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  1. Look up 3M clear vinyl wrap
  2. Kelney

    Hunting Magazine recommendations

    I second Western Hunter.
  3. Kelney

    San Carlos Mx

    I would also recommend Fernando with Catch 22. Also Bryan with Margarita Sportfishing. They utilize nice equipment so no need to bring your own. I would love to have a retirment home there once I get retired.
  4. Kelney

    Where am I?

    Syracuse, NY?
  5. Kelney

    My feet hurt

    I have dealt with Plantar fasciitis on both feet. I tried everything to include stretching, the sock strap gizmo, off the shelf orthotics for PF, rolled my foot over a frozen water bottle and injections from a podiatrist which did work temporary. He was recommending orthotics but they were going to be $500. I watched many You Tube videos as well for help. What finally seemed to help me was a combination of using a knobby foot roller massager from Amazon as well as going to Road Runner Sports in Tempe where I purchased custom insoles (they make them onsite and you leave with them for $82) along with a pair of Hoka Clifton 6 running shoes. Hoka's are like walking on a cloud. Foot pain sucks so I hope you find what works for you soon.
  6. Kelney

    Hunter Safety

    I had a similar problem. I took the hunter safety course in AZ when I was a kid. It was sponsored by the NRA. Anyways, I lost my certificate but was grandfathered in with a signed afadavit for my AZ hunter ed point. I wanted to start applying out of state but needed the certificate. As we all know, finding an open field day in AZ is difficult at best and I was under a time restraint. I actually found an online hunter safety course and the only state that I could find that did not require a field day was Pennsylvania. So, I have a Pennsylvania hunter safety certificate for out of state applications. I believe I went through hunter-ed.com but not positive.
  7. OK. I'll share with you my favorite family recipe Hi Mountain Pepper & Garlic. Sweet & Spicy is not bad either. You can purchase at your local Sportsman's😀
  8. Kelney

    Kodiak Tent - Initial Thoughts

    A handy trick I found on You Tube is to get long lag screws with washers and use your battery powered impact wrench to screw in and out of the ground in replace of hammering the stakes in. Saves a lot of time, particularly with hard ground.
  9. Kelney

    Saltwater 2020

    In Mexico on the SOC you can bait up with a used condom and catch something.
  10. Kelney

    Muzzy bullets for elk

    I have dropped many elk and a few deer using Precision Rifle bullets. The model I use is Dead Center. I have an old Remington 700 ML in .54 caliber so I am restricted in the availability of bullets or sabots for that caliber but I see no reason to change if something else was to come available. I usually get pass throughs with lots of internal damage.
  11. Kelney

    Kenai River Guide Recommendation

    I fished with Brooks Alaskan Adventures and Josh Brooks is very enthusiastic and he and his first mate (an ex-beautician), work hard. Due to weather he was not able to take us to the spot he wanted and gave us a nice discount on the trip. My brother pulled in a 100lb butt and mine was around 70. Caught some miscellaneous stuff as well. He has nice Penn International 2 speeds for halibut reels. (Second Picture Driftwood Charters was the other charter I went on. Hard working as well but did not go as far because we also were targeting Kings. Halibut were smaller but we did bring in a 100 pounder. I would not hesitate to go with Captain Shane again. (First Picture) A Soldotna local that was on the river trip I was on just went on a Charter called Big Dan's Fishing Charters. It looks like he will target large halibut if that is what you are looking for. She really had a great review. All these can be Googled for their website for further info. Book as early as you can since the season has started.
  12. Kelney

    Stocking schedule/ Wht Mtn reports?

    I was able to last week.
  13. Kelney

    Kenai River Guide Recommendation

    I fished for kings last month on the Kasilof. They were not running yet on the Kenai. Anyways I fished with an outfit called Fishology and our guide worked hard and we did well. You can Google Fishology for their info. I forget our specific guides name though. I got way more bang for the buck salt water fishing out of Homer but I enjoyed the experience. I can recommend a few outfits out of Homer if you did not want to make the long drive around to Seward.
  14. Kelney

    Doves and pellet guns

    Not exactly legal where I live but hey, someone needs to thin the flock.
  15. Kelney

    horses in elk unit

    Have no worries Nikki. I hear that his dogs could not find a quail if they were perched on their noses.