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  1. Bill@roofer

    good bull

    Hey Del and Mark ever think that all that money I was taking in from all these rich guys on here. Went toward those vet Bill's? Nope.. Just like Stanley's problem. I wasn't donating enough. Stanley that's your real problem . Sure dont see you chiming in when nobull and del are bashing and calling everyone names and causing drama. What a3 ,and jimmy complaining or other sponsers that I'm making them look bad? You sure dont mind it when your sponsers or people that are donating to your cause are bashing everyday guys on her. You sure lay quiet.. Tell you what Stanley or who ever owns this site. I will bye coues whitetail right now cash money. Send me a pm or call me if interested. Then I can hit the reject button anytime I want. And Not under any circumstances allow any company or business that knowingly breaks the law advertising or use this sight for any reason. Or you can let me know how much all these clowns are putting in coues whitetails pocket. And I will match it. With the condition I'm the only one to advertise on this site of any kind. Send me some numbers . I'm serious.
  2. Bill@roofer

    good bull

    Didnt say reroofed. Repaired many many of roofs and have done several reroofs also. And have painted and did landscaping plumbing and pretty much anything anyone has ask of me. Including taking in a black lab for Del who was full of cancer when I got her. Molly the lab was Dels best freinds dog. Who also unfortunately passed away. I had Molly just over a year and a half. During that time I paid a couple grand on vet Bill's . Then had to put her down at home. Sure wish I new then Dels method of putting dogs down then . I would have just returned her and saved thousands . He could have just shot her.
  3. Bill@roofer

    good bull

    Thank you. Didnt use to hate. When I came on here originally I helped many of People on here and another web site. During the time when all the phoenix area got destroyed bye hail storms. Other companies where coming in and charging thousands of dollars more for roof then they should. And taking deposits and never returning. So I went on here and another site and warned people . And told them if they had any question call me. Several people from here did. One particular person had a estimate from a company out of Texas. The quote was for over 18000. And he was told it was unrepairable. I fixed it for 1200 and it still dont have any problems . I have donated my time to numerous people on here . During monsoon I have roofed tarped and helped almost 100 people off just this sight. And never have I ever ask for money first. Many of times doing the job and getting paid later or in trades. Then when my wife and daughter died .I came on here trying to hustle a little work. I had a 2 year old and 5 year old at home from ny stepdaughter who passed away from brain cancer as well as her mother. The situation I had left at home with no wife and two babys to raise at the age of 54 was impossible. I couldn't afford to leave the boys alone for hours at a time. So I turned here for repairs and little jobs that wouldn't take much time. Thinking I had freinds on here. Instead I got attacked by Del and Roosevelt Mark. Which put me out of business on here. Up until then I never had a problem .and if you look back I bet you that 90 percent of my bad post .Are because Dels bitch butt had to chime in. Funny that I've called Del mark and no bull out. And everyone of them is a no show. They all must be hanging out in a blind together hiding giving eachother Dutch Rudders. So while your judging peoples character maybe youshould take a look at dels and no bulls post. Then take a poll of who want to keep us around. DEL ME AND NO BULL. CALL ME IF YOU NEED THE ANSWERS
  4. Bill@roofer

    good bull

    Area 9 I believe. About 7 miles from a cabin that me and 5 freinds bought back in 1985. Have 80 acres right next to the old airport in Tucsayan .in the red Butte plateau
  5. Bill@roofer

    good bull

    Yup you ever ate there? Pay more for a soggy sandwich then you do for a steak. My problem is. With all that money He has to burn. Then why hire the people he did? Why turn it into a clown show. . And most of all why why why didnt He shot it a second time? When that Bull was laying there struggling to breath and live. Then looking up to the other 2 elk that where with him for help or whatever it was doing . Was very disturbing to me. All the money he paid for the hunt . I think he could have afforded a second shot. If you listen to the Audio then you will here that after he shoots He has no idea if he hit it .where it is and if it's dead yet. Nope to busy high 5ing. Pathetic. Humpty Dumpty climbed off his throan long enough to make one shot then climbed back on. Even when he got to the bull he sat on the wall afraid to fall off. Yup I hate.. ... Now it's my time to make some haters. Nobull move the heck over because I'm taking your place here. I've got lots of money now and I'm going to. bye me lots of cameras spotlights and go bail every illegal poacher, thief ,tweeker , and asshole I can and start my own guide service. . Now taking applications. All you got to do is be able to cut locks jump fences and handle a spot light. But most importantly You must be a good liar. PM if interested.
  6. Bill@roofer

