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  1. mc68

    Pair of nice bucks for my boys.

    Very cool. Congratulations and thanks for the write up.
  2. mc68

    Daughters first coues deer

    Congratulations! Good job on the photo as well, looks great.
  3. mc68

    30a info

    Klump? Whitetail or mule deer?
  4. mc68

    My First Archery Anything... and My First Bull

    Very cool! Congratulations and thanks for the write up!
  5. Congratulations! That is a really cool buck! Love his character.
  6. That’s awesome! Congratulations on making it happen. Great buck! Well done.
  7. mc68

    2022 Alaska Dall Sheep

    That’s awesome! What an adventure it had to have been!! Congratulations
  8. mc68

    What Happened to All the Rain?

    The Gila flooded in Duncan this morning. Heard the Frisco was running good as well. A lot of water is headed into San Carlos. Would love to see that lake fill up again.
  9. mc68

    Archery Kills rolling in already

    The numbers of animals in the later 80s &early 90s were WAY more than now. It may not be reflected in the books, as things have changed drastically with technology since then, but as far as numbers it’s no comparison. I keep hoping we will go into a 10-20 year wet cycle again so those kind of numbers might come back. It was awesome.
  10. mc68

    El jefe spotted in mexico

    Good, it’s either dead or in Mexico. Either one I’m fine with.
  11. mc68

    Anyone else worried yet?

    At least he knew to coddle them and tell them “yes”. No wrong answers, that might hurt someone’s feelings. Funny and disturbing at same time.
  12. mc68

    How'd You Get Your First Buck?

    1978, I was 10 years old. Shot a fork horn coues. Iron sights, lever action 30/30. My Mom and Dad were there and after we gutted him my Dad pointed me to camp and I drug him back myself while they continued hunting. Child neglect by today’s standards 😂
  13. mc68

    2023 governes tag

    Congratulations! Are you going DIY or guided?
  14. mc68

    Our 2021 Coues Season

    Awesome! Thank you and congratulations.
  15. Very nice gift no worries!! We spent the day at my in laws cabin on Mt Graham. Had carne asada tacos and enchiladas. Got some pretty good rain as well. 3 of my 4 kids were there as well as grandkids. It was 59 degrees when we headed home at about 4:00. Pretty great day!