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  1. dusty

    7mm-08 Who Shoots It?

    Varget and 140 gr Nosler partitions.
  2. dusty

    Jim Jones Shooting Range

    Shot there yesterday. It won't change with stage 1 restrictions.
  3. dusty

    23 North Early Archery

    If a person goes guided do they not need to be in great shape to get to said big bulls? Jimmy Johns
  4. dusty

    AZGFD Software Job

    They manage wildlife and money.
  5. dusty

    Jim Jones Shooting Range

    Was there a few hrs ago. A guy was working on the weeds and said they get inspected for fire control. Like last year they don't close till the Tonto is closed. Range # is 928 970 1766
  6. I skip the first half stuff and just use the tape on the end of the case to set up my dies. Super simple.
  7. dusty

    Can anyone beat this price?

    At Walgreens.
  8. dusty

    Who Am I

    Where the Fakawee ?
  9. dusty

    Going Old School

    The Game @ Fish interests are fewer animals killed without reducing tags, Ban more stuff.
  10. dusty

    What’s your 401K doing?

    Over 80% of mutual fund managers don't beat the S@P 500 index and charge you.
  11. dusty

    Primers *SOLD*

    2nds on the large rifle magnums.
  12. dusty

    Little Chief Smoker (Used)

    I've got 2 of these. Been using them to make jerky for over 20 years
  13. dusty

    Antis at it again. Lions and Bears.

    Just don't bring in the tag grab people to save hunting for the ignorant majority, Hunting didn't stop like they promised it would.