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  1. Mine is getting pretty torn up. What do you have and how much do you want for it? 602-989-0670
  2. matt

    Diamond Infinite Edge bow

    $160. I always forget something. Lol.
  3. matt

    Diamond Infinite Edge bow

    Jesus. Which Presmyk is this?
  4. Up for sale is an infinite edge bow. Everything is in good condition. See pics for details. Located at 101/thunderbird but can meet in the east valley as well. 602-989-0670
  5. matt

    ATN night vision scope $275

    I don’t think there was anything wrong with selling to Mr. Fernandez since the other guy offered less money. If it was a full price offer and asking him to hold it and the seller committed, that’s wrong. But since he offered less and someone else offers full price before a deal is made, it’s all good. Great deal!
  6. matt

    Live Trap- trying to remove a coyote in town.

    I’d pop it with a 22 short.
  7. matt


    Are they really 8x56?
  8. matt

    Broadheads & release

    Too bad the vortex are 75 grain or I’d take them. I love them.
  9. matt

    Advice for tripod

    By a used outdoorsman. Still going to be pricey but it’s the last tripod you will need. Hunting season is only another month for the most part and you have a long period after that to save for your swaro’s.
  10. matt

    Owens Armory custom 6mm

    Deal. The doll house is pink too. Should be perfect.
  11. matt

    Owens Armory custom 6mm

    Would you consider a trade for a Maytag washer and dryer?
  12. matt

    Misc for sale

    Sounds good. 22wrf spf.
  13. matt

    Misc for sale

    All broadheads are spf.
  14. matt

    Misc for sale

    17wsm ammo - $8 per pack(50rounds)(4 avail) Coast headlamps - $10 each(2 available). 17hmr ammo - $8(50 rounds)(1 available) 602-989-0670. Located near 101/thunderbird. Text is best.