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  1. Calamado_Guey

    Draw still pending

    You have back to back antelope tags?!
  2. Calamado_Guey

    Sick to my stomach!!!!!

    I like that idea…. Makes a great Christmas gift too…, check that box off the list easily.
  3. Calamado_Guey

    Card Hits!

    That’s an awesome tag….. congrats.
  4. Calamado_Guey

    Card Hits!

    Curious what exactly they screwed up?
  5. Calamado_Guey

    Card Hits!

    Mine was also just hit for an elk tag
  6. Calamado_Guey

    Card Hits!

    Congrats on the 1 tag and good luck on the other….
  7. Calamado_Guey

    Card Hits!

    BofA cards by chance?
  8. Calamado_Guey

    Card Hits!

    Terrible to think that just 3 years ago were the good old days.
  9. Calamado_Guey

    Card Hits!

    Crazy low numbers of guys elk/antelope cards getting hit from what I remember in years past. Definitely a different vibe.
  10. Calamado_Guey

    Marlin Model 60 / Outboard Stand - Tucson

    If for any reason something falls through on the rifle, I’ll go 2nd …. Thx
  11. Calamado_Guey


    Have you tried swiping your screen to the right? My truck added a whole 2nd display of apps from my phone.
  12. Calamado_Guey

    22S Lost bino harness and binos and rangefinder

    That kills my battery in like an hour. You don’t have that issue?
  13. Calamado_Guey

    Elk Processing from MIllers 6-8 Weeks

    I’ve also had good luck with them multiple times. Great final product and they have never let me down when they gave me a date to pick up. Pretty standard this time of year that they are backed up. They don’t just do wild game either so factor that into the wait time.
  14. Calamado_Guey

    Things to do in Tucson w/10yr old?

    You could take him dove hunting around Marana (check your Onx) and have Lil’ Abners or take him quail hunting north of Oracle Jct, hit the street tacos in Oro valley. Not sure which side of town your staying on, but a day out of the city on the desert would be more fun I would think. Seems to be a better fit for a day with Dad.
  15. Calamado_Guey

    Have you ever ate here?

    It’s a cool place to stop in during our hunts. Good food, service, parking, etc.