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  1. dusty

    Where was this?

    Yea I think your right it was Slims dad's place. I've turkey hunted on the Q ranch,elk hunted above Indian Gardens and bear hunted Ellison crk. I elk hunted and saw the three graves and heard the story that they were taking them to Prescott and got drunk and figured they would save themselves a long ride and strung them up that night. I liked the story in the book about how tough and mean the pack burros were. They are the only animal besides man that commits rape.
  2. dusty

    Where was this?

    I've read that same book. Colonel Ellison had a ranch west of Tonto Crk, now Ellison crk subdivision. He met out some vigilante justice back in those days and the powers back in Washington held up statehood because of it and the pleasant valley war. I'm not sure but I think Brady Ellison from Globe is a descendant and he killed a bear when he was 11 yrs old.
  3. dusty

    Where was this?

    Q RANCH. Lena Ellison'
  4. dusty


    "I am a hunter, and I care about wildlife and the health and diversity of this ecosystem". From the original post.
  5. dusty

    Selling prime deer spot

    Saw that this morning.
  6. dusty

    Turkeys gobbling

    The 300 was closed at 10 this morning.
  7. dusty

    Major winter storm to hit high country

    The big one was in 67 for sure. Shoveling roofs for a lot of $ at that time in Payson. When they plowed the hwy through town there was a wall of snow in the middle you couldn't see over. Broke the roof in the new Gym. They had to airlift hay for cattle out on the ranches. I was 15 then.
  8. dusty

    Midway Brass Tumbler & Media

    PM sent.
  9. dusty

    Teacher fired for giving ZEROS

    If you keep defending your child's bad behavior you'll end up paying an attorney to do the same.
  10. dusty

    When you’re upset you don’t draw

    395 bull tags in 22n then,1280 now. Most are rag horns and spikes now. There are not 3x as many elk now.
  11. Same gun for my grandson. Did the muzzle brake and the15$ eBay upgrade to 3lbs. Got three deer and one elk.
  12. http://tucsoncitizen.com/morgue2/1996/03/01/62886-don-t-be-fooled-by-wildlife-docudramas/ Check out who wrote this.
  13. dusty

    AZGFD dedicated funding

    Would any $ donated go towards the wolf program?
  14. https://globalrangelands.org/topics/uses-range-and-pasture-lands/costs-recovery-program This is 6 yrs ago.Probably about 250,000 $ a wolf now.