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  1. azbirdhunter88

    New Member

    Serious? We had an understanding that you come to Kansas one of these years for a week and hunt deer. I wanted to wait but you told me to haul butt down there in the summer to hunt. We agreed this winter or next you come out for a week with me. I went to Kansas this year early and ya my ol lady got sick and went to hospital ( she has medical problems ). Told you I’m free for 4 days to hunt. You said no you wanted to come next year. I’ve never blown you off and always got back to you. Your being pissy because I didn’t respond back ASAP? I was there and told you to come out but YOU said no you were going to wait. So come on here all you want but get the facts straight dude. You knew we had this deal arranged for you next year the last we talked.
  2. azbirdhunter88

    The virus

    It was some propaganda because Biden wouldn’t even been remotely close to Trump without it.
  3. azbirdhunter88

    The virus

    I wanna know also
  4. azbirdhunter88

    The virus

    So you’ve done what for me? All I’m saying is anyone who doesn’t stay home or social distance everywhere they go are at risk and putting themselves at risk. Cry me a river now.
  5. azbirdhunter88

    The virus

    It’s exactly what it is. They won’t admit it though.
  6. azbirdhunter88

    The virus

    Why do you say that? You have been told to stay away from people, stay home, and social distance. It’s not others problem people didn’t listen. That’s what I’m saying.
  7. azbirdhunter88

    The virus

    How are we part of the problem? Y’all have been told to stay home and social distance. Not our fault you guys all didn’t.
  8. azbirdhunter88

    The virus

  9. azbirdhunter88

    The virus

    COVID is all BS. Can’t wait for it to all be over.
  10. azbirdhunter88

    First Archery Coues Deer Jan 2020

    Very nice
  11. azbirdhunter88

    Spot and Stalk Mountain Lion Hunting

    Nobull will prob guide you on an elk hunt if you ask him.
  12. azbirdhunter88

    Spot and Stalk Mountain Lion Hunting

    Who’s offering me lessons? Surely it can’t be you.
  13. azbirdhunter88

    Spot and Stalk Mountain Lion Hunting

    No interest or no money? Too bad your not privileged like me I guess.
  14. azbirdhunter88

    Spot and Stalk Mountain Lion Hunting

    A full blown lion hunt for 4K is a great deal.
  15. azbirdhunter88

    Spot and Stalk Mountain Lion Hunting

    Take that offer kev