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  1. bigbuckkiller

    Any gsp pups for sale?

    PM sent
  2. bigbuckkiller

    Horn Hunter Full Curl pack

    PM sent
  3. bigbuckkiller


    PM sent
  4. bigbuckkiller

    Post up your success in tags

    23north early rifle
  5. bigbuckkiller

    Credit Card Hit

    Yes... I only put in for one choice
  6. bigbuckkiller

    Credit Card Hit

    Finally drew my early rifle tag. 23north with 23 points
  7. bigbuckkiller

    The best 3 weeks of the year...

    23 points for Elk... 23 North early Rifle
  8. bigbuckkiller

    243wssm winchester ammo for sale

    https://www.ammunitiontogo.com/index.php/cName/rifle-ammo-243-wssm... thought I would share this
  9. bigbuckkiller

    2020 Antler growth???

    Not sure what I'm going to do yet...?
  10. bigbuckkiller

    2020 Antler growth???

    I'm sitting on 23 points SMH.. Hope this is my year..
  11. bigbuckkiller

    Senior's unit 8 late rifle bull elk hunt

    Congrats Mark!! Glad you guys were able to get it done. I dont remember you saying your dad drew a tag this year.
  12. bigbuckkiller

    Diamond bow RH

    Sent you a PM
  13. bigbuckkiller

    Unit 1 early archery

    I put unit 1 early rifle as second choice as a resident with 22 points and didn't get it...
  14. bigbuckkiller

    22 Points

    I'm in good shape.. 35 years old.. I have just heard unit 1 has lost quality since the wallow fire? Over hunted..? They sure have increased the tag numbers since then..
  15. bigbuckkiller

    22 Points

    I'm currently sitting on 22 points ... Just curious what everyone thinks.. would you rather have unit 1 , 9, or 23north rifle early bull?