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  1. bonecollector

    Draw odds help?

    Why cause gohunt cost more? 😂
  2. bonecollector

    Guys is the Draw open yet?

    Not sure why everyone has to post about it. Its not like they didnt see the other 100 posts just like when they kept asking when the draw was going to open.
  3. bonecollector

    Draw is Open

    Lets see how fast it crashes.
  4. bonecollector

    How big you think this elk was

  5. bonecollector

    223, 9mm, and .40 For Sale

    Have you figured out prices yet?
  6. bonecollector

    FYI --New Log-In For AGFD Portal

    I did it on my own after talking to someone. I believe you have to have that 2 factor authorization setup and turned on. Not sure if the dept has to set that part up or not.
  7. bonecollector

    223, 9mm, and .40 For Sale

  8. bonecollector

    FYI --New Log-In For AGFD Portal

    You can add kids to your account now.
  9. bonecollector


    Cause they changed everyone's usernames and passwords, now its just a cluster F.
  10. bonecollector

    FS: 9mm Luger, .223 FMJ, Primers

    Pm sent
  11. bonecollector

    Lot of 4 SPYPOINT evo cameras

    For hunters that is. Anybody else could use them for watching wildlife or security.
  12. bonecollector


    You guys ever try Cynch? Its a propane delivery service, first tank is $10.
  13. bonecollector


    I work part time at frys in Gilbert, I have never sold so much propane than recently. Not sure what the heck is going on with it.
  14. bonecollector

    2021 archery coues deer

    Thats a great buck man. Congrats
  15. bonecollector

    Over the counter tags

    Talking genetics or the amount of deer? A spike is not guaranteed to be a future 120" could have shitty genetics and never get to a 100 even with age.