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  1. broadhead

    New 6.5mm 156 Berger Elite Hunter

    Perfect thanks!
  2. In case anyone has been trying to find some RL16, the Ace on Houghton and Valencia has some on the shelf plus a box up top.
  3. broadhead

    New 6.5mm 156 Berger Elite Hunter

    Is it pushing the threshold of too much bullet for coues deer? I’m a little concerned that a closer shot (say inside 150 yards) might be be a mess.
  4. broadhead

    Last Minute 36B Tips

    Hopefully this cooler weather gets them on their feet a little during daylight for you. I’ve been in a different unit scouting for December and same thing. Does does does. But it was still almost 80 so I would be laid up during the day too.
  5. broadhead

    New 6.5mm 156 Berger Elite Hunter

    This is a year plus old thread but I thought someone might have put these to use on a coues by now. I have an extremely accurate load for it using N565 and am hoping the bullet performs well at distances up to about 500 yards
  6. broadhead

    WTB 12 gauge shotgun

    Where are you located?
  7. broadhead

    WTB 6.5 Prc ammo

    Unknown Munitions has some and will load it to SAAMI spec or to a seating depth you prefer. It’s pricey and they take a couple weeks to load it for you, but it’s available with Berger and Hornady if I remember correctly.
  8. broadhead

    ISO H1000 Powder

    Where are you located? I have maybe half a pound you can have but I’m outside Tucson.
  9. broadhead

    Hornady Lock n Load Single Stage Reloading Press

    TTT. Sale fell through.
  10. $150 firm Browning Recon Force Advantage trail camera with security box, strap, python cable, 8 fresh Energizer Ultimate lithium batteries and one 32 GB SD card. Like new condition. Located outside Tucson.
  11. broadhead

    WTB Kifaru Gun Bearer

    When I was on the site a little while ago it said they were sold out and couldn’t back order. Thanks for the link. Just ordered!
  12. broadhead

    WTB Kifaru Gun Bearer

    Not much to add to the subject line. Located outside Tucson. If you are willing to part with one please let me know.
  13. $125 Selling my single stage Hornady press. Excellent condition, no damage and complete except I lost the large primer cup (which I never used). Comes with multiple lock n load bushings and an Inline Fabrication quick detach mounting plate (not the riser mount). Please PM if interested.
  14. broadhead

    High Quality Silverado 1500 Truck Cover $100

    Probably will. Mine was the 5 1/4 bed and it fit very well. I’ll ship if you don’t mind covering it.