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  1. taggart_lumpy

    Lifetime Stow-able Picnic Table - $50

    3rd? never know lol
  2. taggart_lumpy


    the one next to mcc is decent. it’s small but it’s in a grid so being off just a degree or two will jack the whole course.
  3. taggart_lumpy


    papago park has one and one next to mesa community college as well.
  4. taggart_lumpy

    Complete BTX/95mm Setup

    great seller
  5. taggart_lumpy


    looking for the non extendable centerpost for a compact or medium tripod.
  6. taggart_lumpy


    All items never worn out of the house. Snap shirt still has tags. Wore the beanie for about 30 min talking on the phone. Kuiu Snap Shirt XL Verde - $100 Kuiu Peleton 240 full zip hoody XL Verde - $130 Kuiu Peleton 240 beanie XL Verde - $25 Kuiu Attack Pant 34 Verde - $110 Would prefer to sell as a lot first before parting out. $315 TYD Open to trades as well
  7. taggart_lumpy

    WTB - 260 Remington Dies & Brass

    mfernaz is a good guy to deal with!
  8. taggart_lumpy


    Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan .44mag Diamond D guide choice chest holster Diamond D dual speed loader holder 2- speed loaders Ruger hip holster 2- box blazer .44mag ammo original box and paperwork shot and carried very little $850 only trades considered would be 10mm glock and cash north phoenix
  9. taggart_lumpy

    WTB- Good Radar Detector

    yes. i’m not much of a speeder and it paid for itself again just on a road trip across country this summer.
  10. I will take it for 180 I am at 7st & bell RD


  11. taggart_lumpy


    still available
  12. taggart_lumpy

    WTB- Good Radar Detector

    i still use my v1 while traveling. i’ve sold and installed a few k40 systems to customers when i was in the automotive world and they were all extremely happy. pretty expensive setup though.
  13. taggart_lumpy


  14. taggart_lumpy


    it can be taken off
  15. taggart_lumpy


    excellent condition quality carbon fiber tripod setup. sturdy enough for any glassing setup or running a saddle on top. legs fold around ball head for a super compact package. The CT-3461 Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod with BE-117T Ball Head from Oben is a sturdy yet lightweight tripod with 4-section legs that fold upward 180° to create an extremely compact package for transport – with the included head attached, folded length is only 17.4". For further versatility, one of the legs unscrews from the chassis and attaches to the head & center column to form a working-height monopod. Load Capacity: 17.6 lb Max Height: 64.5" Min Height: 9.5" Folded Length: 17.4" Leg Sections: 4 Weight: 3.1 lb Detachable Leg and Column Form Monopod Rubber Feet & Retractable Metal Spikes Arca-Type Quick-Release Plate Separate Panning Lock Includes carry case, warranty cards, tools, 2 arca plates, tripod and ball head. $180 picked up in north phoenix.