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  1. ruppart

    Trade.. Federal PremGM210M Primers for 6.5 PRC

    Sorry I don’t have any 6.5 to trade. But if you’re interested in selling the primers outright, let me know because I’ll take them.
  2. Just in case anyone needs any. Also some smatterings of WSM loadings available. No 6.5 offerings, though.
  3. ruppart

    WTT 5.56 for 7mm-08

    If none of the factory rounds are available, I have some 120 nosler ballistic tips, brass, primers, and some appropriate powders. I can assemble something to get your son in the field.
  4. Like new, only 200 rounds fired. This is the non-optic cut version, shown here. Includes all the in-box components (attachable flared magazine well, back straps, extra magazine, etc.). Great little pistol, with excellent ergos, texture, etc. Just found I have a little better trigger reach from my gen 5 glocks when using their large back strap (have very large hands). IM for pictures if interested. $550 FTF in the West Phoenix area. Will bring valid AZ ID, and will need to see the same from a buyer. No trades.
  5. Sold to hvyhlr. Thanks, everyone!
  6. Like new, includes box/sunshade/manual. Got this to play with on a 22-250. Very nice and clear scope, and not too heavy for use on a lighter weight rifle. Not quite what I ended up wanting for this particular rifle, though. No ring marks, glass is pristine, and exterior is spotless. $600 face-to-face in SW Valley area, or $625 shipped USPS. Not interested in trades.
  7. ruppart

    Badlands Sprint Pack For Sale $60

    IM incoming. If still available, I'll take it.
  8. Still available; price lowered.
  9. A little shy of 7 lbs loaded. Just FYI, rifle has sold. Sorry I didn't mark it last night.
  10. Yes. Although, just so you know, it did sell last night. Sorry I forgot to tag the post then.
  11. ruppart

    WTB Coyote Rifle - 22Mag, .17, .223, etc.

    If you're thinking 223 isn't too loud, you might check out this Tikka T3 in 223 I have listed. It's relatively light (shy of 7 lbs), good scope for what you want, plenty of knock-down for a coyote at your ranges. Having shot both this and an AR, I can attest that the blast is noticeably less from the 22" barrel vs. the 16" AR. But it's still a centerfire rifle cartridge, so it's certainly not quiet.
  12. ruppart

    Recovered bullets

    Great thread; glad I found this! Here's another contribution (originally posted over on forum.nosler.com here). Cow elk, taken with my 7mm-08 pushing a 160gr AccuBond at 2725 fps out my Tikka T3x. I found a small group of cows at about sundown. One stepped out of some cedar trees in a clear grassy spot down hill of where I was at about 360 yards, quartering towards me. I took the shot, and she immediately tensed up & walked a very quick half-circle back behind a tree where I could only see her head. A few seconds later, she flopped over and didn't get back up...no more than 10 seconds after the shoot. Upon inspection/field dressing, I found the bullet (pictures below) had entered between two ribs about 4 inches behind her right shoulder blade and passed through her lungs, liver, and a little of her stomach before coming to rest against the offside hide. My rough measurement says it went through about 22" of elk. Vertically, the bullet hit a little high, in the top 1/3 of her lungs, 4-5" below the top of her ribs/spine. The recovered bullet (after cleaning) weighs 140 grains, yielding ~87% weight retention. My ballistic calculator puts the bullet going about 2250 fps, with 1800 foot-pounds of energy at impact. I had some reservations about using this heavy of a bullet in the 7mm-08, thinking it might not open up well at extended range/lower velocities. Looks like my worries were unfounded, at least for this particular AB. I couldn't ask for any more from the bullet given the conditions. Sorry I didn't have a picture of the elk before field dressing/packing it out. I didn't have my phone with me the night I got her, so the best I could include was the rifle and packed out meat/proof-of-gender.
  13. Bump for the holiday. Happy New Year!