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  1. matt

    Swarovski EL 12x50

    Great bino’s at a great price!
  2. matt

    Scammer Alert Jayyou

    I just tell them I’ll only pay with PayPal goods and services and I will pay the fees. If they have a problem with that, I won’t buy it. I also don’t buy anything expensive out of state unless off of eBay or something that has its own protections. Just not worth the risk.
  3. matt

    Scammer Alert Jayyou

    I just commented on that post to let people know so they don’t contact him. Glad you got your money back.
  4. matt


    That’s not a bad price either. I see them for 120-140 in shops still. That’s when they have them.
  5. I have two Leica’s. The 2800.com and the 2400-b? I use the 2400 for archery hunting since I don’t need the ballistics but I have my 2800.com tuned with my ballistics. That thing is very accurate with dope and angles. I’ll be using it for many years to come.
  6. What will you be running instead of the Leica? I love my 2800.com.
  7. matt

    Ruger mark III

    I have the exact same gun. Can’t bring myself to sell it. It’s a great shooter and a looker too.
  8. I bought this brass as it was listed as “Once fired ADG brass”. I just received them and they’re Gunwerks brass. I have heard that ADG makes them for them and that they’re awesome brass but I don’t want to take a chance with my load being off with different brass. If anyone wants them, come get them. $250 for 200 of them. If not, I’m sure I can return them. I tried calling them and they’re closed for the day. Located at 83rd Ave/thunderbird. 602-989-0670
  9. Anyone have a set of Redding 6.5 Creedmoor dies for sale? I’m looking for the competition 3 die set that takes neck bushings. Let me know if you have some for sale. 602-989-0670
  10. matt

    .410 shotgun ammo bundle

    It’s because you’re a bunch of old guys with bad eyes. 🤣. Sorry, forgot to add it. It’s added now. I’ll pm you Levers.
  11. See pics for details. Must buy all. $30. Herters has 12 in it, Remington has 15 in it and the federals are full. Located at 83rd Ave/thunderbird. 602-989-0670
  12. matt

    WTB 50cal muzzleloader

    I have a percussion muzzleloader for $50. Lol.