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  1. Bill@roofer

    Prayer request

    Thank you ..And your absolutely right. The power of prayer and healing is real. And when used right there is nothing more powerful in this universe.. And it's so easy to get.. just have Faith and believe..
  2. Bill@roofer

    Prayer request

    Thanks everyone for all the prayers and support you have a given to my mother and my family at this time. The power of prayer is absolutely amazing . Since Sunday morning my mom has been fighting for every breath she has taken and was unable to eat or drink.. She didn't recognize anyone . And actually thought I was her father who has been dead for 40 years.. When I left her last night at the hospital and came home to sleep..I really believed that I would never see my mom again alive.. I cried all the way home with my 28 year old son crying along with me. When I got home I was able to read all the responses from All of You.. then I hit my knees and thanked God for All of You and the love and support you all have shown.. Then asked him to give me more time with My mother.. This morning I went back to the hospital with my son and daughter.. this was at 8 am and I left the hospital at 1030 pm the night before.. when arriving at the hospital in the parking lot my son was physically sick throwing up and couldn't breath and I was so nervous of what I would see when I walked into my mom's room.. I myself could not breath either.. To everyone's surprise my Mom was up out of bed and sitting in a chair looking out the window.. Talking drinking eating and cracking jokes.. like she was never sick.. The only explanation for her recovery is All off you, and the prayers and love you have all shown for my mother.. Thank each and every one of you.. And thank you God..
  3. Bill@roofer

    Prayer request

    Thanks everyone for the prayers and support.. I'm here with her now. And even in her last few hours of life she's trying to love and help everyone.. She is such a special person.. my mom, my best friend, and the sweetest person I've ever known. I've experienced a lot of good and some very bad times in my life..But nothing has ever been so hard on me as this.. how does a person prepare themselves for such a loss? The feeling of helplessness is over whelming . I so much want to help her and save her, but I can't.. life really sucks right now...
  4. Bill@roofer

    Prayer request

    Hey Everyone My 83 year old mother was taken Monday morning to the hospital.. She has pneumonia in both lungs. And had a stroke yesterday afternoon.. she can knowlonger swallow or eat . She has lived with me the last 14 months and I've been talking care of her . Watching her slowly slip away and watching her dying has been torture to Me. but the time we have shared together has been very satisfying.. it has definitely been a rollercoaster or emotions.. but a experience I wouldn't trade for anything.. My mother is the most loving and giving person you would ever know.. So hers a big shout out to Mom /aka Joan Cornwell.. I love you Mom and praying fora speedy recovery and hope you will be home soon 😥. Please everyone if you have time and a extra prayer or two My mother and my family could all use one right now.. Thank you all Bill
  5. Bill@roofer

    AZ Bucket List (input needed)

    Take a drive down Van Buren in Phoenix and look at all the tweekers, hookers, and just plain dump asses.. Then remind yourself of why your leaving and go enjoy your new home and life somewhere else.. And then do a Bucket list there of places to see and find a reason to stay there... And enjoy 👍.
  6. Bill@roofer


    I have had the luxury of sampling and eating some of Phil's pecans, and I can honestly say they are the best I've ever had. Very fresh and tasty.. don't miss this deal..
  7. Bill@roofer

    Spider ID

    If it was in my truck.. he would be the size of the bottom of my 🥾 boot
  8. Bill@roofer

    24A found item today

    It was a unicorn
  9. Bill@roofer

    24A found item today

    I lost my virginity there about 44 years ago. If you found it.. I'd like it back.
  10. Bill@roofer

    WTB Tire Chains - 285/70/17

    I Have these. Some one can have. I have a pair
  11. Bill@roofer

    10x12 Storage shed 4 sale

    You got it..
  12. Bill@roofer

    10x12 Storage shed 4 sale

    A good friend of mine has become to I'll to live alone. And has been forced to move out of state to get the help he needs... And has this shed for sale.. it was purchased about 2 years ago from Costco.. for right at 1000. It needs to be gone by the 20th of November. Located at meridian and main in mesa ... $400.00 obo. Bill at 480 232 29 three nine..
  13. Bill@roofer

    2022 NWTF 31- Day Gun Raffle

    Thank you for the update.
  14. Bill@roofer

    2022 NWTF 31- Day Gun Raffle

    I spent 200 on tickets.. bank shows withdraw but I've never got anything from NWTF
  15. Bill@roofer

    Life is too short to...

    Live in the past