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  1. matt


    It’s just regular steel, right? Not AR500 or anything?
  2. matt

    All Sold

    What pack is on the left?
  3. matt

    WTB Heavy 22 cal Bullets for Reloading.

    I have 100 Hornady ELD-M’s 75’s for $15. I have 76 73g ELD-M’s for $10. would trade for 55g v max’s if you have any laying around.
  4. matt

    Kids “toy” bow

    It shoots. Just not meant to be a hunting bow or anything. For young kids(2-4 yo or so). Pick up at my house and it’s yours for free. Will come with 3 target arrows. A few fletchings are missing but they work. Text me for address. Main crossroads are 91st Ave and Thunderbird. 602-989-0670
  5. Cabela’s has 10” gongs with stands for $99 as well. I saw them last week.
  6. I have two you can borrow and I’m really not worried about you destroying them. Just bring back what’s left and I can replace what’s needed. Lol. I’m at 91st Ave and thunderbird.
  7. What calibers are you shooting at them?
  8. matt

    WTB Berger Bullets

    I have some that I ordered during the crunch. I paid $76/100. If you need some then let me know but I don’t want to take a loss on them. I’m located at 91st Ave and thunderbird.
  9. matt

    Travel trailer rental?

    Camping EZ LLC. Give them a call.
  10. No. Hits are all over social media. My brother in law got hit so I knows it’s going.
  11. matt

    Savage 110 Ultralight 6.5PRC

    140 Berger VLD hunters for me. Love bergers.
  12. matt

    Savage 110 Ultralight 6.5PRC

    I bought one for my wife. Shoots 4” groups at 800y. Great shooters for sure.