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  1. It could also just be a few stores that don’t sell enough guns. They did that with archery sections many years ago. Now only a handful have it.
  2. That’s crazy since they just brought in all the CVA stuff. They’re going to lose their butt on them(not that they will notice).
  3. What makes you think they’re getting out of the gun business? I’ve talked to a few managers about it and all they’ve said is they’re getting rid of old stock(savage axis and Remington 770 for example) and starting to carry axis 2, CVA and others with newer designs.
  4. matt

    Swaro slc 10x42HD

    I can’t believe these haven’t sold yet. Smokin price even with some scratches. Mine are scratched, still perfectly clear.
  5. matt

    SKB hard bow case

    Best bow case out there. Good deal too.
  6. matt

    Outdoorsmans set screw?

    Ace hardware or mark nuts and bolts. Copper state nuts and bolts.
  7. matt

    WTB 15x SLC carry bag.

    They’re really good bags. Plus they have the swaro insignia so that triples the value. 🤣
  8. matt

    WTB 15x SLC carry bag.

    I’ve seen them on eBay and stuff. They’re like $40-50 from what I remember.
  9. Cindy Pelton with manning real estate group does a lot of northern Arizona areas. I don’t have her number though. I’ll see if I can find it.
  10. matt

    WTB youth shotgun

    Walmart in anthem has a semi-auto 410 for $192.
  11. matt

    Hoochie Mama elk call

    One is spf. One still available.
  12. matt

    Hoochie Mama elk call

    Brand new Hoochie Mama elk call. Two available. $20 each. Located at 83rd Ave/thunderbird. 602-989-0670
  13. The sigs are really good. But they do have a known battery issue. The door that unscrews to expose the battery has some issue that makes it not work. You just have to take the cover off and put it back on but it’s a bitch when it happens. My group has three of them and they all had the issue. Didn’t happen often but happens. We sold them and got leica’s.
  14. matt

    Swaro spotter on Craigslist

    I’m sure it sold quick. He said he shaved the body a little as he had the dual spotter set up and they wouldn’t come close enough for his eyes. He said the case was ugly but the glass was perfect. Good deal for someone if that’s the case because the glass is all that matters at that price.
  15. Have you tried Craigslist or FB marketplace? May get more attention that way.