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  1. oz31p

    No more shopping at Trader Joes

    Ain’t wore a mask since the gov removed the mandate.
  2. oz31p

    Any turkey ammo for sale in town?

    Lol no problem
  3. oz31p

    Any turkey ammo for sale in town?

    I’ve 6 or 8 different 3in 12 ga turkey loads . I’ll take some pictures see if your interested. All 4 5 or 6 shot. what tag do you have? im in north Peoria
  4. oz31p

    Any turkey ammo for sale in town?

    What are you looking for?
  5. oz31p

    No more shopping at Trader Joes

    Mask is probably ineffective against those also
  6. oz31p

    Roosevelt report

    Roosevelt and Bartlet at 15. I bet this haul came from multiple people.
  7. oz31p

    Max's Kansas Turkey Hunt

    Congrats. My daughter And I are on our way home from Kansas now. we doubled up yesterday. Little creek calls slate call was too much for them to handle
  8. Just like any thing, what ever you currently own is the best ever
  9. oz31p

    Long shot/last minute ammo search

    I just moved to 107th and deer valley
  10. oz31p

    Vegan billboard near you!

    Fake news!!
  11. oz31p

    Vegan billboard near you!

    Did I miss a big bbq?
  12. oz31p


    I’m wearing a set of the shorts right this minute
  13. oz31p


    Prana are great when it’s warm but the attack pants have served me well when it’s cooler. I have several including the set when the company launched. I’ve busted a few zippers but that’s it
  14. oz31p


    I been thrashing a set of Prana Zion for about 3 years. Almost every day 30-50days a year. there’s some pilling and pulling but no tears
  15. oz31p

    East valley plumber needed

    I did the same a month ago. But tackled it my self. Only took about 6 tries lol