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  1. taggart_lumpy


    Selling our bighorn 2 tent in time for someone who needs it this year and for many years to come. Has served me well. The thing is a palace, and in good used condition. Some of the seam tape on the inside has come off but it has never leaked on us. There is one small tear (actual picture of damage attached) however it is situated under one of the guy out flaps so water can’t get in. $300
  2. taggart_lumpy


    And big sister from the previous litter. Couldn’t ask for a better mannered dog.
  3. taggart_lumpy


    One of the pups.
  4. taggart_lumpy

    Traeger Jr (SOLD)

    I’ll take it
  5. taggart_lumpy

    WTB Single shot .22lr

    Looking for a rifle I can put my kids behind. Really wanting a bolt gun style, not break open or semi auto. My littlest outgrew his cricket so trying to find something that fits the bill.
  6. taggart_lumpy

    Elite Energy 35

    Still available
  7. taggart_lumpy

    Elite Energy 35

    Yes. 26-31”
  8. taggart_lumpy

    Elite Energy 35

    Make me a fair offer. Has just been hanging on my wall
  9. taggart_lumpy

    Eric Church Tickets

    I’m in the same predicament
  10. taggart_lumpy


    I’ll take this
  11. taggart_lumpy

    Lifted 2001 yukon xl Denali -price drop

    What motor?
  12. taggart_lumpy


    I typically watch eBay for stuff for my boy. Everything that’s not an outer layer I’ll mull over hiking and mountaineering type stuff as well that’s typically as good if not better than any hunting stuff.
  13. taggart_lumpy

    Elite Energy 35

    Still have this available if anyone is looking for a good bow
  14. taggart_lumpy

    US Optics SN-3 1.8-10x44 Trade

    Still have this available.
  15. taggart_lumpy

    SOLD: Kirof Lee Enfield Mark 4