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  1. taggart_lumpy


    I’ll take this
  2. taggart_lumpy

    Lifted 2001 yukon xl Denali -price drop

    What motor?
  3. taggart_lumpy


    I typically watch eBay for stuff for my boy. Everything that’s not an outer layer I’ll mull over hiking and mountaineering type stuff as well that’s typically as good if not better than any hunting stuff.
  4. taggart_lumpy

    Elite Energy 35

    Still have this available if anyone is looking for a good bow
  5. taggart_lumpy

    US Optics SN-3 1.8-10x44 Trade

    Still have this available.
  6. taggart_lumpy

    SOLD: Kirof Lee Enfield Mark 4

  7. taggart_lumpy

    US Optics SN-3 1.8-10x44 Trade

    US Optics SN-3 1.8-10x44 30mm GAP reticle mil/mil ffp US Optics rings Custom built for GAP in GAP green Looking to trade only at this time. I’m looking to get another optic with a bit more zoom in MOA Located in phoenix
  8. taggart_lumpy

    Looking for radar detector

    Pawn shop on 29th st and Bell has an escort.
  9. taggart_lumpy


    Inbox is full. I’d like to pick these up if not claimed.
  10. taggart_lumpy


    My wife and son both have hunts coming up and I could use a spare box or two if anyone has some available.
  11. taggart_lumpy

    GONE-Free Packs for kids

    I’ll take the camelback. Messaging now
  12. taggart_lumpy

    Deer tag donation

    Changed by nature is a good one.
  13. taggart_lumpy

    Brittany Pups

    Going to talk to the other half about one.
  14. taggart_lumpy

    Coilover Rebuilding in Tucson

    It’s not tucson but I just used lee Finke of race shock in phoenix and I’m very happy with his work.
  15. Awesome! I’d be all over them but we are super tied up this weekend.