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  1. broadhead

    Brass Annealing

    What caliber do you need annealed?
  2. broadhead

    Brass Annealing

  3. broadhead

    Spartan Javelin Bipod (Long) $130

    Sale is pending. I will update once it's done.
  4. WTS Spartan Javelin long carbon fiber bipod with Christensen Arms logo in one side. Excellent condition, no damage. Legs and feet work like new. Original box and all components included. Very light. Perfect for backcountry hunting rifle. $130 firm.
  5. WTS $60 Nightforce 34mm top scope ring bubble level. No damage. Like new. T15 scope ring screws included.
  6. broadhead


    Sale Pending
  7. broadhead


  8. broadhead


    Sale Pending
  9. I'm interested in the tumbler my phone number is (520)248-0979 if you could text me or call to figure out a time for me to pick it up

  10. broadhead


  11. broadhead

    Wtt federal 210m or 215m primers

    Would you be willing to sell any of the 210m or only looking to trade?
  12. broadhead


  13. broadhead

    Brass Annealing

    I had some interest so I can explain the annealer a little bit. The machine is an Annealing Made Perfect (AMP) that uses induction heating rather than flame. If you are annealing a particular piece of brass for the first time with the machine (i.e. Lapua 6.5 CM) you must first analyze a piece of brass for the annealer to determine the proper heat and time to anneal. The analysis process destroys that piece of brass and generates a code that is used for the rest of the brass for that brand. If you are doing serious precision shooting AMP recommends analyzing one piece of brass from that manufacturer each time you get a new lot. Generally speaking, the higher quality the brass the less variance there will be between lots but if that much detail is not required for what you need it's probably not necessary. If I have to analyze a piece of brass before I anneal it because it's a new one for me I will knock a dollar off the price per 100 casings annealed to make up for sacrificing a piece of your brass. If you don't shoot extreme long range and you use quality brass like Norma, ADG, or Lapua it is less likely you will notice a difference between lots but that is your call to make. Once the machine has the code needed for that case (brand and caliber) it's just plug and play. There is no need to eye up heating times, no need for Tempilaq, and no judgement calls, i.e human error, on whether the brass is annealed properly. The machine is ready to go right out of the box (literally) as long as you have the pilots and shell holders. As of now I have the parts needed for the calibers listed above and have the parts for 6.5 Creedmoor, 6mm Creedmoor, 7mm Rem Mag, and 300 RUM on the way. If interested please don't be shy. The process is actually fun for me so if it helps shooters get a little better performance out of their brass then all the better.
  14. broadhead

    Brass Annealing

    I recently picked up an induction annealer. In talking to a few guys it occurred to me that more guys would anneal more regularly if it wasn't for the time and hassle (and price) of everything that comes with it. If anyone is interested in having their brass annealed I would be happy to do it for you for $10 per 100 rounds. I'm in the Tucson area and would be willing to meet you somewhere if you would like to have it done. If not in the area I would still happily run them for the price of shipping back to you. Currently I have the pilots and shell holders to anneal 308 WIN, 243 WIN, 7mm-08, 260 REM, and 6.5 PRC. The necessary parts for 6.5 CM, 6mm CM, 300 win mag, and 7mm Rem mag can be here in a few days if I get the interest. If you have a less common cartridge and are interested let me know and we can discuss it. Obviously not trying to get rich with it but I don't mind doing it so if you're interested reach out. Please PM me if you would like the details on the annealer and the process.
  15. broadhead

    H1000 for trade

    I have one unused bottle of 4831SC in Tucson.