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  1. HuntertucAZ

    Powder - Varget, H4831 SC, IMR 8133

    pm sent
  2. HuntertucAZ

    WTB outdoorsman stuff

    all good.. glad you found it.
  3. HuntertucAZ

    WTB outdoorsman stuff

    yes they do. I just bought one like 30 min ago.
  4. HuntertucAZ

    WTB Outdoorsman tripod

    pm sent
  5. HuntertucAZ

    WTB Outdoorsman tripod

    ill PM
  6. HuntertucAZ

    WTB Outdoorsman tripod

    Hi, I'm looking to buy an outdoorsmans tripod and Pan Head. I'm in Tucson, but will go North or pay shipping for anything out of state Thanks in advance
  7. HuntertucAZ

    Outdoorsmans Medium Tripod

    is this sold?