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  1. Hunting over the decoys isn’t fun to me for whatever reason. Done it on ducks before and just don’t care for it. I’m gonna leave it to those who are into it more than I am…
  2. 2. I only went one day. Congratulations on yours!
  3. mc68


    I’ve never seen footage of it happening but suspect it does?! Pretty wild.
  4. mc68


    Not sure how often this happens. This was in Morenci. G&F was called in and finished him from what I was told. Crazy. IMG_3744.mov
  5. I did the sky bang thing. Actually found some at daylight that weren’t in fields then ended up going back in afternoon and they flew right back in. Seen tons of them. Those who haven’t been able to draw will be glad to know I probably won’t hunt them anymore. It just wasn’t my cup of tea, never been into waterfowl much. I’m gonna stick with the Thunder Chickens.
  6. mc68

    Daughter’s last JR hunt

    Great job to both of you! Congratulations!
  7. mc68

    New Draw

    True, BUT do they have their system figured out well enough to handle this change?!
  8. mc68

    Daughters sheep hunt

    Congratulations!! She looks extremely happy!
  9. mc68

    New Draw

    I’m not sure if this math is right or not. One bullet point states that you apply for however many of the hunts on ONE application form. It also says multiple applications will not be accepted. So does this mean only one app fee charge? Also, isn’t the way the draw works is that your application is given a random number for the drawing? If so, lucky guy that draws number 1 would have up to 6 hunts to go on…I know this can’t be correct but I’m confused by their verbiage.
  10. Nope. Quit doing that years ago…
  11. mc68

    Youth first archery elk

    Cool pic of him at full draw on her! Well done!
  12. Ya…no. Like I said, zero interest in a guide. I will just go with what I had planned. Thanks for responses.
  13. mc68

    NV 5x5

    It’s a great thing watching your kids take things you’ve taught them and have success. Congratulations to you both!
  14. I appreciate the response but have no interest in hiring a guide. Just thought I might get some responses on tactics that people have used. Thanks again.
  15. So after living in Az my entire life, and seeing literally thousands of these things flying over, I learned a couple years ago they are supposedly good to eat?! I went ahead and put in and pulled a tag. This is where you all come in, I could use info on hunting these things.😂. I’ve got the Wilcox area tag and live in Safford, so quite familiar with the area. How do you guys normally hunt them? Just set up on flyway or decoy or jump shoot? Any good info is appreciated.