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  1. matt

    Stuff you find while hunting

    Is the price negotiable?
  2. matt

    "Sold" Kodiak 10 X 14 Flex Bow Tent "Sold"

  3. matt

    Waring Pro meat grinder

    Do you still have this for sale? Message me at 602-989-0670
  4. matt

    WTB Spot Hogg sights

    Shoot me a text and I’ll send you pics of what I have. 602-989-0670. I’ll be driving across the Navajo nation soon so won’t have service for a bit but I can send you pics later. I have 2 of them and only need one.
  5. matt

    WTB- snake gaiters

    It you can’t find some used, Cabelas had the best selection last year when I looked.
  6. matt

    ISO outdoorsman optic pack

    I have one. 602-989-0670. Shoot me a text tomorrow
  7. matt

    Outdoorsmans adapter and dual mount.

    How much for just the adapter?
  8. matt

    For Sale PSE Evolve Bow

    Would you consider selling just the bare bow? I have a buddy looking for a similar bow but he won’t want anything else with it.
  9. Sorry. Forgot to update. Sold.
  10. matt

    Solar panels FREE

    dang. I could use a few but brought the wife’s car to work. Lol.
  11. matt

    Close- Rifle sold

    True. Make sure you negotiate with them. They will almost always settle for a lower price. Best of luck! 🙏
  12. matt

    Close- Rifle sold

    Just an FYI. The hospital will put you on a 0% interest payment plan for up to three years(depending on how much you owe). They do three years on $15k. Ask me how I know😒. Hopefully that would keep you from having to sell your stuff.
  13. matt

    WTB Polaris REAR rim/wheel (1)

    Check eBay. Those wheels are very common so they should be on there.