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  1. ruppart

    FS: Alaska Guide Classic Max Bino Harness

    BTT. Still available. Thanks!
  2. Purchased these a little over a year ago for a set of Swaro 12x50s. Used on a few hunts, and really liked them. However, I've down-sized binos and my current model doesn't need this big of a pack. Pack is still in great shape, with no visible wear marks. $80 face-to-face in the west valley area, or $90 shipped priority mail. Happy to provide additional pictures. Just IM me.
  3. ruppart


    Do you happen to know the weight, and length-of-pull on this stock? Thanks, and Happy New Year!
  4. ***ALL SOLD*** I have a bunch of components for loading 9mm that, honestly, I'm never going to get around to using, given my current life and work circumstances. So I'm going to see if I can find them a new home. Items are... 4 lb container of TiteGroup, still sealed. $100 SOLD PENDING FUNDS 4,300 CCI small pistol primers. $300 SOLD PENDING FUNDS 3,500 115gr FMJ projectiles (jacketed, not plated). $300 Powder and primers have been stored inside my house, with AC at all times. I'm only looking to sell face-to-face at this time, as I don't want to mess around with trying to ship powder and/or primers. I'm located in the West Valley (out by Goodyear), and am fairly flexible in where I can meet in this area. If shipping is desired for the projectiles, I can do that for an extra $20 via USPS. All sold; thanks, and happy new year!
  5. ruppart

    ***SOLD*** FS: LMT Defender 2000 AR-15 Lower

    No worries, I understand that.
  6. ***SOLD*** Purchased this a LONG time ago (mid 2000s right after the AWB sunset, hence the "Restricted to..." stamping on the right side). It was the lower for me and my kid's "hunting ar-15". They're all grown up now, and I've got a different AR of my own, so I'd like to find a good home for this lower. It's very good condition, with a few marks where the dust cover opens. It has a magpul CTR stock, BCM grip, new buffer spring and "H" buffer, radian 45deg ambi safety, and BCM PNT trigger (last four items are all basically new). $400 face-to-face in the West Valley area. Buyer needs to have a valid AZ driver's license and CCW.
  7. Got this stove a long time ago to take backpack hunting, and used it a few times on different trips (late 90s/very early 2000s). However, my wife eventually bought me a Jetboil for Christmas, and I've used that for most trips since (never needed the ability to deal with super cold temps, etc. that a Whisperlite offers over a canister stove). This is still a great stove, and works well (fired it up last weekend just for nostalgia). But since I don't really use it anymore, I'd like to find it a new home. This would be great for a compact "base camp" stove, car camping, etc. Includes the original bag, owner's manual, a full spare parts kit, and two bottles bottles (small and...medium?). $70 $50 FTF in the West Valley area, or $60 shipped.
  8. ***SOLD*** Like new Mystery Ranch Pintler backpack with the new Guide Light MT frame, in Gore OptiFade (all the details and specs). Size is men's L/XL. Has been on two hunts, and packed out one whitetail (no stains, as the meat was in game bags wrapped in a water-proof bag). Pack is in near-new shape. Pack fits great and carried a load well. It works great for a day pack or "overnighter". Nice and compact when you're going lite, but expands well for extra gear. Only issue for me was packing all my XXL gear for 2-3 night trips. I'm really tall, so my bulkier gear (sleeping bag, etc.) tends to take up a little more room than this bag can hold. $325 shipped CONUS, or $300 face-to-face here in the west valley area.
  9. ruppart

    ***SOLD***WTS: G48 MOS with Extras

    Sold, thanks!
  10. Sounds good. IM me, and we'll coordinate the details.
  11. ruppart

    ***SOLD***WTS: 30-06, 12 gauge ammo

    I work over in south Scottsdale a few days a week (including this Monday). IM me, and we'll work out the details.
  12. Nice, older (very "older") bolt-action tubular magazine 22. Selling this for my Mom now that my dad has passed. This rifle appears functional, but is certainly in a state of neglect. For instance, not sure where the rear sight went. Just hoping to find a home for it, maybe with someone who's looking to refurbish it for fun and/or nostalgia. $50 FTF in the West Valley area. Feel free to IM me if additional pictures are desired.