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  1. broadhead

    A little freaked out today

    I often wonder how many times I've been watched and how close I've been to a cat that was aware of me and never knew it. I glassed up my first one last summer and it was humbling to see it in person, even from 600 yards away. They're definitely an animal that commands respect.
  2. broadhead

    Swarovski EL 8X32 Field Pro $1500

    I'm begrudgingly putting bumping this thread to see if anyone is interested. Please no lowball offers as the price listed here is firm. PM if interested.
  3. broadhead

    Glassing Seat/Pad from Phoenix Shooting Bags

    Got mine on Friday. I definitely was in need of a new quality glassing pad and so far I have an excellent first impression of this one. Can't wait to get it out to break it in.
  4. broadhead

    Sight In Question - Help Needed

    Right after I read the replies earlier in the thread I ordered a very similar one from the same company. I'm sure that will help but the more I think about it the more I'm sure that when I was shooting yesterday I was leaning myself around the rifle and not squaring on it which is a really bad habit and almost guarantees my groups will be off. Now all I want to do is get back on the range and figure it out. Yesterday was the last of the break in rounds so now that I'm done with that I can shoot as much as I want. I can take my time and get it right. Thanks again everyone.
  5. broadhead

    Sight In Question - Help Needed

    Thanks guys. Reading your comments absolutely makes me more confident in what is going on and they are very much appreciated. I think the first thing to try is to raise my cheek to stock to eliminate the inconsistency in sight picture. The next thing I look forward to doing is shooting from the prone. I have never been able to get completely comfortable on a bench, and even though a good bipod and squeeze bag are making me very steady and my groups are tight I'm still ending up leaning over the gun and reinforcing bad form. I would bet dollars to pesos that without realizing it yesterday I was leaning over and around the rifle rather than squaring up on it then dropping my cheek which was sure to change my sight picture. Okay the plan is set. Thanks again.
  6. broadhead

    Sight In Question - Help Needed

    Well I'm able to make contact with my cheek to stock but I'm not able to relax my cheek on the stock. Regardless it seems like that is where I'm lacking consistency and causing the issue isn't it?
  7. About a month ago I got back into rifle hunting and in doing so got a new rifle and scope. I just finished my first 50 rounds through the barrel following the manufacturer's break in procedures, and while doing that have been working on getting the rifle zeroed at 100 yards. Two weekends ago I was about 1" right so after shooting I made the necessary adjustments and went back to the range the next weekend to pick up where I left off, thinking I should be pretty close to dead on but this time after shooting again I was about 1 - 1 1/4" off to the left. So thinking I wasn't paying attention when I adjusted I made the necessary clicks to put it back to what should have been dead on. Yesterday I went back again expecting to be all in the center circle but this time I was almost exactly 1" right again. The good news is the groups are excellent now - almost 1/3" 4 shot group - but the bad news obviously is that while the shot groups are excellent the point of impact of the groups is not. I did the obvious checks and the windage adjustments are 1/4"/100 yards. The rings are tight and my trigger squeeze was good. Wind effect was negligible at best. The one thing that I immediately suspect is that because I need to keep my cheek off the stock a little bit to get a full sight picture I might be inconsistent with how my eye is lining up in the scope but I didn't think with a high end scope that should be an issue. The bullet should go where the cross hairs lie, no? Maybe I'm wrong. Based on everything the most likely culprit is shooter's error - but what is the error? I'm thinking about adding a cheek riser to help with that issue and I should make sure I'm lining my body up square with the rifle as opposed to leaning over it, which I may have been doing yesterday. I'm not experienced enough with rifle shooting to recognize what's going on so if anyone can help me out I would greatly appreciate it. At this point I plan to go back to the range and keep shooting 3 shot groups to see what happens but anything insight would be great. Thanks!
  8. broadhead

    First timer questions

    In regards to the chances of encountering illegals it depends a lot on how far south you're actually going and where you actually plan to be. There are plenty of very good hunting areas that are nowhere near frequent smuggling routes or the routes coyotes take the border jumpers on. Most of the routes work their way up to I-10 where they catch a ride to Tucson and Phoenix so generally speaking if you're not between the border and the interstate there's not much to worry about. If you do plan to hunt near the border it pays to be smart about it and if you can avoid it don't go alone. I live on the north end of 34A and have hunted 33 a little bit so if you're looking this far south feel free to send me a PM.
  9. broadhead

    SOLD Please Delete

  10. broadhead

    Anyone shooting the 6.5 PRC

    I didn't know much about the 300 PRC at all until I read an article yesterday. Seems like a pure precision extreme long range shooting cartridge geared toward competition shooting, especially with those A Tip bullets they're talking about. I'm no expert but as a hunting round I can't see why the 300 win mag wouldn't be the preferred option if that's what you wanted.
  11. broadhead

    Anyone shooting the 6.5 PRC

    That's really cool. I'll probably add one at some point to play around with and hand down to my son someday. And I agree, the 6.5, whatever variant you go with, seems to be an excellent round for deer out here.
  12. broadhead

    Anyone shooting the 6.5 PRC

    If I could afford to have a collection of whatever rifles I wanted I would get one. Growing up where the standard deer rifle was a 30-06, 7mm, 30/30 etc I didn't know much about them until I started hearing more about the Creedmoor and as a result the different 6.5 cartridges. Too bad I didn't know about them back when I was a kid or I might have grown up on a different rifle than my 243.
  13. broadhead

    Anyone shooting the 6.5 PRC

    I see this is an old post but I started shooting it. I haven't had it long and as of now I have less than 50 rounds through the barrel as I follow the manufacturer's break in instructions but can tell you I'm very happy with it so far. I am on the fence about whether or not to get into the reloading game but the way the ELD X is shooting out of this rifle so far I'm less inclined to do so. Maybe just to cut costs and get around availability if it doesn't improve in the next few months because the current availability of ammo is the only issue I'm running into right now. As for results, again, with only 40 something rounds down the barrel I've seen the groups shrink from around 1" to approximately .62" (100 yards). I'm shooting a Christensen Arms Ridgeline with the radial muzzle brake and the recoil is no issue, feels like a 243 to me. I'm not an extreme long range shooter and went with the PRC mostly because after doing quite a bit of research I wanted a little extra energy from the round out to 500 yards (my limit for a shot on a mule deer). I also suspect a better shooter would be getting better than my .62' groups right now. This is where someone will inevitably jump in and whine about the PRC and CM because meh 284 and 6.5 Swede blah blah blah - apparently it's important for everyone to know they don't like what someone else shoots - but whatever. You can do your own research and learn about the BC and performance of the different rounds. I hope a few more manufacturers begin to produce a PRC hunting round but even if not I'm so far very happy with the groups I'm getting with the ELD X and will carry that rifle on any deer hunt with absolutely no question about its performance on any shot I'm comfortable taking. Hope this helps.
  14. broadhead

    Unit 23 New Mexico Mule Deer

    How did it go? I drew a November rifle mule deer tag and would love to know how your experience went.
  15. Hey guys Not trying to have all the answers handed to me, just trying to get a general heads up. I drew a NM Unit 23 November mule deer tag and with work and the baby I likely won't be able to get out and scout more than once or twice. If anyone has hunted the unit would you be willing to provide any general information like areas to avoid so I don't waste the time I will have (i.e. few mule deer compared to Coues, access issues etc) I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks and good luck to everyone who drew a tag! b