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  1. Roosevelt Mark


    What scope.
  2. Roosevelt Mark

    Remington 700 .270 caliber for sale $450 OBO

    I have the same gun, mines a great shooter.
  3. Roosevelt Mark

    I know it’s a long shot...

    What's face book?
  4. Roosevelt Mark

    Best place to buy Honda SXS

    Wow, crazy.
  5. Roosevelt Mark

    Pop up trailer for sale $800

    Great deal for a couple youngsters to go in on. I spent many weeks in one just like it back in the day. It was an upgrade from a tent or the back of the truck. We thought we were living like kings in all sorts of weather.
  6. Roosevelt Mark

    Where's Nobull?

    Maybe the fam can buy it back from all the money they stole from the fire department. Probably none left.
  7. Roosevelt Mark

    Green Chili Javelina

    So..did you have to throw the pot away. ? Looks awesome.
  8. Roosevelt Mark

    Must be the full moon

    Did she let you pick at her favorite scab???where was it??
  9. Roosevelt Mark

    horses in elk unit

    In 3c we rarely if ever, that i remember, saw horses until after the Rodeo Chediski fires. We have a house there and spend a lot of time there. They are everywhere now and all have babies with them. It don't take a biologist to figure out that this issue needs to be addressed in this area.
  10. Roosevelt Mark

    Where's Nobull?

    Powerline slash neighborhood buck...
  11. Roosevelt Mark

    Anyone find a 3x3

    Help me help you trphyhntr, you should tell us all where it's at..........we would need to know exactly..where it went down....I'm going to start the truck to warm it up and wait for directions......
  12. Roosevelt Mark

    horses in elk unit

    I have said it before. Feed them to the inmates in the state prisons. Win win for everyone.
  13. Roosevelt Mark

    Anyone find a 3x3

    Where bouts? Just keep hunting bro, still got plenty of time to kill another one.
  14. Roosevelt Mark

    God Bless Our Troops

    F the f'n f'ers. How dat?