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    CC hits

    I tell myself I won't fall for that every year but I don't listen.
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    No hood
  4. Finally decided to let go of my riding vest and jacket. Don’t ride anymore so even tho I love them both they’re just hanging in a closet doing me no good. Both were made by Espinoza’s Leather Company outside LA. If you know about Espinoza’s you know how high quality their work is. They were made to fit me but if I had to estimate a size it would be Lg/XL/tall. I’m 6’4” 245 and they fit loosely. the vest is genuine cowhide with red piping and bandana style interior lining. Interior deep pockets and exterior side pockets. $175 Jacket is leather on the arms and upper chest and shoulders with charcoal denim from there down. Inside lining is made from a Dixxon Flannel Company shirt. Contains deep interior pockets and exterior pockets on the sides. Zipper and snaps to close it up. Used to take it up I-10 between Benson and Tucson at about 90 in the mornings in December and January and never felt the wind. $275 If you are interested or know someone who might be please hit me up. Located near Tucson.
  5. I'm kind of following up off of a thread I posted a couple months ago so forgive me but I'm still debating which AR I want to get and am still looking at the 16" barrel Recce style rifles such as the BCMs. Just wondering if anyone out there has any experience coyote hunting with one, and if so what range your shots are typically. The overwhelming consensus I've received so far is most shots are at or within 150 yards and a good Recce rifle with 55 grain Vmax loads may get you anywhere from 1-2 MOA. Seems sufficient to me but still wanted to ask. Thanks in advance guys.
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    Yeah my bad. $200 is good but that would be lowest I'd be interested in taking. Thanks for passing the word to your buddy.
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    WTB - Remington Wingmaster 870

    I just posted an 870 magnum express if you’re interested.
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    That would help wouldn’t it? Edited, $225.
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    Looking for 20 gauge Shotgun

    I have a 20 gauge that currently has a slug barrel on it for deer hunting the thick stuff in the Midwest. I believe it's a Browning but I would have to double check for sure if you were interested. Located near Tucson. Otherwise I have an 870 n 12 gauge and a Browning that is basically the exact model in case you're not totally decided on a 20 gauge.
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    SOLD Please Delete

    Reply sent
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    SOLD Please Delete

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    SOLD Please Delete