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  1. azbirdhunter88

    Kansas 2019

    Ya he will be killed if he comes back on my property guaranteed.
  2. azbirdhunter88

    Unit 8 elk hunt

    Good job buddy
  3. azbirdhunter88

    Kansas 2019

    I got the pics and video of that mule deer a couple days before season opened. From what I’m hearing through town is that some out of state hunters have been glassing off the road into that property of mine and made the buck nervous. He was last seen heading south of there on a creek bottom. I have another property kind of close to where he might be heading so hoping he gets comfy and hides out there.
  4. azbirdhunter88

    Kansas 2019

    Good deal
  5. azbirdhunter88

    Weight Distribution Hitch recommendations

    Just put a 2 5/16 or whatever ball it is on and tow. You’ll be fine without bars.
  6. azbirdhunter88

    UNIT 11 M for 12/13/2019

  7. azbirdhunter88

    Kansas 2019

    I’m in NW Kansas so we have the mule deer and WTs. We do have a boat load of rios though.
  8. azbirdhunter88

    Kansas 2019

    Thanks man. Kansas is a blast.
  9. azbirdhunter88

    Kansas 2019

    Thanks buddy. Did you guys get into any dove?
  10. azbirdhunter88

    Kansas 2019

    Yotebuster have you hunted Midwest before?
  11. azbirdhunter88

    Kansas 2019

    Not when they are involved in the property management of the property.
  12. azbirdhunter88

    Kansas 2019

    Our CWT guest that is coming helped me really get into long range shooting and has helped me throughout the way over the years. He wants a nice mule deer so I’m gonna hold out and give him a chance at one. But who knows he might find another stud WT and pull. We plan to video some long range doe kills so stay tuned.
  13. azbirdhunter88

    Kansas 2019

    Brady we had a good hatch as there are a ton of pheasant and bobwhites around. I haven’t went out to kill any yet. I will this weekend though.
  14. azbirdhunter88

    Kansas 2019

    I wish
  15. azbirdhunter88

    Kansas 2019

    Pic won’t upload right now but yes Yotebuster is correct. It’s the buck I passed on last night. He had a gps collar on also which was nice for the study program but it ruins the hide for taxidermy. More to come as more tags to fill and our special guest from here arrives tomorrow.