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  1. Roosevelt Mark

    camp shower

    If it's cool enough and I don't sweat a bunch I'm good for every other day.
  2. Roosevelt Mark

    Left Over List

    Carol Baskin got it to save the last buck in 24b. She traded a lion cub to the state for it.
  3. Roosevelt Mark

    Fishing Forums

    I hate to break this to you. NUMMIE IS NOT AN ACTUAL WOMAN. I know...it's ok....take it easy. .give it some time to sink in.
  4. Roosevelt Mark

    Lee's Ferry Walk In Question

  5. Roosevelt Mark

    Arivaca lake

    Right on!
  6. Roosevelt Mark

    Left Over List

    OTC archery deer will be gone soon enough also.
  7. Roosevelt Mark

    Left Over List

    To many f n people.
  8. Roosevelt Mark

    Fishing Forums

    We had alot of good times in the CBC. No patch pirates allowed. What ever happened to love boat? Is he still kicking?
  9. Roosevelt Mark

    Fishing Forums

    Muter fuder halarius . Lmfao.
  10. Roosevelt Mark

    Left Over List

    I was thinking the same thing.
  11. Roosevelt Mark

    Unit 1 Turkeys

    Saw some birds west of greens peak last week. Nature Bob kills chit up dare.
  12. Roosevelt Mark

    Left Over List

    That's where we are heading. For sure.
  13. Roosevelt Mark

    Left Over List

    I looked today also.
  14. Roosevelt Mark

    Fishing Forums

    Sag Fags....
  15. Roosevelt Mark

    Crazy Luck

    WTF? I would rather be lucky then good any day. Right on!