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  1. matt

    2 boxes 6.5 PRC 143 ELDX ammo FS $100

    I’ll take them. Text sent.
  2. matt

    New 6.5 prc Hornady brass and 1lb of H1000

    Let’s talk. I’ll pm you.
  3. matt

    700x powder

    Good. I found someone ho shows they have it in stock for a good price so wanted to make sure.
  4. matt

    700x powder

    Did you ever find that powder? I tried messaging you but your messages must be full.
  5. matt

    6mm 6.5mm 30cal 45 cal Bullets

    I’ll pass. You can have them.
  6. matt

    WTT for BL C2 or CFE 223

    I have some cfe223. I’ll pm you.
  7. matt

    H1000 at Bruno’s

    RL-26 as well.
  8. matt

    1 LB IMR 4064 $30

    I’ll pm you.
  9. matt

    1 LB IMR 4064 $30

    I’ll take the primers. Pm sent.
  10. matt

    WTB 223 brass, bullets, and dies

    I have a small amount of brass. I just need to see if it’s .223 or .556.
  11. matt

    Updated Primers, powder, brass and bullets

    I’ll take the 6.5 prc brass and bullets and fed 210 primers. Pm sent.
  12. matt


    PM’d you. My cell is 602-989-o67o if that’s easier.