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  1. oz31p

    Matco 6s tool box

    It’s always about color with you.
  2. oz31p

    High Tension Wires

    When you say kill, do you mean with a rifle during archery season? Cause if so, that’s would be wild!!
  3. oz31p

    Matco 6s tool box

    Those picture make it look small. It’s a huge box
  4. oz31p

    Matco 6s tool box

    Umm ya might hang on to that...just in case😉
  5. oz31p


    It’s not a huge lost. I don’t listen to his podcast . And I’ve only seen a few episodes of meat eater. Most pro hunters rub me the wrong way...case in point
  6. oz31p


    I feel like I just got scolded.
  7. oz31p

    Arizona Mule Deer unit 21 or 20c

    Not any more lol
  8. If you guys are here, who’s yell at them danm kids to get off your lawn?
  9. oz31p

    2 per year question

    Bingo. But they need more money for “education” and they ignore enforcement. The honor system only works with hornorable people.
  10. oz31p

    2 per year question

    If history is any indicator, I won’t hold my breath
  11. oz31p

    2 per year question

    People on this forum come from a variety of career fields. Yes I have seen poacher after poacher get off or get by with a minor fine.
  12. This might be the first time I wished I had a Remington.
  13. oz31p


    The retina lock is a gimmick. It will have you looking back and forth between the cat eye and the pins. Any standard 5 pin with max .19 pins and a kisser button and alittle proper coaching will serve a new bow hunter much better unless your shooting heavy draw and a Very heavy arrow steer clear of mechanical broadheads. 100g slick trick standards are perfect. Any standard carbon arrow with the appropriate spine is fine. But most pro shops will under spine you be cause they think speed kills. Total arrow weight around 450. Will keep your bow quite and blew thru everting several times over. every company is pushing the latest and greatest but truthfully in the last 5-8 years improvement to archery gears have been very minor most of the “innovations” are that of advertising.
  14. oz31p

    2 per year question

    No diferant than any other gf regulation. The few that are enforced are given minor slaps to the wrist any way. If one wants to poach they go out during the off season and shoot what ever they want.
  15. oz31p

    2 per year question

    Maybe they changed. I tried several years in a row to buy multiple tags in Advance and the Phoenix office would not let me. Something about poaching. I tried to explain to them if I wanted to poach a javelina I didn’t need multiple tags to do it.