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  1. bonecollector

    Trail camera recommendations

    I recently bought some of the command Ops pro cams by Browning. Not sure how they are as I just put them out but I have never had any problems with any of my browning cameras.
  2. bonecollector

    Looking for a new GPS

    As long as you save a offline map of the area you’ll be good. You can save a whole unit offline and you’ll be good.
  3. bonecollector

    Prime CT5 28.5” 70lbs

    Wish it was shorter DL I would buy.
  4. bonecollector

    Looking for a new GPS

    +1 for OnX maps. no need to have a handheld gos anymore.
  5. bonecollector

    AZGFD banning yote contest!!!

    They are caving to the antis again. We will be like CA soon. They will be paying people to kill off coyotes when the fawns arent surviving and the population takes a hit.
  6. bonecollector

    Trail Cam BAN

    Nothing new with trail cameras. The cellular cams are illegal starting in June of 2019.
  7. bonecollector

    Pray for Daisy

    What a tragedy. Well wishes for Daisy for a full recovery.
  8. bonecollector


  9. bonecollector


    Just got a smokin deal on a pro 34. I was skeptical at first thats why I bought the smaller one to try. Used a couple times then always wanted a bigger one.
  10. bonecollector


    I recently upgraded to a larger model and no longer use this one. Needs a little TLC but works great. I believe it is the 20 or 22 model cant remember. $100
  11. bonecollector

    Trail Cam BAN

    50 guys arent checking cams at same time.
  12. bonecollector

    Trail Cam BAN

    Well it looks like Mr Cook is after the trail cams again. he lost the Fair chase battle and now he’s attacking it from another angle.
  13. bonecollector

    Beetle Skull cleaning?

    CMC skullworks
  14. bonecollector

    What's your favorite CWT thread?

    Those were all on my list as well.
  15. bonecollector

    Another heartbreaking loss

    Sorry for your loss, Heartbreaking.