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  1. oz31p

    How often do coues deer drink water?

    Fine see the time stamp
  2. Did you steal a vortex truck?
  3. oz31p

    How often do coues deer drink water?

    Shot one at 2pm last week
  4. oz31p

    No elk pics? Stories

    Some people I guess, I haven’t posted a kill on this site in years and this is the closest thing I have to social media
  5. oz31p

    No elk pics? Stories

    I think most people chose not to post successful pictures
  6. oz31p

    Best backpacking sleeping pad

    +1 “best “ in the back packing works Means the most expensive
  7. oz31p

    Euro mount?

    Big browns also good work with velvet
  8. oz31p

    Artifical Velvet

    That buck looks bad butt. Hopfully people continue to bring you work
  9. oz31p

    Dead Head

    There’s a chance it was in an imagination
  10. Sf and 2 bronze stars is pretty BA.
  11. oz31p

    Dead Head

    Glad I didn’t need you. 30yard shot , 30 yard recovery
  12. oz31p

    Dead Head

    Can’t a fella read post on Cwt.com while he’s waiting to track a deer ?
  13. oz31p

    Dead Head

    Just be thankful he’s dead imagine the sob thrashing around in the cab
  14. oz31p

    Dead Head

    It’s more common with moose to go thru the windsheild