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  1. matt

    WTB Savage small shank 308 or 243 barrels

    I have a brand new Bergara at home. I’ll have to check it to be sure it’s small shank. It’s a .308 though.
  2. matt

    Trade Win AA or Red Dot for h1000 or Retumbo

    I have a 90% full bottle of retumbo. $40. I loaded a few rounds and stuck it back in my closet last year. If you need it, let me know.
  3. matt

    Looking for VV N565 and H1000

    Looks like an old bottle but if it’s sealed it would be worth it.
  4. matt

    8# CFE 223 at midway

    Not a bad price all things considered.
  5. matt

    Looking for VV N565 and H1000

    Do you have any 6.5 140 Berger VLD hunters?
  6. matt

    Varget in stock at midway

    Gotta pay to play right now.
  7. matt

    Varget in stock at midway

    If you can find me some 6.5 140 VLDH Berger’s, that would be great. 🤣
  8. matt


    Looking for a lighter cot to sleep on. Mine ripped and I’d like to replacement. What do you have and how much do you want for it? I searched the forum but it doesn’t recognize “cot” Matt 602-989-0670 text is best.
  9. matt

    Wtb muzzle cap

    So you’re looking for a thread protector?
  10. matt

    Need garage door repair

    I just used Smokey’s. They were good and fair priced in case you can’t find anyone here.
  11. Midsouth has some Berger right now. I didn’t see the grains though. Check it out.
  12. matt

    Rim country has powder

    Fat fingered it, apparently. Lol.
  13. matt

    Rim country has powder

    Rim country in Payton just put out retumbo, Varget, H4350 and a few others if anyone is headed up. $50/lb.
  14. matt

    Trade found

    I’m not.