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  1. bigbuckkiller

    Flatbed Trailer *SOLD*

    Ok thank you
  2. bigbuckkiller

    Flatbed Trailer *SOLD*

    What is the GVRW.? Is it the 7000 or 5000?
  3. bigbuckkiller

    WTB youth Browning Xbolt Micro midas

    Hello. I was wondering if anyone had a youth browning micro midas 7mm-08 with wood stock.? Please let me know if you have one and are willing to part with it. Thank you.
  4. bigbuckkiller

    Closet clean out

    PM sent
  5. bigbuckkiller

    Closet clean out

    Where are you located?
  6. bigbuckkiller


    I just got the same one from Brian303... These guys need shot..
  7. bigbuckkiller


    Hey guys.. watch out for Omah04732...I posted on here looking for a walnut pistol grip for a Thompson Encore. Here is what he sent me...I think i saw someone called Dough74 posted a Walnut Thompson encore pistol grip for sale. You can text him.. Here is His number is 4145335204
  8. bigbuckkiller

    WTB Walnut Thompson encore pistol grip

    Ok thanks.. I ll check that out
  9. Hi. I am looking to buy a Walnut Thompson Encore pistol grip. Wondering if anybody has one they are willing to part with? Thanks
  10. bigbuckkiller

    Christensen Ridgeline 300win mag with AMMO SOLD

    I ll take the rifle with base. No ammo.. Sending Pm
  11. bigbuckkiller

    Christensen Ridgeline 300win mag with AMMO SOLD

    Where are you located
  12. bigbuckkiller

    .45 230gr Bullets SOLD

  13. bigbuckkiller

    Kids bed

  14. bigbuckkiller

    46A East?

  15. bigbuckkiller


    I drew the early rifle tag this year. It's been a long wait.