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  1. az300wby

    Spring Buffalo Hunt 2020

    Any buffalo hitting the dirt? Heard a guy killed a Boone and Crockett Buffalo no where near the salt chit show. Went renegade and got it done.
  2. az300wby


  3. az300wby

    Rugged Ridge Bipod

    Just as described. Fast shipping. Thx for the deal.
  4. az300wby


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  7. az300wby

    Swarovski 1.7 Magnification Extender

    Didn’t realize it was going freight. Let me know when you decide to ship.
  8. az300wby

    Swarovski 1.7 Magnification Extender

    Still not willing to ship?
  9. az300wby

    Big Bo Ranch (Unit 10)

    Bob. I am so hurt by your comment. Sure are some nice people on here.
  10. az300wby

    Big Bo Ranch (Unit 10)

    80% of unit 10 looks like that picture. Bishop is a great spot. Another bone.
  11. az300wby

    Big Bo Ranch (Unit 10)

    Naturebob your post makes no sense.
  12. az300wby

    Big Bo Ranch (Unit 10)

    your binos will be your best friend in 10. Hope you have a spotter. Bed them down and make it happen. One more
  13. az300wby

    Big Bo Ranch (Unit 10)

    I love and hate unit 10. Love when I draw a tag hate the hunt. But I am alittle crazy and love a grinder hunt. Explorer isn’t joking about the roads. I like your positive attitude you will need it. you will need some big eyes. attached is some eye candy, a bull I glassed up in nov last year.
  14. az300wby

    Big Bo Ranch (Unit 10)

    Why do you have two post about the same hunt? Most people don’t realize how big unit 10 is! You sound really excited which is cool. Unit 10 is a mentally challenging hunt in November and with a bow multiple that by 10. Never been in 10 before pray for luck. Just keeping it real.
  15. az300wby

    First Elk Hunt! (Unit 10)

    Onx is solid. Flatline is the best map for 10. I use both. Google flatline maps. Sounds like you are good to go.