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  1. Gary I

    Unit 23 late bull hunt house rental

    Thanks, JLG is exactly who i was thinking of. I reached out to him and guess we'll see. A good tent camp might be kind of fun too.
  2. Gary I

    Unit 23 late bull hunt house rental

    I have looked at Christopher Creek Cabins and airbnb and will go that way if i dont find anything else. When i lived in Payson there was a guy on here that had a house somewhere up there that rented to hunters often. Just cant remember who it was.
  3. I Got lucky this year and drew a unit 23 late rifle bull tag. I will be driving down from Montana with my sons and a couple of friends for the hunt. Was wondering if anyone knew of someone that had a house or cabin that they might rent for about 10 days for us. Not looking for fancy or expensive, just somewhere to crash for the nights and cook dinner. Somewhere around Christopher Creek, Tonto Village, Star Valley, even Payson would be great. Also open to trades for time in my Cabin on the lake in Trout Creek, Montana.
  4. Gary I


    Are you willing to ship these? If so i will take them.
  5. Gary I

    Montana lion

    Didnt see any wolves but they were close. A pack was seen in the drainage where we got the cat a couple days before. Dog owner was worried about wolves killing his dogs.
  6. Gary I

    Montana lion

    Got lucky and drew one of the 22 trophy lion tags in my unit. A friend of mine had the dogs. Hunting in 3 ft of snow made it a real challenge but super fun. Big Tom weighed in at 157 lbs and was 8 ft 5 inches long. Super excited to take a cat like this.
  7. Gary I

    Montana General Elk Tag

    Cant say i blame you for wanting to hunt Montana. I was an Az native for 53 years and moved to Montana 3 1/2 years ago. The hunting here is definitely different, but i love it. I am in the northwest corner of the state in Trout Creek. 20 miles from the Idaho border. All of the bull tags for this unit (unit 121)are general tags. A draw for you and over the counter for me. The elk numbers and bull size is suffrering due to a variety of reasons, mostly wolves. The deer hunting however is great. I have managed to kill bulls the last 2 years on opening morning of rifle season. Not big bulls, 5x5s both of them, but bulls. The best deer hunting is late in the season because the rut is so powerful then. Muledeer up high and whitetail down lower. Being a lifelong whitetail guy i hunt them. If a guy wants to work hard there are enough bulls to make a good hunt. Just dont expect to kill a big bull. If you want a great bull, apply for the hunts in the eastern part of the state. If you just want to hunt elk and deer in really buautiful country, apply for a general tag. Not too hard to draw, alittle spendy, but worth it. But be prepared, if you visit here you will want to stay. You wont be disappointed.
  8. Gary I


    I'm not sure if I need these or not, but they might be kind of fun to have. I moved to Montana this year and there is 30 inches of snow outside and last night it was 19 below zero. That being said, what would you take for these snow shoes shipped to Trout Creek, Montana?
  9. Gary I

    Dodge truck parts

    I have a complete OEM front bumper with fog lights, OEM front coil springs and complete turbo back OEM exhaust for a 2003 thru 2005 Dodge Cummins crew cab short bed truck. All are in good shape. Bumper is off a black truck so plastic is black. Not sure what its all worth but I am sure I don't need it any more. Make me an offer, Open to trading for something smaller Located in Payson. 928-951-2627
  10. Gary I

    RIP Brian Marshall

    I knew Brian as a good friend for 30 years. Hunted bears with him a couple of times, hunted shed antlers with him lots of times. He had a passion for what he did and was one of the best at it. I always thought I was a pretty good shed hunter but he always managed to kick my butt every time we went out. Condolences to his family. He definitely left too early. At least he was doing what he loved to do more than anything, enjoying the outdoors. May you Rest in Peace. Enjoy today because you never know what tomorrow may bring.
  11. Gary I

    Did that get deleted?

    I hope someone that caught the entire post reported that boneheaded POS. I only saw the pics with the rabbits, evidently the fish pics had already been taken down. Dumb arses like him will be the death of the sport. Hunting is one thing, killing just for the absolute heck of it is aother. Then to be stupid enough to post pictures of all of it really proves his mentality. I hope he gets what is coming to him if he really did what the original post insinuated... A nice big fine and about 5 years of no hunting or fishing would be a good start.
  12. Gary I

    Deadline EXTENDED

    How about this; Open up the on-line draw and give no deadline. just tell everyone that it will be shut down sometime in the next 3 weeks, better get in early. LOL
  13. I couldn't agree more with this post. There are a lot of factors that play into the diminishing quality of game and hunting in this state. Most have already been mentioned here. However the only thing that can consistently manage numbers and quality of game are tag numbers. I don't believe that current tag numbers have anything to do with proper management, only about the almighty dollar and perceived "opportunity". Not to say that there isn't some quality Game and Fish WMs that see what is happening and feel powerless to do anything about it. It is the Commission that sets tag numbers and sets Department budget numbers, they go hand in hand, what does anyone expect is going to happen. After all they are a government agency. Anyone that feels that the quality or quantity of game in Arizona is anywhere near what it was just 10 years ago hasn't been out in the woods very long. It is very difficult to find anyone that spends a great deal of time in the outdoors, is a taxidermist, a guide etc. that isn't complaining about the "management" style and the lousy quality of game available. There will always be the occasional exceptional animal taken but it is the exception, not the rule. And at this rate that won't last either. Even the units that have been known for quality lately are under attack. Permits keep going in unit 23, 6A, 10, 9, 7, etc. It won't be long and these units will be opportunity only units too. The whitetail are still holding their own in a lot of units but that won't last forever. I think it is way past time for the Game and Fish to do a survey of all users, hunters, guides, taxidermists, outdoorsmen, antler hunters, etc. Ask questions that are worded directly, not written in a manner that gets the answer you want to hear, like the last survey about opportunity. Then actually use the information to manage the resource. Opportunity is great for a while, but it eventualy becomes just taking your gun for a walk in the woods. We all like to have the chance to pursue what ever quarry that makes our heart beat faster in whatever legal manner we choose but if something isn't done soon hunter interest and recruitment will collapse. What then? Maybe that will bring about the change that is so desperately needed. But then again, maybe I'm wrong. Been wrong before, will be wrong again. But at least we can all have an opinion. We still can, right?
  14. Wow, thats it, just wow. Congratulations Shelton, hard work pays off big,(some blessings along the way don't hurt either). Way to stick with it and get it done....twice. Looking forward to seeing him in person. Congrats again.
  15. Thanks for the offer but I don't really want to reprogram my 5.9. It runs really good stock and is getting an honest 22 mpg. It has plenty of power for anything I pull. I am really glad to be back into a 5.9 with a manual 6 speed. Best engine/tranny combo ever built, IMHO. I got lucky and found a really low miles and very well taken care of truck. The 6.7 had plenty of power but the mileage was horrible, all because of government emission standards. Better to burn twice the fuel than blow a little black smoke occasionally, typical government thinking. Just curious, what your programmer worth? Thanks, Gary