    Everybody knows its Mar 1st. These threads arent any good anymore like they used to be 5 yrs ago.
  13. bonecollector

    Major winter storm to hit high country

    Yeak 400” bulls behind every tree this yr with all this moisture. 😏
  14. bonecollector

    How bout them Devils!

    Kitties 7 losses in a row!
  15. bonecollector

    *SOLD* Outdoorsmans Palisade 90 Pack System For Sale

    Did you not like the pack?