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  1. oz31p

    Confused on when elk drop.

    Just think , by most turkey hunts …they are on the ground
  2. oz31p

    Kifaru Hoodlum vs 44 Mag

    I have had a few but always come back to the reckoning.
  3. oz31p

    Deer movement & Moon phase

    I Would say far less in the morning because they may need earler but imo they get stir crazy and get up to feed earlier assuming it’s not 150 out
  4. oz31p

    Can you find the muley?

    250 that’s impressive
  5. oz31p

    G&F and state trust lands.

    The city of Peoria has already closed roads on state trust in north Peoria
  6. oz31p

    Alec Baldwin charged!!!

    Still worth it😎
  7. oz31p

    Alec Baldwin charged!!!

    I think you getting old Tim, cause I would def hire this chick for all positions !!
  8. oz31p

    Kifaru Hoodlum vs 44 Mag

    The pack you describe does not exist. You can have a day pack or a Multi day pack, or a pack that is piss poor at both.
  9. oz31p

    Outdoorsman Carbon Tripod

    🤔🤔 the carbon compact is 1 oz lighter than the aluminum compact that I have been beating on for 10 years. I think I’ll just keep what I have.
  10. oz31p

    If you were looking for a 300" bull...

    Sweet CAT hat
  11. oz31p

    Raymond Ranch

    I had never been to Raymond’s ranch until I drew an archery antelope tag last year and spend many weekend and 10days hunting. I would love to help on a buff hunt up there.
  12. oz31p

    Impact Wrench recommendations?

    Milwaukee m18 electric 1/2 and a Milwaukee compressor Is the only way to go.
  13. oz31p


    Pretty brave for a tag that’s about to reset