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  1. oz31p

    Youth 20C hunt coming up this week!

    This camp is listed in the regs but not on you website
  2. oz31p

    11m Bull tag last effort

    The rut was not dying down last weekend in 7
  3. I wish I was but I’m getting ready for 2 youths hunts in different parts on the state.
  4. oz31p


    Aside from wounding this bull, is there more to try story?, you caught up to him and killed him?
  5. oz31p


    Bounced? It’s hanging out as he ran off
  6. oz31p

    Over the counter Elk rifle tags near St Johns?

    Oh your still here?
  7. oz31p

    Large Montana Canvas Wall Tent

    Kinda miss my big tent
  8. oz31p

    Kifaru striker $120

    No it’s the original
  9. oz31p

    Kifaru striker $120

    For sale kifaru striker ranger green $120 north Peoria
  10. oz31p

    Duwane Adams ?

    Maybe we just do away with guilds and go back to hunting for fun? And if you “didn’t have time to scout “ it’s because your just not that into hunting
  11. oz31p

    Full Moon 5BS

    I bet the lack of bugles has more to do with the hoard of people that have rolled in in the last few days that It does the moon
  12. oz31p

    Hurricane Kay

    Little know fact….fish bite in the rain
  13. oz31p

    Kuiu Youth Sierra Pant

    I’ll take them. Do you do pay pal
  14. oz31p

    New Addiction

    I bet there happy. Less competition for food
  15. oz31p


    Fwiw . I won this pack at the Ada banquet it’s Kind of bad butt