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  1. oz31p

    Card hits??

    Same same
  2. oz31p

    Card hits??

    Pretty sure I just got my 18th point
  3. oz31p

    Card hits??

    On a Tuesday, with the rest of the week to fix any a issues ….G&F don’t roll like that
  4. oz31p


    Bangin cows is a dangerous game
  5. oz31p

    *Price Drop* Colt Detective Special 2nd Gen

    Man every time I see this pop up I think it a snub nose.
  6. oz31p

    FPS Data

    I understand, the sd with your ammo/rifle combo is too much.
  7. oz31p

    FPS Data

    The first round down the tube with a cold barrel
  8. oz31p

    FPS Data

    If you’re not going to work a smaller sd…. Take the first one. For a hunting gun, first shot cold more is the only one that matter. ideally a sd in the single digit
  9. I went out Sunday morning just north of metro phx . covered up in birds!! 😢only got 4 though
  10. oz31p

    Fawn crop

    Really. We seen a ton especially with the talk grass
  11. oz31p

    Stickers in pants help.

    I’m hoping after they dry they come off easier. The ones that stuck to me were pretty wet
  12. oz31p

    ATV hunters running in prohibited areas

    People make their own choices
  13. oz31p

    Best Daypack Opinions

    Kifaru striker has done me well on the last few packouts during day Hunts
  14. oz31p

    Stickers in pants help.

    You let me know when you find out. this was two weeks ago on the jr hunt
  15. oz31p

    ATV hunters running in prohibited areas

    Your the only one talking about shooting at people. I said warning shot.