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  1. Roosevelt Mark

    Roosevelt report

    Today's tip is any brown, motor oil TR mid lake, put the boat in 10..12..foot and pull them in. Could probably get them on a swimming jig, chatter bait or a blade also. Just depends on what you want to do and how fast you want to burn though them. Cheers...
  2. Roosevelt Mark

    Thoughts on High fence hunts

    F n rich people. ....
  3. Roosevelt Mark

    Roosevelt report

    Ya, it's that time of year. Pretty wide open bite right now.
  4. Roosevelt Mark

    Roosevelt report

    Right on! Dang good TW bite early also.
  5. Roosevelt Mark

    Fish tournament

    Nice haul.
  6. Roosevelt Mark

    Unit 23n early hunt outfitter

    Roughly what is the cost for something like he's asking? I'm just curious, I don't know anyone who has ever hired a guide before.
  7. Roosevelt Mark

    ADBSS auction... this is funny as heck.

    What's ADBSS?
  8. Roosevelt Mark

    Motivate Ducey

    Good deal. I am shocked that he signed it
  9. Roosevelt Mark

    Bow fishing in Srp canals?

    It's easier to ask for forgiveness than beg for permission . Jmo
  10. Roosevelt Mark

    Getting goats!

    I had goats for yeas when our kids were small. We never had any problems. I would let them hang out in the front yard with us and the dogs and when it was time to go in they would follow me to the gates and that was it. We're got ours as babies but you can still coax them with treat 's to train them. Just takes a little work .
  11. Roosevelt Mark

    Covid, whos had it and how are you recovering?

    I'm glad you guys are doing good..seriously. thanks China. Sleepy Joe fixed it so everyone is safe now.
  12. Roosevelt Mark

    Covid, whos had it and how are you recovering?

    Might not be a bad thing. ...just saying.
  13. Roosevelt Mark

    Covid, whos had it and how are you recovering?

    Got the crabs from Carol in the 80 's I'm fine now.
  14. Roosevelt Mark

    Bass boat detailer?

    I'm interested also..
  15. Roosevelt Mark

    Motivate Ducey

    He ain't going to sign it. His term is up and he is looking for a job with the feds