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  1. mc68

    KUIU 5200 ICON PRO “SOLD “!

    What size is belt?
  2. mc68

    Kuiu Icon Pro 3200 (SOLD)

    I will take it if deal falls through...
  3. mc68

    Effects of the virus scare?

    As I am typing this, I am SITTING DOWN IN A RESTAURANT about to order my lunch!!!!! Almost feels strange...
  4. mc68

    Application numbers

    I love to thought that might happen but don’t believe it will affect numbers much at all except possibly NR’s. Might be more of them just do BPs. Was up around Alpine area last couple weekends and was absolutely crazy how many people were in the woods. Saw more folks on Juniors only hunt then ever had before...
  5. mc68

    Legality of Orders

    I really don’t know why. I will talk to her and find out. It’s hard as a parent when your kid calls you crying because she can’t work, can’t pay bills, and has no idea when they will “allow” her to work again. Very frustrating to say the least. I figured it would be a no brainer for her to receive unemployment but hasn’t happened yet...
  6. mc68

    Legality of Orders

    I should note that I do believe this stuff is nasty, and I absolutely do not want to catch it. However, I also do not believe that my single parent daughter should have been forced out of her job and denied twice now for unemployment. It’s ridiculous. Thankfully, my wife and I are deemed essential and have been able to help all four of my children through this. That said, my reserve’s are quite depleted now. Hoping logical steps are taken very soon, but I believe severe damage has been done to our economy and we are now in for a long hard haul out of this mess.
  7. mc68

    Legality of Orders

    Dustin, you are assuming that your opinion is the correct one, and that most would agree with you. There are varying opinions from “experts” on this situation and how it should be handled. What I am stating is not an opinion, the fact of this is our constitutional rights are being violated in many different areas. It sounds as though you are okay with that, out of fear that it could be worse. That’s fine, but what about those that completely disagree with you? Should they be forced to completely lose their livelihoods, lose everything they have worked for? I tend to trust our free market system and believe that there are a lot of smart ways to go about keeping each other safe without destroying the economy.
  8. mc68

    Legality of Orders

    New York made some terrible decisions that made the problem much worse. Dustin, if you really do love your freedom, you should see that your rights are being stepped on immensely through this.
  9. mc68

    Fire Ban

    I guess I’m getting really tired of giving up something “in case of”...seems like we are being conditioned that way more and more now a days. Rant over.
  10. mc68

    Fire Ban

    I stand corrected, close every forest in country then. Genius idea
  11. mc68

    Fire Ban

    Sounds absolutely stupid to me. Doesn’t seem anywhere near fire season in our forests here in Az. Had a lot of moisture this winter. They will probly just try and close the forests next...be careful agreeing with the logic of one idiot can screw it up so they “have to” do it.
  12. If we are talking about a completely fair system, the only one I know of is Preference points. Someone with lower number of points cannot pull a tag away from someone who has more. That’s fair and reasonable. I know it won’t happen here though...
  13. The only truly “fair” system is Preference points.
  14. mc68


    When I saw these bills I was surprised by the one dealing with hunting near waterholes, and don’t see how it would be enforced. The other bill dealing with a season on trail cams is the one I figured may push through. Stanley, did your contact mention this one in your conversation?
  15. mc68


    Has anyone heard of the bills introduced to Az legislature regarding banning hunting within 100 yards of waterholes and another that bans use of trail cameras from July 31st through December 31st? Supposedly HB 2130 & 2131.