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  1. 208LOGAN

    Pointless Scouting?

    what tag do you have?
  2. 208LOGAN

    Freaks of the Woods

    plus the drop club on that side was the cherry on top
  3. 208LOGAN

    Freaks of the Woods

    I couldn't pass on this bull
  4. 208LOGAN

    Bonus points updated?

    Mine is not
  5. 208LOGAN

    Official scorer ?

    Just out of Curiosity did you ever get an official score?
  6. 208LOGAN

    How long until cards are hit??

    on other forums? I have been looking and haven't seen anything for sheep.
  7. 208LOGAN

    Official scorer ?

    Awesome looking bull. I would be curious has he scored it personally? If so what does it score? What do you guys think it scores based on pics?
  8. 208LOGAN

    Official scorer ?

    lets see a pic
  9. 208LOGAN

    Governors or raffle bulls this year?

    A3 Did what they do best and harvested a monster 430+ bull.
  10. 208LOGAN

    23 North Early Archery

    I am not sure what cost are currently... I am sure they have gone up with the cost of fuel the way that it is. Last year it was 5k which was the most affordable among the guides that were recommended. Worth every penny if you don't have the time to scout. That is a very tough unit to walk into without knowledge or lots of time in the field. A3 did an amazing job.
  11. 208LOGAN

    23 North Early Archery

    I was lucky enough to draw a 23 tag last year. While it was not on an early hunt I still knew the potential of bulls that could come out of the unit. I agree with the above comments that have sounded like. " If you have time to scout and want to go diy... then it should be a fun hunt. If you don't do yourself a favor and hire a guide." I personally did not have time to scout the unit and so I hired A3. Was the best decision I could have made. The knowledge of the area and animals they had was amazing and I was able to harvest my biggest bull. I personally know it would not have happened without them.
  12. 208LOGAN

    Guide Recommendation

    I went with A3 last year after calling many outfitters and it worked out great. Amazing people and a great value. (Less expensive then most the outfitters I called) I ended up getting a dandy with them on my late hunt.
  13. 208LOGAN

    Tell us about your elk rifle, and cartridge?

    6.5 prc Proof research barrel Savage action Mdt chassis. Got it done on this elk at 885 yards
  14. 208LOGAN

    Unit 23 success

    Well after waiting for 10 years for this tag I finally got lucky and drew the tag. I knew that I wanted to go with a guide. After talking to many different guides I decided to go with A3. They were great and sent me pics of many different bulls earlier in the year. I was able to show up a couple of days before the hunt and we looked over a couple of different bulls but after seeing this 8x7 I knew he was number one on the list. On opener we were unable to turn him up but we were pretty sure he had not been killed on the opener. The next day Jay one of the owners was able to turn him up in some thick stuff. We headed that way. He was a couple of miles away from where we saw him the day before opener. There was no way to get in on him for a close shot so we set up on him at 885 yards. We waited him out and when he got up to get out of the sun we were able to place a shot that put him back down. It was such an amazing experience and the guys at A3 are the best out there. The bull scores 363 7/8