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  1. taggart_lumpy

    wtb rifle case foam

    looking for a foam insert. figured someone here might have something minimum dimensions 51”x14”x1.5”
  2. taggart_lumpy

    primos sled

    i’ll take this if i can pick up monday
  3. taggart_lumpy


  4. taggart_lumpy

    Flagstaff Meat Processing

    another +1 for casey’s.
  5. taggart_lumpy

    2012 Chevy Sonic

    mother in law is in the market. i’ll show this to her
  6. taggart_lumpy


    garmin (delorme) inreach good condition. has a very small blemish on the top of the screen as pictured that doesn’t affect anything from me strapping it to tight in my pack. great unit and pairs with several garmin apps. comes as pictured. $200 ($210 shipped) located in glendale work in east valley
  7. taggart_lumpy


    glendale but work in east valley
  8. taggart_lumpy


    still available
  9. taggart_lumpy

    WTB .40 Cal +P ammo (heavy grain)

    thank you azhound. im not looking anymore unless someone has some they are dying to get rid of.
  10. taggart_lumpy

    WTB .40 Cal +P ammo (heavy grain)

  11. taggart_lumpy

    WTB .40 Cal +P ammo (heavy grain)

    looking for a single box or two of .40 cal 180gr buffalo bore or similar been waiting on a few boxes and my order got refunded. https://www.buffalobore.com/index.php?l=product_detail&p=116
  12. taggart_lumpy


    Garmin Rino 750 GPS - two way radio Good condition. Tons of features. Includes GPS, rechargeable battery, carabiner clip, power cord, original box. $400 $410 shipped
  13. taggart_lumpy

    Great Dove season so far

    i’m going to have to look into one of those buckets. were you out there opening evening with a bunch of decoys set up?
  14. looking for someone or recommendations to somewhere that can add a small stretch panel to either side of my bino harness to enclose the top.
  15. taggart_lumpy


    still looking