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  1. I think that’s the route I’m on. I’ll be there Saturday so I can look around a little I guess.
  2. oz31p

    This Doesn't Seem Right

    Rugers don’t stocks don’t sit in a cradle like a 700 or 70. The front screw is in a wedge. 95in lbs is only 7ftlbs. The standard torque for that screw is 105 in lbs. so the screw will take it.
  3. oz31p

    Pinpointing downed animal

    Take a picture, the. Take a picture thru your binos
  4. Sun flowers pop up in the more open areas right?
  5. That’s about what I figured, see any dove😎
  6. Not really. The north edge of 7 is out of the forest and into plains. Is there any water left at this point??
  7. oz31p

    Late season Arizona bull hunt

    Cow elk
  8. I’ll be on a huge family camping trip during opening weekend some where near Parks/6-8 miles north on spring valley rd area. Is it worth it to take my daughter out Sunday morning some where in that area?
  9. oz31p

    WTB Quarter/Half Cow

    Either San tan or qc
  10. oz31p

    Late season Arizona bull hunt

    One important tip about this hunt is not to accidentally shoot a cow... before you laugh too hard, I know TWO brothers(my cousins) who each shot cows on 5b late rifle bull hunts In Different years. I hope they read this!!
  11. oz31p

    Biggest Coues Shed

    Ya know... I have a late rifle tag out your way!! Us vets gotta stick together😉😉😉😉😉
  12. oz31p

    We need a CWT gathering

    What if we “let” you win?
  13. oz31p

    Wyoming Archery Antelope Semi Live Hunt

    I thought it was Montana that was know for courting goats/sheep?