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  1. Roosevelt Mark


    You looking to hand pick and hire him?
  2. Roosevelt Mark


    Define guiding...…..🦌
  3. Roosevelt Mark

    Vortex Optics Truth

    Customer service will give you an estimate, my experience has been a few weeks. They are very helpful and in the USA.
  4. Roosevelt Mark

    Vortex Optics Truth

    The warranty is easy, call them and the will send you the shipping labels, box it and drop it off at UPS store. The will probably send you a new upgraded one.
  5. Roosevelt Mark

    Fishermen nearly won a tournament

    I hope all the people they stole from sue the chit out of them or dig a hole.
  6. Roosevelt Mark

    Forest service question

    They are not working at Roosevelt, I can tell you that. Haven't since COVID.
  7. Roosevelt Mark

    Boat for sale. 15 foot Rinker

    Good boat.
  8. Roosevelt Mark

    Any recent Rosey reports?

    Let me know how you do, I'm going Tuesday. I went out Sat and for 100 + boats at WH it was not bad at all, in and out and everyone was pretty spread out on the water.
  9. Roosevelt Mark

    Recommendations for Outboard Motor Repair Shop

    East Valley..... G and G Marine on Power and Main. They put your name on the list and they will call you when your next to bring your boat down. That way your boat is not sitting in a yard getting dirty or waiting to get hit by something etc. If they were in Phoenix, I would make the trip.
  10. Roosevelt Mark

    Arizona mountain lion attacks person

    Not from around here I guess...
  11. Roosevelt Mark

    Rivers are Running!! Fill them lakes up

    Does anyone know what this spot on the lake is called?
  12. Roosevelt Mark

    Call your double and raise you one.

    That is outstanding guys. A big congrats to all!
  13. Roosevelt Mark


    Nice pigs! The shot placement looks perfect!
  14. Roosevelt Mark

    Pair of nice bucks for my boys.

    Good work guys, Congrats, ...
  15. Roosevelt Mark

    2022 Coues hunts

    Great job guys as always!
  16. Nichols Guide Service, He has the only bait license on the rez. I'm not sure what time of year they do that but give him a call.
  17. Roosevelt Mark

    Setting kids up for the shot

    Remember, That kid is making memories that he will never forget, and he won't forget that. Maybe a half of a chill pill will help you
  18. Roosevelt Mark

    Alamo Elk.

  19. Gun Tooting Libs Everywhere...
  20. Roosevelt Mark

    Chiricahua Wilderness Access

    Yes that is the start of the trail head. Lots of people.
  21. Roosevelt Mark

    3 for 3 in 20C **UPDATED WITH VIDEO**

    Great job guys and great photos.
  22. Roosevelt Mark

    Daughters first general cow hunt

    Congrats! Great pictures also!
  23. Roosevelt Mark

    22 youth cow

    Great job!
  24. Roosevelt Mark

    Taco Time!!!

    Right on!
  25. Roosevelt Mark

    Boys first cow elk hunt in 22

    Great job, congrats!