    good bull

    Dont quote me . But I heard that the woman shot it last august and the guy owns Aspen dental.??? I dont no shoot either way.All I know is that I hope the heck all these people enjoy there hunt and appreciate how fortunate they are to be able to achieve what they have. I will go on a hunt of a lifetime here real soon. But it wont be a circus and the people I do hire will be honest and COMPLETLY LEGAL. .And I wont need to make a comedy show out of it. What I will do is take my 12year old grandson along and allow him to experience the opportunity of a life time. And allow him to do the same. That's what hunting is to me. Family times,relaxation and the thrill of the hunt. Getting something is like getting a double yoke egg. Just make things a little better. Much rather go home without anything then to go home without any fmily.
  7. Bill@roofer

    good bull

    Nope that's totally different . That one is legit. Notice only two people. Not a circus. Good job to both of them.
  8. Bill@roofer

    good bull

    Yes it took them that long to haul his fat butt 960 yard by mule and 4 men hes the only shooter ? So the bull laid and suffered. . Two men to pull the horse and forse it up the hill . And two to make sure humpty dumpty didnt fall.
  9. Bill@roofer

    good bull

    Then he should stay home eating foot longs . Wish I could run into him in the woods . I got a foot long for him. Sure hope he squeals.
  10. Bill@roofer

    good bull

    Havnt settled on that one yet. Settled on the one from 4 years ago. Totally different situation where I was a sub Contractor there working in the garden area . Early in the morning before they opened a drunk came flying threw the parking lot cutting the corner . And hit me . Then my Dad passed away . And the day after his services my Wife And Daughter and 2 Grandchildren Wrecked and where taken from me. Then in march of this year another home depot accident. The forklift to the face. Been some ruff times for sure and as a result Ive lost my temper and made a butt of myself or others on here. I'm better then that. So now it's time to enjoy life for what it is . Every damb day is a blessing. Without it tomorrow morning we wouldn't be able to read no bull dumb butt post. I finally came to the conclusion that Nobull thinks like a roll of toilet paper. He thinks no one can live without him. And that people cant get enough of him. But the truth is Hes still full of shoot at the end. So next time your wiping your butt . Yell out a big hello to Nobullshit.
  11. Bill@roofer

    good bull

    Let me guess? 4568 loafs of bread, 3.5 tons of salami,ham,turkey,roast beef and sausage and meatballs. Then 18000 pounds of lettuce 22000 pounds of tomatoes. And enough pickles that if where laid back to back they would reach from Jimmy boys front door to right where his fat butt decided to collect a trophy that wasn't even his. Kind of like winning the super bowl then giving the trophy to the cheer leaders at the end. F you jimmy John's and a big double F you too all those clown who posed in that commercial.
  12. Bill@roofer

    good bull

    That's only the first settlement. Looking at almost 12 more
  13. Bill@roofer

    good bull

    Whatever happened to clean a ethical shot? Not what I see . I see a beautiful trophy bull Elk . Struggling for its last breath and trying to get up for over 4 minutes. Not one person decided to put a second round to finish him off. NOPE !!!! To busy high 5ing eachother. And if jj is so wonderful why did he hire the worst outfitter in all the nation to guide him. With his money he could have hired anyone. That is a absolutely beautiful Bull congratulations to anyone who has the priviledge to harvest such a stud. Just would have liked it alot better with different people involved. Just keep this in mind the next time you decide to eat at Jimmy John's. That's what your paying for. So if you like what you saw eat at Jimmy john. That away next year they can afford to hire a legit guide service. And maybe a camel or alot bigger horse to haul jimmy John's fat butt up the hill for another photo op. Amazing what money can bye. Well Home Depot just gave me 9.2 million reasons to do the same thing . Maybe next year I will hire 300 or 400 members from here as guides and I too can have a photo op
  14. Bill@roofer


    Will you loan me 500. I will let you hold it a couple times? 🤠
  15. Bill@roofer

    Another Darwin Candidate

    Absolutely .I got the pleasure to ride with him and many other famous cowboys as a kid. I grew up in William's and worked at hat ranch.for the summers. Every summer I got to go on the Bill William's pony Express ride. And I went on several poker rides threw out the superstitions with him .He was very good freinds with my uncle Charly Davis who was a professional rodeo clown. Known as Clancy the clown. When I was real little like between 3 and 5 . We lived on Gene Autrys Ranch and my Real dad and his brothers where all ranch hands. And rodeo was every weekend my dad Joel Davis was a 4 time champion bull rider. Sure brings back good memories. Sitting by the campfire watching all those Cowboys that I wanted to be just like. sing old folk songs and whittle anything they could. Telling stories and waiting for the dogs to start barking treed.. then running threw the desert on horseback in the middle of the night. Fun times and got to meet John Wayne when I was in high school. At the state fair. He bought a Hereford bull I had won Grand Champion on .