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  1. azbirdhunter88

    Looking for shotguns

    Best part was 1 vet who really wanted to just be heard stayed after the hunt for a few hours and we talked about just life. Found that horses help him heal and made plans to have him come out and ride with me anytime he wants. It’s a really cool program that helps these guys out more than you know.
  2. azbirdhunter88

    Looking for shotguns

    I have found what I’m looking for. Thanks guys for getting back to me so fast. Lance I appreciate that offer but have it covered.
  3. azbirdhunter88

    Looking for shotguns

    I’ll buy em I just wanted to see what’s on here first. The guys had an absolute blast shooting dove here. For 2 it was their first bird ever.
  4. azbirdhunter88

    Hunting theme masks

    If I wore won I’d buy for sure. Pretty cool deal there.
  5. azbirdhunter88

    Looking for shotguns

    I had a Hunts For Heroes Hunt here at the farm this year for dove and had some great vets. 2 did not have shotguns for financial reasons and whatnot. I am looking for 2 pump or semi auto 20 or 12 gauges for sell to give to them as a present for their service. Let me know what y’all have please.
  6. azbirdhunter88

    A3 Golden Boy Jed Larson Convicted of Poaching

    The dude clearly wasn’t looking for wounded animals. If I remember he kept shooting bulls as he seen them. Like I said going out and killing out of season purposely shouldn’t be tolerated.
  7. azbirdhunter88

    A3 Golden Boy Jed Larson Convicted of Poaching

    Purposely poaching is bad yes and should be dealt with.
  8. azbirdhunter88

    A3 Golden Boy Jed Larson Convicted of Poaching

    Poaching is kinda like people shooting multiple animals on a hunt and not recovering them. Didn’t some dude arrow like 8 bulls in unit 9 last year and kept going? Not saying it’s poaching but kinda. Your taking wildlife and not tagging it. Gotta stop at some point.
  9. azbirdhunter88

    AZGFD Commission Meeting June 12th

    Point guard is BS. When you put in for a tag you take the risk something happens leading up to your hunt. You lose your tag big frikin deal. People are turning tags in for weather, bad moisture years, not finding a shooter animal, and other stupid reasons. If you draw and don’t go then let it be. Either go hunting or don’t and make the best of it. Too many sissy hunters now days wanting it all perfect for them or their hunt.
  10. azbirdhunter88

    A3 Golden Boy Jed Larson Convicted of Poaching

    If they get a lion or they won’t give a chit where the money goes.
  11. azbirdhunter88

    How many hunters vote?

    Now we just need to convert you over to the republican side.
  12. azbirdhunter88

    How many hunters vote?

    How many people on this site actually hunt? Prob 20% lol.
  13. azbirdhunter88

    2020 Unit 10 antelope

    Go up and scout all summer long. If you don’t find a buck your looking for before your hunt just turn the tag back in. You wouldn’t be the first.
  14. azbirdhunter88

    Get those apps in

  15. azbirdhunter88

    Stolen truck