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  1. Roosevelt Mark

    poem needs help-anyone?

    Jack an Jill went up the hill They each had a buck and a quarter Jill came down with two fifty.......Bam
  2. I don't use the stuff my self, if I was on a archery elk hunt I would.
  3. Roosevelt Mark

    WTS: SOLD .270 Winchester ammo Nosler and Winchester

    I would buy it if you were in town here.
  4. Roosevelt Mark

    Get those apps in fellas!

    The 28th.
  5. Roosevelt Mark


    I won't say what unit because you guys get all freaked out about it...UNIT 29. I've seen alot of deer up high with alot of snow on the ground. Didn't seem to faze them.
  6. Roosevelt Mark

    What’s everyone hoping for...

    That's what I thought.
  7. Roosevelt Mark

    show low second knoll range approved

  8. Roosevelt Mark

    Calling Elk

    I don't get it...is he supposed to dial 1 first? Logit set up other then the camper shell.
  9. Roosevelt Mark

    help coues unit 24b

    Alot of trafficaround Rogers trof, it s polaris play ground.
  10. Roosevelt Mark

    What’s everyone hoping for...

    12aw, 3a3c, 29dec wt.
  11. Roosevelt Mark

    help coues unit 24b

    Don't hold your breath kid. Look at last year's leftover list and be prepared to put in for one thus year. Is Derek related to you?
  12. Roosevelt Mark

    12v fridge / freezer in trucks, thoughts

    Perfect. Those little chest freezers freeze ice fast.
  13. Roosevelt Mark

    Velvet Bulls

  14. Roosevelt Mark

    Any ideas?

    Black Panther for sure.