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  1. Roosevelt Mark

    Question about staying warm

    Like he said, it's all about being comfortable and the experience. You can use a truck to your advantage and shorter walks to glassing spots etc and keep moving. Hit spot after spot, especially early when it will be colder. Locate, and go for it. Don't walk around and be miserable unless you got a honey hole. Jmo. I want to have fun, Jmo
  2. Roosevelt Mark

    Where am I ?

    Molcajete Rock.
  3. Roosevelt Mark

    Kaibab 12AW Early Rifle Help

    Awesome, a precious place for sure.
  4. Roosevelt Mark

    Any illegal action down south this year on deer hunts

    The border is safer than a movie set.
  5. Roosevelt Mark

    campground safety

    Yep, the fire don't get rid of your beer bottle 's either. They don't just dissappear.
  6. Roosevelt Mark

    Alec Baldwin

    They need more guns like that in Hollywood. ..you know, the safe ones.
  7. Roosevelt Mark

    37a 2020 Ram

    I was thinking the same thing. Wow
  8. Roosevelt Mark

    Savage 110 270 wsm, Bushnell Engage 3-9

    Really? Someone buy this thing...good deal. Bump
  9. Roosevelt Mark

    Any recent Rosey reports?

    Good report guys #!
  10. Roosevelt Mark

    Arizona Desert

    That's what a bar looks like at noon on opening day. He is a very happy hunter. What's gasoline?
  11. Roosevelt Mark

    Arizona Desert

    I took the picture at 7:02 am today, nice carp.
  12. Roosevelt Mark

    Arizona Desert

    What's gasoline?
  13. Roosevelt Mark


    That's awesome. Tough critters.
  14. Roosevelt Mark

    Deer staying bedded?

    I saw 30 from 530 till dark today, 2 bucks but as some guy's say, they are carp. No WT where I'm at.
  15. Roosevelt Mark

    Arizona Desert

    What's gasoline?