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  1. matt


    Ok. If you need some, let me know. I have an extra pound or two and can just replace when they get more in if you need some.
  2. matt


    How much do you need of each?
  3. matt

    H1000 at brownells

    I make sure to tell everyone that. It’s great that he allows us to text so I don’t want that getting taken away.
  4. matt

    H1000 at brownells

    Text Jason. He will hold it for the day for you. Pm me if you want his cell number.
  5. matt

    H1000 at brownells

    Text Jason. He will hold it for you for the day if he knows you’re coming. Or see if you can pay over the phone and pick it up later. Pm me if you need his cell number.
  6. matt

    H1000 at brownells

    A few hours ago. They had ten bottles or so out on the shelf. They won’t post that online. He likes to keep it for locals.
  7. matt

    H1000 at brownells

    Bruno’s has H1000. $60 though.
  8. $55/box. Have several available. 602-989-0670. Located at 83rd Ave/thunderbird.
  9. matt


    I’ll trade you. Sending pm soon.
  10. matt

    Swarovski 10x42 SLC HD

    101/thunderbird. I PM’d you.