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  1. A few years ago two guys died in unit ten when a snow storm coated their tent. The snow and ice sealed their tent and they perished when the carbon monoxide from their heater was trapped inside. Just something to keep in mind when using a heater in the snow.
  2. jmall

    Vapor Trail Buck

    Beautiful goat!!!
  3. jmall

    Proud son of my 91 yr old father.

    You have an amazing father and you should be proud!!! Congrats to you and your father!!!
  4. jmall

    Where Am I?

    Preach in the name?
  5. jmall

    Draw results are in!!

    I knew before I put in. I used the double secret backdoor. 😜
  6. jmall

    Reloading Manual/ 25 cal bullets FREE

    I will take the bullets if they are still available
  7. Any luck on your Dad’s hunt? I was up there this weekend and didn’t hear a gobble. Saw the south end of a north bound hen Saturday morning and that was all I saw in 3 days.
  8. One my son shot years ago.
  9. jmall

    Big Bo permit

    It took me 29 years to draw my sheep tag. Looks like it I might have to wait just as long for an antelope tag. Thanks for the info!
  10. jmall

    Big Bo permit

    What is the maximum number of bonus points for antelope? I have 19 and was wondering how many it will take to get a rifle tag for one of the top units.
  11. jmall

    1 Day!!!

    I knew better but I had to look anyway. Lol
  12. jmall

    Dad's Lion

    Congrats!!! Beautiful lion and great family memories. Love the pics thanks for posting.
  13. jmall

    My Mother

    Thoughts and prayers.
  14. jmall

    Heat's 7W Archery Bull Elk Hunt

    Great write up!!! Congratulations!!! I love 7W in September. I hope I get that tag again before I am to old.
  15. saw three opening morning here are some pics for you.