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  1. oz31p

    Going to Florida !

  2. oz31p

    Forest Closed? No Turkey Hunting?

    No it does not
  3. oz31p

    Turkey sounds

    I’d say he’s ready
  4. oz31p

    Turkey sounds

    Any one hearing any thing yet? Getting exited for the Jr season.
  5. oz31p

    San Carlos Turkey hunt cancelled?

    It’s been so nice we’ve been getting the last tee time of the day and taking our sweet time
  6. oz31p

    UTV Rifle Carrier/Case?

    I put mine in a larger hard pelican case. There’s no way I’d put mine in a gun boot style or a soft case while in a utv.
  7. Maybe what guild service do you work with?
  8. Quick ....how fast can we get this in the “book”
  9. oz31p

    Best Hunting Multi-Pin Sight?

    Spot hoggs the toughest
  10. oz31p

    I need some toilet paper

  11. oz31p

    Tree saddle or tree stand?

    I choose boobs
  12. oz31p

    Bear cub or no?

    Looks like a cat to me
  13. oz31p

    Costco is getting emptied

    Palmetto is still fully stocked. I guess lead’s still a safe investment
  14. I have several that we’re bought at complete rifles and that were built from a stripped lower . None designate pistol or rifle