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    Patagonia Lake 9/25 & 9/26

    That sun fish brings back memory’s when I was stationed at ft huachuca I cat fished Patagonia a lot. One afternoon while catching bait with a throw net I caught a sun fish that was about the size of a dinner plate. I think it would have beat the record, i released it unharmed
  2. oz31p

    Predator Call Choices

    Rabit distress is always good. And crazy critter. I have called several foxes with fox distress. foxes are easy. Bobcats are gonna be hard to target
  3. oz31p

    Speed Goat Snack Sticks

    I have from game. But not antelope. It’s too precious.
  4. oz31p

    CWT B.P.

    Same for me. But not the mounted one!! Lololol. Just kidding. you guys kick ass3
  5. oz31p

    135a 120v MIG for sale

    Armpit. Did you move? Tucson ? Gila bend, or Sanford ?
  6. oz31p

    DIY Gong Stands

    Similar but I hang gongs with fire hose or inter tubes
  7. oz31p

    Spring Draw

  8. oz31p

    Spring Draw

  9. oz31p

    Spring Draw

    I’ve always been tempted even though it’s not an approved weapon , heck there really are any enforcement of any other laws any way
  10. oz31p

    Spring Draw

    Sadly some hunters are just plain going in a different direction. the last commission meeting I was at I asked about using an atlatl for javelina, They laughed at me and moved on.
  11. oz31p

    Spring Draw

  12. oz31p

    2023 Guideline Recommendations

    I’m out. It took me 10 days to arrow a pronghorn this year.
  13. oz31p

    Petition - Stop Paying Influencers

    Changed the way people piss and moan about their pet issues
  14. oz31p

    Spring Draw

    As for the weapon I’d say your good. But what the legal limit of BAC to hunt?
  15. oz31p

    Spring Draw

    Does this 50 have a brace?
  16. oz31p

    Spring Draw

    I say use what Evers legal, but If you use an ar pistol during a ham hunt and parade your self all over the internet as a great hunter, expect the internet to have a few comments.
  17. oz31p

    Garage Door Technician needed

    By a woman?
  18. oz31p

    Garage Door Technician needed

    Are you that helpless?
  19. oz31p

    Arizona Desert

    And the kill them until they are dead !!
  20. Fo show. I been using my 12x50els for about 8 years and have not looked back
  21. Why lug around 2 sets. Keep using(borrowing) what you have. Save your money.
  22. oz31p

    Desert Tortoise

    That’s pretty cool. Saw one in 20c. A fewa ago
  23. oz31p

    Non Covid bug going around

    It’s not a vax… it’s a therapeutic
  24. oz31p

    Spring Draw

    Just Waiting to hear the planes