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  1. In excellent condition. Glass is flawless. Hunted with twice and sat mounted on a safe queen rifle the rest of the time. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1325183302 $525 Shipped TYD
  2. BigWave

    Tripods FS Outdoorsmans and Manfrotto

    Yep! That was fast!!
  3. BigWave

    Tripods FS Outdoorsmans and Manfrotto

    Both sold and paid. Thank you CWT!!
  4. BigWave

    Tripods FS Outdoorsmans and Manfrotto

    Both sold pending payment.
  5. BigWave

    Tripods FS Outdoorsmans and Manfrotto

    Manfrotto pics
  6. Outdoorsmans Tall tripod legs. Been used for a few years. In great shape but shows that its been used. I've always kept the legs wrapped in vet tape, and the adhesive somewhat discolored one of the legs for some reason. Lots of life left!! All functions and locks work perfect. $275 TYD Manfrotto Carbon CX3 190 tripod legs. Wifey has used this also for a few years. In great shape and all functions work perfect! Lots of life left!! $125 TYD
  7. Lightly used and in excellent condition. RH #3 Cam (27-30"). Storm riser with Reaper 70# limbs. Newer GAS bowstrings with maybe 150-200 shots on them. Will come with an Ultraview grip installed, and factory grip (red). Bare with a 1/4" peep installed. This is one sweet little shooter! It will also be shipped with Hoyt Redwrx soft bowcase (not pictured) $850 TYD Insured PP split fee's. No trades.
  8. BigWave

    Help Arrest this poacher!

    Hope they can piece this together Chris. Poachers suck!
  9. BigWave

    Wifeys AZ Rim Country Archery Bull (Pics)

    Thanks everyone! She's still pretty fired up about it. We found a pretty good stack of sheds and this cool old cowbell laying out miles from anything, just to name a few. šŸ™‚
  10. What a hunt! We busted our tails since the opener. From finding crazy things out in the hills to a bunch of close calls, it was an amazing adventure. One to stick in the memory bank for sure!! I am so dam proud of my wife. From nearly wanting to quit archery due to shoulder issues, learning to shoot left handed, etc., your persistence is incredible!! I was able to call this bull in from a burn and pull him right in front of Lorie, where she made a perfect 17 yd double lung shot....he went 60 yds and piled!! Congratulations!!!!! Iā€™m sooo proud of you!!!! Beautiful 6x6 bull from last Saturday.