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  1. Sorry. Forgot to update. Sold.
  2. matt

    Solar panels FREE

    dang. I could use a few but brought the wife’s car to work. Lol.
  3. matt

    FirstLite Gear and 6.5cm Rifle/Scope for sale

    True. Make sure you negotiate with them. They will almost always settle for a lower price. Best of luck! 🙏
  4. matt

    FirstLite Gear and 6.5cm Rifle/Scope for sale

    Just an FYI. The hospital will put you on a 0% interest payment plan for up to three years(depending on how much you owe). They do three years on $15k. Ask me how I know😒. Hopefully that would keep you from having to sell your stuff.
  5. matt

    WTB Polaris REAR rim/wheel (1)

    Check eBay. Those wheels are very common so they should be on there.
  6. matt

    3 packs of rage broadheads

    I’d consider a trade for vortex broadheads as well as that’s what I shoot.
  7. I’d take them for my son but I already have some so good luck to the next kid! Nice to see it paid forward.
  8. matt

    3 packs of rage broadheads

    $65 for all three packs
  9. Joel, just have your brother run it up to you. Lol.
  10. Sorry, I always miss something. 5/8-24 thread and 30 caliber.
  11. Three packs of rage chisel tip 100g broadheads. Located at 101/thunderbird. 602-989-0670. Two practice heads included as well. $65