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  1. mc68

    new member

    Welcome to the site and thanks for the introduction!
  2. mc68

    Got offered goulds tag again from game and fish

    If you are able to have a few days for the hunt I have no idea why you wouldn’t take it…
  3. mc68


    I like the Klein grunt sack! GLWS.
  4. mc68

    Start new guide service or guide for an outfit?

    I did the guiding thing for several years. After a while I realized it was not for me. I take a lot more pleasure in helping family/friends, as opposed to someone I don’t know. A long time ago, a guy that I have a tremendous amount of respect for explained to me that once money is added into the mix, everything changes. Man was he right. Having said that though, I wish you luck in whatever you decide!
  5. mc68

    Got my first muley!

    Congratulations on a great buck!
  6. mc68

    December late pictures

    A lot of great photos there!! Thank you for posting them.
  7. mc68

    2021 success

    That’s awesome! Congratulations.
  8. Super cool buck!! Congratulations!
  9. mc68

    Punched 2021 tag

    Great buck to end the year on!! Well done!
  10. mc68

    The wife got it done

    Nice buck! Congratulations!!!
  11. mc68

    December Tags 2021

    Went out yesterday morning and saw 4 bucks. Each of them were smaller but all of them were chasing does.
  12. mc68

    Ward's Outfitters

    Rossslider, I promise you I have way more insight to this than you. I won’t publicly air out specifics. I’m mature enough for that😂. I do respect your thought on a case by case basis though, and I agree with that.
  13. mc68

    Ward's Outfitters

    So…..what would the narrative be on here if this were A3 or one of the other big outfitters out there?! Guaranteed it wouldn’t be sympathetic. SMH.
  14. mc68

    Customer ID on the New Draw

    I don’t know that I would have caught this change. Glad I decided not to put in for it. So I’m guessing this will be the format going forward with all draws?
  15. mc68

    Had a good hunt.

    Good on you for realizing the size of the bull wasn’t more important than the memory you made with your boy. Congratulations!!