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  1. oz31p

    Diesels in Valley

    Hate when that happens
  2. oz31p

    Any Alamo reports?

    Any one catching crappie. Going 4 days next week
  3. oz31p

    Bullet seating confusion

    This. hornaday makes one also
  4. oz31p

    Ground Blind Recommendations

    I’ve had a few and under $200. Barronett seems like the best quality. for the size your looking at like a grounder 350 or pentagon normally well priced on Amazon
  5. oz31p

    Ĵust some humor 🤣

    It’s not as bad as you’d think 😉
  6. oz31p

    Turkey choke recommendations for youth 870

    Or worst
  7. oz31p

    Hotshot Trucking Company?

    Freedom transport chris 623-866-9897
  8. oz31p

    Hotshot Trucking Company?

    My neighbor I’ll get his contact info
  9. oz31p

    Draw still pending

    Late archery
  10. Really need to do a ladder test to see the difference
  11. oz31p

    Draw still pending

    So….she’s single? what do I care . I’m on my 10th or so bull tags in a row
  12. oz31p

    Berger Match bullets for Hunting

    Lots of animals for us in 30 cal 215 and 200. 300-630. No issues
  13. I’d say yes and no. But neck tension with give your SD trouble long before 1/10 of a grain of powder will.
  14. oz31p

    Draw still pending

    That’s bad luck right there. I’ve been on a good run for a decade
  15. oz31p

    Alamo lake spring break fishing

    I’ll be there Easter weekend crappie fishing
  16. oz31p

    Best open Reed elk call???

    There are several on camofire right now it your looking to try a few on the cheap
  17. oz31p

    Card Hits!

    Nope, my bank is extremely fast. I get an alert within seconds of a charge over $22.I got a cc hit Tuesday at 3pm
  18. oz31p

    Card Hits!

    In case he’s a man of his word, let me just thank you now THANK YOU
  19. oz31p

    34B Antelope

    Archery antelope Is not as tough ad people make it out to be
  20. oz31p

    Card Hits!

  21. oz31p

    Anyone need camping gear?!?!?!

    Mine is always with me. On the ranger , on the boat always
  22. oz31p

    Anyone need camping gear?!?!?!

    That coffee maker is the badest maker around.
  23. oz31p


    Hmm, I’m not sure about that. Our elections have been getting worst and out draws have been getting better