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  1. freddypine

    Crappie anyone?????

    2nd week of May, and haven’t heard a word about the crappie hitting. Alamo, Roosevelt….anything??
  2. freddypine

    Where are the crappie pics?

    We're thru March, and into April...No crappie pics????? Have a trip coming up, and I'm chomping at the bit!!!
  3. freddypine

    Sold please delete

    I'm picturing me, my buddy, and a cooler full of crappie.....Bo, can you see it???
  4. freddypine

    Ruger SP101/Crimson Trace Laser/Home Defense

    How did I miss this????? I only check the site 200,000 times a day.......
  5. freddypine

    Sheridan Blue Streak 5mm

    Wow, brings back memories for sure. My first gun. My parents bought my brother and I each one in the late 70s. Bought us the Blue Streak co2 model. My dad didnt trust us not to load them before we starting pumping them. Rabbits, birds, ducks, rats....didnt stand a chance. Still have them. Fun fun fun...Can you still buy the cylindrical pellets?
  6. freddypine

    Where am I

    Is that one of them frisbee golf things??????
  7. freddypine

    Deer Meat

    Thanks Country Kid!!! Coues 'n' Sheep tell your dogs I said, "Bon(e) Appetit!!!!!"
  8. freddypine

    Deer Meat

    Country Kid, I dropped you a PM.
  9. freddypine

    Deer Meat

    Hey C'n'S, my freezer is still down, I can keep a bag of ice a day on it. Only thing is that I'll be chasing pigs on the 20th.
  10. freddypine

    Deer Meat

    Hey Guys, I read a few posts a while back on guys looking for old venison to feed their dogs. Well, my deep freezer went out, and i didn't catch it in time. I have about 20+ pounds of meat that thawed. It stayed cold, and some of it still a little frozen. I've been on the fence about keeping it, but it's just not worth a super case of the zoom zooms (Bucky's Revenge)! I live in Maricopa, and I work in Tempe near the Airport. I put it in a styrofoam cooler with a bunch of ice packs, that some how didn't defrost. If interested let me know.
  11. freddypine

    Rem 700 270 with leupold

    Will you take $400 for it? I promise to give her a good home, she'll be my first.
  12. freddypine

    Bullseye recurve bow for sale

    Sent PM
  13. freddypine

    Bullseye recurve bow for sale

    Hey I'm interested in the Bear Cub is it a good shooter Shooter?