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  1. bonecollector

    AGFD -- 2020 bighorn sheep hunt recommendations online

    Adding a few more tags for bighorn sheep.
  2. bonecollector

    Effects of the virus scare?

    I didnt. We put 5 offers in over the last month and only 1 accepted but after further inspection, we got out of the contract. Needed way too much work for the price of the house. Our latest offer was just this past saturday and we didnt get that one either. Now we are just going to wait until things get back to normal. Hopefully market changes.
  3. bonecollector

    Effects of the virus scare?

    I feel ya, Thurs is my last day. Going on Furlough probably until this is all over. Hopefully its just a month.
  4. bonecollector

    Youth Turkey?

    Did you read whats in the order or just the headline? The Gov actually encourages outdoor activities, just keep your distance.
  5. bonecollector

    Stay at home order

    Nothing has changed from what has been going for the last 2 weeks. He sure did put the panic in people again. They all flocked to grocery stores again. Everybody thinks this is a lockdown and its not.
  6. bonecollector

    AZ 88 from Rosi to Apache closed

    There is a vehicle on the other side, what are they going to do? lol might be there a while.
  7. bonecollector

    Forest Closed? No Turkey Hunting?

    In my hunt unit, I drive through a campground to access the hunting area I like. They have the gate locked right off the hwy even though they can just lock out the ground and keep access open through another gate. I called the ranger station to ask why and he said it has to do with the covid. Told me to go across the hwy, its open over there.
  8. bonecollector

    Swarovski 15s

    I think these are sold according to the facebook post
  9. bonecollector


    But he's talking about classified ads isnt he?
  10. bonecollector

    Effects of the virus scare?

    Was telling one of my customers this a couple days ago. People will go to drastic measures when they cant pay the bills and take care of their families.
  11. bonecollector

    San Carlos Turkey hunt cancelled?

    The national forests are all closing down rec/camping sites.
  12. bonecollector

    Effects of the virus scare?

    A couple women at frys one morning.
  13. bonecollector

    Effects of the virus scare?

    Right back at ya bro. Been at it for a long time now. Supports my addiction and helps my girls out with the extra curricular activities they do and the disneyland trips we take them on. Its not fun but it helps.
  14. bonecollector

    Effects of the virus scare?

    I work part time for a grocery chain and the problem is the hoarders and we are not getting the product to restock. The grocery crew is handling everything just fine, they stock everything that comes in. Manpower is not the problem!
  15. bonecollector

    Need a new FFL

    Healy's in Tempe. Mcklintock and baseline