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  1. oz31p

    New to Offer Up

    I think you got hosed. I just searched archery. Tons of bows and arrows and all sorts of accessory’s
  2. oz31p

    Anyone familiar with 35b for white tail?

    I was in the same boat a few years ago. after a few scouting trips I realized every inch of the unit that’s not flat
  3. oz31p

    So this is a first

    23 has them too
  4. oz31p


    Outdoorsman’s has the fix on their website
  5. oz31p

    Jeep Cherokee Classic Xj hunting rig

    Like a 2021 bronco? Cause they look ba
  6. oz31p

    Table Mesa Road & the Bradshaws

    I’d call it in and go around it
  7. oz31p

    Table Mesa Road & the Bradshaws

    Because that first ranch you come to thinks he owns the whole world No signs? Is it a gate?
  8. oz31p

    Coming out of the closet

    Ya, we don’t call it gay, we call it open minded 😉
  9. For sale Remington 700 long range 300win mag this rifle has a timney trigger installed, 40 rounds shot while breaking in the barrel(3 shots then clean) the scope is vortex viper pst 2 5-25x50 ffp ebr-2c scope mount it a DNZ game reaper med 30mm $700 for the rifle $600 for the scope The mount can go with the first person to buy either and wants it. bipod not included I have the original box for both In El mirage willing travel to meet.
  10. oz31p

    2015 elite Synergy bow set up $500.00 PRICE DROP

    Looks like a free bow if you buy a few accessories!!