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  1. jmall

    Another scammer?

    Got the same PM
  2. jmall

    WTB Contender barrel with scope

    I am interested give me a call.
  3. jmall

    WTB Contender barrel with scope

    I have had good luck shooting a friends 30-30 at the range. Tennis ball sized groups at 100 not great but should be good enough to do the job.
  4. jmall

    WTB Contender barrel with scope

    I am hoping to find one with a scope already attached. I am kinda in a time pinch my hunt is in 2 weeks. Thanks
  5. jmall

    WTB Contender barrel with scope

    I would like a pistol barrel 30-30 7-30 water 223 or something similar. I am looking to hunt Javelina with a pistol that has been setting in my safe for years. This is a last minute thing that was inspired by a CWT post. I have killed many with my bow over the years and thought I would try something different. Sorry my original post was a little short on info.
  6. Looking to buy a scoped barrel for my contender. If you have something I might be interested in let me know. Cash or possibly a trade. Thanks
  7. jmall


  8. jmall

    Elk Processor in Payson

    Try Round Valley Meat Processing. We have had good results with them.
  9. jmall


    Pm sent
  10. jmall

    How to deal with bad taxidermy???

    How long is too long? I dropped a bear off at a well known local taxidermist 15 months ago. I have called three times and each time he acts like I am annoying him by asking when I can expect it to be finished.
  11. jmall

    Lifesize Az lion finished up.

    Amazing mount!!!!! Looks alive I don’t think I have seen a more realistic lion mount.
  12. jmall

    10yr Old Daughter's rifle bull

  13. jmall

    Pay it forward - I will start

    I have 2 tree stands at my place in Strawberry one is a climbing style and the other is a 2 seater with a built in ladder. If you can use them pm me.