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  1. mc68

    October buck

    Great deer!
  2. Wow, that's quite a leap Sir Royal!! Something is going to be done with the cams, Az isn’t the only state having issues with them. I like the idea of a season, but don’t care if they go for a ban. Doesn’t seem possible to have a real discussion on it as people’s emotions seem to take over and conspiracy theories start emerging. I didn’t need cams for my first 30+ years of hunting and don’t need them going forward. I have enjoyed them but they are not necessary to my success or enjoyment of my time in the hills.
  3. mc68

    RIP Rush

  4. mc68

    Alamo Lake

    I haven’t heard they did any stocking after it went dry last time. Anyone heard they did?
  5. mc68


    I shot a really good buck in December, before Christmas that was hanging tight with a doe. Been out couple times in January and watched a lot of bucks chasing. Seemed about normal...
  6. mc68

    Who’s Hunting This Weeked?

    I will be out, got a rifle tag finally. Not in a hurry to get one. Hoping to find something special.
  7. mc68

    Game Cameras- G&F Agenda

    I’m glad to see something being done. I liked the season idea more, but not opposed to this. And yes, we run some cams. Anyone that tries to say there is no fair chase issue here is just not being honest. If cams weren’t providing an advantage, why are they used so extensively?
  8. mc68

    Game Cameras- G&F Agenda

    Is the thought that they are looking to ban them or to create a season for them? I can’t remember where, but don’t some other states have seasons in place for their use? Personally, this seems like the best solution.
  9. mc68

    My dads buck

    Great looking buck. Congrats to you guys.
  10. mc68

    Who hear is a leader/boss?

    You have to have respect from your guys. Without it, you will face a never ending battle.
  11. mc68

    Biggest Buck To Date

    I haven’t seen someone shoot a nice buck with a 30-30 in a LONG time. I think it’s awesome! Congrats!
  12. mc68

    10yr Old Daughter's rifle bull

    Great job young lady!! Congratulations!
  13. mc68

    WTB Polaris Ranger / SXS

    I’m going to be selling a 2018 Ranger XP 1000 Crew in 2-3 weeks. Will probably post it here.
  14. mc68

    Field & Stream and Outdoor Life Maybe No longer

    That’s too bad! When I was in High School in the 80s, I had my locker decorated with pics of bucks and bulls from those magazines. lol
  15. mc68

    Big D strikes again

    Very cool! Congrats on a great bull!