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  1. Kelney

    horses in elk unit

    Have no worries Nikki. I hear that his dogs could not find a quail if they were perched on their noses.
  2. Kelney

    Ted gets his shot

    Ran across them a number of times along the road. I think the 36 units had more out of state license plates than AZ by a margin of three to one.
  3. Kelney


    What made me originally think it could be a wolf was comparing it to the photos of coyotes I did capture on the camera. They looked well, like coyotes. This one had twice the fur and was significantly larger. The hind quarter does have the slumping look of a German Shepard. If someone has an email address to anyone that cares at AZGFD or FWS I can email them the photo and location.
  4. Kelney


    I am no wolf expert by any means to discern it between a dog hybrid or an actual Grey but I was surprised I caught what appeared to be a wolf south of I-8.
  5. Kelney

    Big Buck Down

    Congrats and thanks for sharing, Dan.
  6. Kelney

    Browning Glacer Extreme 6 Person Tent

    My brother has that tent and it is a good tent. I have the 10X14 Kodiak and my tent is much more spacious and I think the canvas helps retain heat better.
  7. Kelney

    Baja East Cape

    I was planning on booking with Tailhunters out of LaPaz this Fall but I could not get my crew together timely enough. July should still be open with them.
  8. Kelney

    December Rifle Trip

    Nice! I was a 36c newbie this last December and looks like I failed to look at some of the lower hills.
  9. Kelney

    Tag Soup

    Drink enough and about anything is palatable. Also helps with all of the second guessing that is going on in your mind.
  10. Kelney

    Smoker recomendations

    I agree with the pellet grill. I got mine from Cabela's but it is actually a Camp Chef. It has a temperature probe that is a nice feature. Smoke, bake and grill with a pellet grill. I know many people with ceramic grills (Big Green Egg, Vision and Kamado) that prefer them over pellet grills and believe there is nothing better to cook with. I notice my Sam's Club and he Vision on clearance for $400.
  11. Kelney

    My First Elk and First Archery Kill

    Not sure if I am more impressed with the solo filming or packing an elk out in 2 trips! Great job.
  12. Kelney

    Right handed left eye dominant shooter?

    Talk about being messed up. I am right handed and right eye dominant but shoot rifles left handed. I don't know why just always shot that way ever since I could pick up a gun. I have tried teaching myself to shoot right handed but just revert back to left handed due to just being more comfortable.
  13. Kelney

    Results out on portal, post up your hunts

    I drew a late 36c tag. Looking forward to learning a new unit as I never stepped foot in that country.
  14. Kelney

    Cornville Road

    Good road, just expect to be stuck behind some geezer going 45 mph.
  15. Kelney

    Steven Rinella

    I love his shows but that Buffalo hunt episode should be about as exciting as watching grass grow. Nothing more exciting than watching a guy sit in a blind watching a pile a salt day after day. I enjoyed his Mexican Buffalo hunt.