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  1. massivecoues'

    Hunting Camper for sale (SOLD)

    SOLD! Thank you for looking!
  2. SOLD! Thanks for looking!
  3. massivecoues'

    Swarovski window mount

    PM sent
  4. massivecoues'

    High Quality Silverado 1500 Truck Cover $100

    Will it fit a 2014 Chevy? Are you willing to ship?
  5. massivecoues'

    2008 Polaris Ranger 700 XP

    Still for sale?
  6. massivecoues'

    Kuiu- first lite- kings camo

    Message sent! Thanks
  7. massivecoues'

    Hoyt UltraSport ZR 100 $200

    No takers?
  8. massivecoues'

    Hoyt UltraSport ZR 100 $200

    Thanks tjhunt2! This is a great bow and I would love for it to go to coueswhitetail member!
  9. massivecoues'

    Hoyt UltraSport ZR 100 $200

  10. massivecoues'

    Hoyt UltraSport ZR 100 $200

    Well I am from NM and your right I don't post on here very often. I have been on this website a long time and enjoy the website. I have sold daypacks to tanclan4 and a swaro spotting scope to coueshunter so you are more than welcome to PM them to see if I am legit. I have never had a problem dealing with checks or money order but if I need PayPal I will set one up. Plus give me a call or text and I am more than willing to talk. Thanks!
  11. massivecoues'

    Hoyt UltraSport ZR 100 $200

    Hello All!! I am selling my bow to start saving up for a new bow! The bow is a Hoyt UltraSport ZR 100 with the Cam&1/2. The cam is adjustable from 27.5 to 30 inch draw length. The bow is currently set at 27.5 inches. This bow has a brand new winners choice string and is a great hunting bow! I am the only owner of this bow. This bow has NEVER been dry fired. I have used this bow for all my archery hunts so you know there is some wear and tear on the bow. On the plus side the bow has already been broken in on some Gila bulls! I am selling the bow for $200 so if you have a small budget or are just beginning in the world of archery this is a great bow! Send me a PM or text/call at five, seven, five- three, one, three- zero, nine, two, six if you have any questions! Thanks for looking and happy shopping! I am open to offers as well!
  12. massivecoues'


    I finally was able to have time to check my email! I sent you an email back! Thanks!
  13. massivecoues'

    More NM Sheds from 4/14/13

    PM Sent WFGinNM I cant find your email
  14. massivecoues'


    Im located near Santa Fe, NM. I will cover shipping.
  15. massivecoues'


    TTT Someone take this off my hands!!