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  1. Roosevelt Mark

    Mule Deer Dew Claws

  2. Roosevelt Mark

    Gotta love it ! SD gov. connects

    Could you imagine our governor doing anything out doors.
  3. Roosevelt Mark

    A Friends Desert Tag

    What a Warrior. Congrats to all involved.
  4. Roosevelt Mark

    Yellow Labs for sale

    Posting for a family member so call or text the number for any questions and pictures. AKC registered Yellow Labs. Born 10/3 and will be available for pickup 11/20. 2FM $850 ea 7M $750 ea East Valley, 480-217-7587
  5. Roosevelt Mark

    Yellow Labs for sale

    All pups are sold, sorry I did not update this earlier.
  6. Roosevelt Mark

    Daughters sheep hunt

    Very nice.
  7. Roosevelt Mark

    Which processor to use for elk?

    Cool, probably still references both names. It's on his website as Holliday as well.
  8. Roosevelt Mark

    Which processor to use for elk?

    Jason and Josh have been my friends for decades. All of my buddies have there cattle processed with these guys. Good honest people and do a premium job. Jason Holliday took over White Tanks Meats several years ago. Look them up as Holliday Processing,
  9. Roosevelt Mark

    Unit 23 success

    Wow, congrats.
  10. Roosevelt Mark

    Coues Cape

    Awesome deal guys, very nice.
  11. Roosevelt Mark

    Had a good hunt.

    Good job guys, nice bull for sure. Congrats.
  12. Roosevelt Mark

    Riffle available for a good price

    I'll take the gun, what country are you in?
  13. Roosevelt Mark

    Back to 4B

    Good one, congratulations.
  14. Roosevelt Mark

    Human skull available

    I'm looking for a cape, male..let me know if you have one. Cash in hand and will pick up. Thanks
  15. Roosevelt Mark

    Hog Hunter estate sale off of items

    A true heart breaker. I hope the sale is a success. RIP
  16. Roosevelt Mark

    Family hunt-

    Right on guys, good for you all. Make them memories. ..the most important thing in life for you and your family. When them kids grow older..and they will...you all will be sitting around talking about it and them kids will remember more than you do. Trust me, it is happening to us now.
  17. Roosevelt Mark

    General Bull Hunts.... Who's going?

    Right on congrats guys.
  18. Roosevelt Mark

    The fire is back

    Right on man, good deer. Only have 1 life so stay positive and get the most out of it.
  19. Roosevelt Mark

    Hitting a deer with a ricochet...

    Dang, that would be some hard eating after all that....Savage for sure.lol
  20. Roosevelt Mark

    (Not mine) Dream buck

    Yep...definitely a shooter. .lol .wow
  21. Roosevelt Mark

    Yellow Labs for sale

    Cute bugger..... 3 pups left as of 23rd.
  22. Roosevelt Mark

    Daughter’s last JR hunt

    Outstanding, nice buck. Congratulations guys.
  23. Roosevelt Mark

    Hang Elk quarters in Upright Freezer

    Now we're talking guys, good stuff.
  24. Roosevelt Mark

    Daughters sheep hunt

    Awesome pictures and video, thanks for sharing with us. Again, congratulations to the young lady and all who were blessed to be involved in the hunt. Life is ALL about making memories.
  25. Roosevelt Mark

    Euro mount from Adam

    Gorgeous. Nice one.