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  1. Roosevelt Mark

    Wounding bulls

    A few years ago I was in 3c a week after the archery hunt driving around. I smelled several dead animals, just from the road.
  2. Roosevelt Mark

    first archery coues

    Purdy one
  3. Roosevelt Mark

    22S Last Night

    Dude, you got to be f'n kidding. This can't be true. Trolling?
  4. Roosevelt Mark

    Anyone know this truck?

    Ya, no warning shots...
  5. Roosevelt Mark

    Wounding bulls

    This has been going on for years, nothing new. You just hear about it now days.
  6. Roosevelt Mark

    Wounding bulls

    Ban archery....
  7. Roosevelt Mark

    My Sirius radio update

    Typical sales 101, make them say no 3 times then break it off in them.
  8. Roosevelt Mark

    NIB 30/06 & 260R

    A pleasure to talk to you sir.
  9. Roosevelt Mark

    12AW Early Hunt- When does it Snow?

    It snowed and melted before the early hunt last year.
  10. Roosevelt Mark

    Scouting Service Expectations

    I didn't know a service as such existed here in Az. When it gets closer and if you haven't herd anything from him let us know. Plenty of people on here will help you I'm sure. Maybe the dude is out elk hunting or something.
  11. Roosevelt Mark

    Weimaraner for sale!

    I'm sorry, but this is stupid funny. Or is it funy?
  12. Roosevelt Mark


    It seems like they are state wide now. 35 years ago the only place you would see them was down south.
  13. Roosevelt Mark

    Weimaraner for sale!

  14. Roosevelt Mark

    Weimaraner for sale!

    People sell dogs on here all the time, what's the big deal.... Good luck on the sale.
  15. Roosevelt Mark

    How Was Your Day?

    That's cool. I never seen anyone jig a fly pole before.
  16. Roosevelt Mark

    Utah - Nine Mile Unit

    Where is that? I never herd of it before.
  17. Roosevelt Mark

    Fruits of success.

    I vacuum seal that stuff
  18. Roosevelt Mark

    First velvet

    Right on!
  19. Roosevelt Mark

    Fruits of success.

    Looks like your out of ice, you should keep the plug pulled so the meat isn't soaking in bloody water. Congrats on a kill.
  20. Roosevelt Mark


    Am I in trouble again?
  21. Roosevelt Mark

    NIB 30/06 & 260R

    Put me in line for the compass if it makes it this far. Cheers....
  22. Roosevelt Mark

    Anyone have a wall tent they are sick of?

    It looks like your in prison with that fence in the back.lol
  23. Roosevelt Mark

    Dodge Diesel Mechanic East Valley

    Urea, N2, nitrogen, fertilizer.
  24. Roosevelt Mark

    Dodge Diesel Mechanic East Valley

    I have not had a single issue with my Cummings. But it only has 3700 miles on it, It's new, the power is crazy. I tow a 35 ft 5th wheel with It and get 14 mpg. Do that with a gasser.
  25. Right on man, you are a hunter and a sportsman. Congrats. Thank you.