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  1. Tj_G91

    Swarovski 15x56 for sale $$1500

    These are the slc model which came before the HD's. These are dark green, the first models were light green, which is how people differentiate the years they were in production, in a ballpark. These are amazing glass and the guy selling them is straight up and takes care of his things, I would buy with confidence.
  2. Tj_G91

    2017 PSE Supra EXT

    TTT lets get this bow sold
  3. Tj_G91

    2017 PSE Supra EXT

    Its one of a kind, haven't seen any with the bronze riser as of yet. Somebody should enjoy it
  4. Tj_G91

    2017 PSE Supra EXT

    Wise choice is sold
  5. Tj_G91

    Late Kaibab and Strip

    Buddy of mine shot a 234" buck on the strip. Seen quite a few 190's killed this year
  6. Tj_G91

    2017 PSE Supra EXT

  7. Tj_G91

    2017 PSE Supra EXT

  8. Tj_G91

    Rangefinder Recommendations?

    I have had the leupold 1200, then the sig kilo 2000, and currently the leupold 1600 tbr/dna. I liked the sig but the reticle was too big for my liking. I like the small one leupold has to offer and they are the most consistent on all shades of targets for archery purposes (I shot 3d competitions for a long time and most rangefinders cant do black targets well) and I can still shoot out to 900 plus yards with my rifle as well. I think any of the leupolds would fit him best in my opinion, with the sig being second.
  9. Tj_G91


    TTT Price drop to $400
  10. Tj_G91

    2017 PSE Supra EXT

    2017 PSE supra ext 60lb, 23.5-29" draw, 37" axle to axle. Shot around 150 times just don't have the time for it much anymore. $650 bare bow price, will throw in target stabilizers and bow stand for extra if buyer wants it all. Axcel Carbon Achieve, Shrewd Nomad 42 mm scope, front/rear sun shades, 2x feather vision lens, and Zbros Light kit that changes to red, blue, or green. $450 Carter Wise Choice, basically brand new, just cant use hand held releases anymore. $150 If you have any questions feel free to PM me. Thanks for looking
  11. Tj_G91

    Quick morning hunt

    Thank you, I just got the newer iPhone and was messing with the portrait mode on it. Crazy how good the cameras are on our phones these days.
  12. Tj_G91

    Quick morning hunt

    Thank you, I do spend a lot of time out in the desert and have had my hands on some pretty good bucks over the past few years. I am just glad it worked out with the little time we had. Thank you as well, my avatar pic I shot last year and is my personal best desert buck.
  13. Tj_G91

    Quick morning hunt

    My Dad and I had a very successful and quick opening day hunt. With a short amount of time to hunt do to other priorities, I put him on 2 great bucks within 20 minutes of daylight. After spotting them at 725 yards, we cut the distance a few hundred yards and set up for the shot. He went back and forth a few times on which one he wanted to shoot, but he settled the cross-hairs on this beautiful desert buck. A quick 220 yard shot and... we were tagged out, back to the truck, and home before 1045 am. Thanks for looking and happy hunting
  14. Tj_G91


  15. Tj_G91

    Youth 243

    Ive got a savage model 10 (22-250) for sale that I do not use anymore. I still have the 243 take off barrel and stock for it if interested. Would just need a gunsmith to swap barrel and set headspace. PM me if interested