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  1. Calamado_Guey

    Where's the best hand tossed pizza in Arizona?

    That place is pretty good. Great service too for as busy as it gets.
  2. Calamado_Guey

    Kuiu 5200 $200 L/XL

    I would go second if this doesn’t work out. Thanks
  3. Calamado_Guey

    freeze dried food

    Yeah those things are delicious too.
  4. Calamado_Guey

    freeze dried food

    I did just about this same exact meal plan on the mountain last month. Also did mountain house meals at night back at camp. After 3 days I felt the sodium content catch up with me (I think), and I felt awful. To much for me apparently. By day 4, I switched to grilled chicken for dinner, oatmeal with coffee for lunch and scrambled eggs breakfast. First time I remember diet affecting how I felt.
  5. Calamado_Guey

    Mule deer hunting around Sahuarita

    Heads up, There is no archery mule deer hunt in 34a this year.
  6. Calamado_Guey

    How bout them Devils!

    I think it was more like February of this year….. however, I will say I’m not looking forward to this year’s football game.
  7. Calamado_Guey

    Spring draw?

    Hopefully…. 🤞. Be great to have a Goulds tag this go….
  8. Calamado_Guey

    Double Down

    Well done man. Congratulations on 2 really nice bulls.
  9. Calamado_Guey

    Stanley Cup

    Is the cup still there and where is this restaurant?
  10. Calamado_Guey

    2023 Coues

    Nice work man.
  11. Calamado_Guey

    Deer tags. (In mail?)

    Worried? Curious
  12. Calamado_Guey

    Youth Turkey 2023

    Good job Dad…. Congratulations
  13. I thought it was 1 hunt choice per app submitted?