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  1. mc68

    10yr Old Daughter's rifle bull

    Great job young lady!! Congratulations!
  2. mc68

    WTB Polaris Ranger / SXS

    I’m going to be selling a 2018 Ranger XP 1000 Crew in 2-3 weeks. Will probably post it here.
  3. mc68

    Field & Stream and Outdoor Life Maybe No longer

    That’s too bad! When I was in High School in the 80s, I had my locker decorated with pics of bucks and bulls from those magazines. lol
  4. mc68

    Big D strikes again

    Very cool! Congrats on a great bull!
  5. mc68

    2020 Archery Bull Elk Down

    That’s an awesome bull! Congrats!
  6. mc68

    2020 Archery Bull

    Well done! Congrats.
  7. mc68

    Sig sauer tango 4 6x24x50 hdx

    PM sent to you
  8. mc68

    His days were numbered

    Congrats on a nice buck! It’s good to see pics on this site again. Seem few and far between.
  9. mc68

    MEOPTA vs SWARO???

    I’ve done ALOT of glassing with both. The Meoptas are great glass, and for my eyes held their own. Never experienced any eye strain or fatigue. Swaros, are of course, great too. I really believe it’s what works best for you. By the way, I went with Leicas😉.
  10. mc68

    leica duovids @15x vs. geovids 15x56R

    I have the 15x56 geovids. The glass is great, and the rangefinder is a cool feature. Really happy with them.
  11. mc68

    Amazing Nature

    Pretty amazing. Thanks for posting.
  12. mc68

    Raffle bull

    Amazing bull! Super impressive they were able to take him with only a small army of spotters, and cams on every water source...
  13. Great looking setup! A nice wall tent camp is hard to beat. Someone is going to enjoy this!
  14. mc68

    WTH is the Black National Anthem??

    It’s going to suck because I really like watching football, but I am done. Won’t watch NBA either. This has gone beyond ridiculous. Hopefully the UFC doesn’t lose their way...