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  1. matt

    Badlands gear

    One of the best day packs out there.
  2. matt


    I just bought the 2200 model for $400. They run really good sales every few months. About due for another one. Watch camofire as well.
  3. Found one and bought it. Thanks everyone!
  4. matt

    Muzzle break

    Is your barrel already threaded?
  5. The drive isn’t that far. Lol. Go get it!
  6. Is it the one posted on here?
  7. matt

    Mathews Chill-R bow

  8. matt

    17 WSSM ammo

    $30 for all four boxes. They’re $15 each at Walmart. Can ship but you pay for it. Located near 101/Thunderbird. 602-989-o67o.
  9. matt

    Youth 243

    The one around here is lake pleasant and deer valley. Lol. I’d check all of your local ones. I’m sure one of them has them. Call first.
  10. matt

    Youth 243

    Savage at Walmart(pink muddy girl camo) for $199 on clearance
  11. matt

    Eberlestock Pack

    The second one kinda looks like an x1A2
  12. matt

    ISO Gatorade water bottles

    We use the ones from circle k with the same type of tops. They work great and disposable.
  13. It’s hunting season. They’re out of every popular round for the most part. I haven’t seen precision hunter 143’s until I walked into cal ranch. They had lots of hard to find ammo. I think it’s because nobody thinks of cal ranch when they think of ammo.
  14. matt

    Pistols for Sale

    Those Luger’s are getting harder to find. Looks nice!