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    Mystery Ranch quick draw sling.. sold

    I sent you text-- thanks, Jared
  2. sjpitts

    Binocular Repair-- Doctor Optic 15x60

    Sorry it took me so long to respond to this. We sent the Doctor Optic binocs to Dan, and he did an excellent Job at repairing them. I think they are as good as new. As near as I can tell anyway. I wish we would have sent them to him the first time-- it would have saved us a couple hundred bucks. I
  3. That is really good to hear. If the AZGFD is willing, I wonder if they just need more legal ability.
  4. Many years ago we used to hunt 32. It was a great unit. But even then, the access was limited. Today I got a AZGFD email with a notice that said a new landowner has closed the Long Hollow access point. This got me thinking and I looked at the AZGFD guide for unit 32. http://www.azgfd.gov/h_f/hunting_units_32.shtml This is some of what I found: SPECIAL NOTICE: Johnson Road off of I-10 has been closed on Private Property. There is no longer access to the Little Dragoon Mountains and Tres Alamos Wash from Johnson Road. SPECIAL NOTICE: There is no longer public access to State Trust or Forest Service lands through the Long Hollow access point. SPECIAL NOTICE: There are no public access routes on the east side of the Winchester Mountains. SPECIAL NOTICE: Due to vandalism and lack of respect for private property, public access through private lands on the Mercer Ranch (Bunker Hill Road) is now denied. SPECIAL NOTICE: Popular camping sites along lower Deer Creek Road are now closed to camping due to private property. SPECIAL NOTICE: Access to the north side of Redfield Canyon through private land on the Carlink Ranch is no longer available. I know that AZGFD tries to maintain access though voluntary agreements. But as far as I know, AZGFD has never tried to keep access open through other means. For example, has the AZGFD ever gone to court to keep a road open? I know the law is complicated, but in many cases it would seem that there would be a public easement that should be enough to keep the road open. Why not take these people to court? Or has the AZGFD ever tried to buy easements? Either from willing sellers or through condemnation? Has the AZGFD ever built new roads built around private property? I know these things costs money, but I for one would pay a little more in license fees to support things like that. Sometimes I wonder if the hunting community is conflicted on this, because some professional guides pay for the access rights, and thus are able to turn large areas of public lands into private hunting areas that they are able to make more money with. And maybe those with the money to pay for access really like the status quo. Either way, it does not seem like anything good is happening. Jared
  5. sjpitts

    Binocular Repair-- Doctor Optic 15x60

    I called and spoke with Dan at mountain opitcs. He seemed very knowledgeable. I am hopeful that he will be able to fix these binocs.
  6. My dad has (or had) a real nice pair of Doctor Optic Noblilem 15x60B Binoculars. Unfortunately, I let them tip over on the tripod and they have never been the same. I am pretty sure they are out of alignment. Each eye looks crystal clear by itself, but when looking through both eyes it does not look right. We sent them to a place in California, paid a couple hundred bucks. They came back better, but still not what they once were. Does anybody have a recommendation as to where we can send them? Or someone local that can take a look at them? Thanks Jared
  7. sjpitts

    Remington Screwing Me

    I heard that Remington will also rebarrel the gun to a 22mag. You just send it in, and they send it back as 22mag. That is definitely a better solution than 200 bucks. There is lots of info at rimefirecentral.com Or you could just find a 22mag barrel. That would let you keep your 17 barrel. They might be worth something some day if everyone sends them back. There is also a legitimate debate as to whether or not problem is really with the gun. I have read that ammo makers have trouble with tolerances, and that might be source of the problem. All the ammo makers now say don't use their ammo in semi-auto guns, and it is because of that Remington is offering a recall. In that case, Remington is really just being nice offering you anything at all. just a thought
  8. sjpitts

    Enviro Wackos at it again

    Well now that I agree with. I just think we should be clear here-- the problem is with the ESA and how it is used as a political weapon, and not the Jaguar in general. Jared
  9. sjpitts

    Enviro Wackos at it again

    So am I the only one that thinks it would be cool if Jaguars were running around Arizona? I really doubt that even the most ardent lion hunter would want mountain lions exterminated from all of Arizona. So what is the problem with trying to bring the Jaguars back? just wondering Jared
  10. If you read the FAQ, it says that all the purple roads are going administrative roads, and that they will not be included on the official map. This means if they catch you on one of those roads they can give you ticket, even if the FS and the ranchers use the same roads. And my point was that many of these roads now labeled in purple have been open for a long time-- and the forest service is not admitting that they are changing the status of these roads-- if they were admitting that, those roads would be highlighted in yellow. Jared
  11. One more thing-- the FS appears to be claiming that only the roads in highlighted in yellow are having their status changed. But that appears to be a complete fabrication. I just spent some time looking at the maps for roads north of Superior and Globe, and there are miles and miles of roads that are now labeled in purple as "administrative only", but are not highlighted in yellow. Now I know that these were official roads that were open to the public. Most of them were used by ranchers to build tanks and such. But now the forest service seems to be implying that they were never official open roads, and that they can close them to the public without including them in the list of newly "closed roads". Jared
  12. The tonto basin meeting is tonight. The globe meeting is tomorrow. Is anyone planning on going? We need to spread the word on this. If you guys are on other hunting/fishing forums you should post the links and spread the word. The thing that really gets me about this is that the Sierra Club and their allies always seem to be organized and represented, and the ATV crowd is always represented, but it seems like the hunters who really just want access are not. Jared Here is the schedule of meetings: Wednesday, November 4, 2009 6:30-8:00 pm Tonto Basin Elementary School 445 South Old Hwy 188, (Punkin Center) Tonto Basin, AZ Thursday, November 5, 2009 6:00-7:30 pm Old High School Auditorium 401 High Street Globe, AZ Monday, November 9, 2009 6:30-8:00 pm Black Mountain Elementary School 33606 N. 60th Street Scottsdale, AZ Thursday, November 11, 2009 6:00-7:30 pm Pleasant Valley Community Center 47533 Hwy 288 Young, AZ Tuesday, November 17, 2009 7:00-8:30pm Broadway Recreation Center 59 E Broadway Rd Mesa, AZ Wednesday, November 18, 2009 6:00-7:30pm Julia Randall Elementary School 601 S Greenway Parkway Payson, AZ
  13. That sounds like what I am looking for. I sent you a PM with my email address. Jared
  14. Thanks-- but I actually have a 2200. I was hoping to find something bigger-- something I could backpack overnight and hike out a deer with. The expandable eberlestock's seem to be capable for that sort of load carrying. Jared
  15. One other thing to note-- they are changing the rule from "closed if posted" to "closed unless on the new map". Basically, it could be a highway and if it is not on their new map, and you drive on it, you can be ticketed. I really agree that something needs to be done with the ATV crowd, but I see no reason to close roads that go into remote areas and are only really being used by ranchers and hunters. And a lot of little spur roads that go to campsites are being closed. Basically, you will no longer have the ability to get off the main roads to find a secluded place to camp. Jared