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  1. mc68

    Regs are out

    No offense hunthard, but couldn't disagree with you more on that...
  2. mc68

    When will the hits start? no thread on this yet?

    U1 bull tag for either me or my son. If it's me, it's archery. If it's him it's either the archery or late rifle tag. Either way works.
  3. mc68

    22 Points

    Very easy choice, 23....
  4. mc68

    2016 Xpedition Xcentric

    Sent you a PM.
  5. mc68

    2018 Desert Buck

    Very good looking desert buck! Congrats!
  6. mc68

    2018 antler growth

    I remember hearing about a study that claimed bulls can lose up to 10 percent of antler growth on a drought year. This year being so dry, there is no doubt that horn growth will be down. There is no way it couldn't be. If they don't have the same nutrition, they can't put on the same growth...seems logical to me. Still would like to have a tag though!
  7. mc68

    27 South 28 North Rocky Tag

    Cool to see the pic of Bill Willis!
  8. mc68

    WTB Bow

    No elk tag...
  9. mc68

    WTB Bow

  10. mc68

    WTB Bow

    Looking for something in 29" draw, up to 70# pull is fine.
  11. mc68

    2018 antler growth

    There will be nice bulls taken this year, after all it's Az...they are just not going to be at their full potential due to lack of better feed. Still will be fun hunting them though.
  12. mc68

    Does everyone have their popcorn ready??

    Well...alrighty then
  13. mc68

    Does everyone have their popcorn ready??

    I don't know any of this family, however I don't think its right to bring anyone other than the accused into it. We all know we are responsible for our own actions, we should leave it at that. If he's guilty, he's going to pay the price...don't take a page from the left and throw everyone that this guy knows under the bus too.
  14. mc68

    San Carlos Lake

    Anyone know when white bass were introduced? I have fished there since I was a kid and never caught one or heard of anyone catching them. Guessing it must have been after it went dry a few years back? I haven't had a chance to go since then...
  15. mc68

    Unit 9 late rifle elk help

    Hey Dave, congrats on the draw. I have never hunted 9 so have nothing to offer there. I'm sure the posts from this thread last year are going to hold true for this year too. Hopefully someone that knows the unit will step up and lend some info to get you headed in the right direction. Good luck.