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  1. dusty

    270 reloading

    For deer = 130 gr Nosler ballistic tip using 55 gr H4831sc.And for elk = 150 gr Nosler partition using 52 gr IMR 4350.Case 2.540, OAL 3.340.
  2. http://www.my3monsters.com/2013/04/diy-kitchen-cabinet-makeover-with-chicken-wire.html
  3. dusty

    Hard core round up.

    https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ARKS23A/?coliid=I2M0GF3JBQQSWH&colid=2AMGTXQPJY1CJ&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it Contains 41% glyphosate The active ingredient in Roundup
  4. dusty

    WTB .270 win dies

  5. dusty

    Public comments on hunt recommendations

    Throughout the process of developing hunt guidelines and recommendations and approving hunt orders, the department and Commission implement many ideas from the public. Decisions are made by those who show up. Take the time to share your thoughts when you have the opportunity. Your input is critical to the future of Arizona’s wildlife and wildlife management. We need your ideas. This is a Joke. I would like to see the JR. cow tags go to full price and double the amount of tags for kids.
  6. dusty

    Best Salmon Fishing in the Lower 48 (or Vancouver)?

    yotebuster is correct. I lived in Tacoma and fished the sound a lot. Went to Westport also. When it wasn't raining we were fishing.
  7. dusty

    Hits Started

    That is what happened in the elk draw.
  8. dusty

    Jim Jones Shooting Range

    Just called and it closed yesterday. Glad I went tuesday.
  9. dusty

    Credit card updates

    This >>> JUN 21 WORD OF THE DAY Pipehitter A person with an outwardly dominant, masculine, or aggressive personality, but who also enthusiastically takes on the submissive or "bottom" role in the bedroom.
  10. dusty

    Friday in Payson Trail Cameras

    If they could have been persuaded by the comments today, why were the long-winded comments as they voted? They were done making up their minds before this meeting.
  11. dusty

    Powder for sale or trade

    I would like to buy the 4831sc, please.
  12. dusty

    Range Brass

    Pm sent.
  13. dusty


    They got popular years back,then they weren't worth the hassle and cost.I've got a few i've tried to give away.