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  1. broadhead

    6.5 PRC

    Browning is offering a variety of their X Bolts in 6.5 PRC (Speed included), as is Savage, Sauer, Howa and a few others from what I've read. The ammo availability issue will hopefully be resolved soon. Today I called around and was shocked to find out that a local shop has cases of it on hand and ON SALE. My initial reaction was that if you already have a 6.5 CM set up for hunting you probably won't be gaining much by getting a PRC but on the other hand get whatever rifle you want and have fun. If I could afford it I'd probably have more too. Point is, do your research and determine what will work best for you (yes, there are similar rounds to the PRC on the market but no, they're not the same). Whenever I've tried to make a decision on something like this, be it a rifle, binoculars, boots, whatever, there is plenty of speculation and opinions flying around based on personal biases, and most of which don't apply to me. In this case the readily available information helped me make a lot of comparisons and get me to where I was comfortable making a decision and then I just pulled the trigger on one (pun intended obviously). Good luck and send me a PM with what you decide to go with. I'll be starting the learning curve soon too and I'd be interested to know what you end up doing.
  2. I have two basically identical bird guns so I figured I’d put one up for sale. Remington 870 Express Magnum 28” 12 gauge, synthetic black. Pristine condition, used almost exclusively for pheasant hunts back home in a cold state. Asking $300. PM if interested, thanks.
  3. broadhead

    Swarovski EL 8X32 Field Pro $1500

    Honestly I'm still trying to bring myself to let go of them lol
  4. broadhead

    Swarovski EL 8X32 Field Pro $1500

    Pics added
  5. broadhead

    UofA seriously?

    Not the slightest bit surprised by any of this anymore.
  6. I decided that since I'm investing in a new rifle I need to free up some room on the budget so I'm testing the waters to find out if there's any interest in my Swaro 8x32 ELs field pro package. Asking $1500 firm. They are in great shape with no damage except one tiny nick on the metal ring that surrounds the lens. I paired them with the 12x50s and they quickly became my favorite glass for everything that didn't require a tripod. They're excellent, very light little binoculars and everything you'd expect from Swarovski ELs. They come with the original box and all accessories. Please PM if interested. Located near Tucson. **Sorry I didn’t post pictures sooner but here they are.
  7. broadhead

    6.5 PRC

    I've been looking into the PRC for the rifle I'm about to buy. Several manufacturers are offering it right now, with Christensen Arms and Savage being two off the top of my head. As mentioned above the main con seems to be the fact that currently only Hornady makes a round for it, and only one hunting round even though the ELD-X is a definitely a good round. I've been researching everything I can so allow me to brain dump what I've learned. One article I read brought summed it up really well. WIth several very good 6.5 rounds currently on the market it wouldn't make a lot of sense to get the PRC if you already have a CM or a Norma, Swede, etc but if you're like me and looking to get your first rifle in that category it's probably worth taking a serious look at, depending on what you're hunting and how far you're shooting. I took advantage of Hornady's ballistic calculator and compared the PRC to both the CM and the 200 grain 300 WINMAG and I was pretty surprised with what it showed (admittedly I haven't shot it yet so it's all computer data at this point). The PRC fires the same bullet as the CM but carries significantly more energy and speed. It even beats the 300 in speed and trajectory (but not energy of course). This is very helpful to me because I hunt a lot of coues but mulies are always an option as well and I want a round that will carry enough speed and energy out to 500 yards so in the event I get a shot on an animal up to that distance I don't have to think twice about making an ethical shot. I do not hunt elk with a rifle, at least yet. I know... plenty of guys have dropped a mulie or elk with a CM at that range but that's not the point. My point is a round that carries 1600 ft/lbs of energy at 500 yards vs a round that carries 1300 at the same distance, and almost 2250 ft/sec versus 2030, that drops less and expands on impact as well is going to be an attractive option. Nobody can decide what rifle suits you best so just do the reading and decide if it's an option or if you're better off going with a CM or even a 300. Those are the pros and cons that I've learned so far. I think if it wasn't for the fact that the availability of ammo options is so limited right now it wouldn't even be a question, It would be the PRC hands down. Personally I like having a little extra energy and velocity at the longer range of the distance I want to be able to shoot deer. I also like the flatter trajectory on distances out to 800 yards for when I eventually can practice out to that distance with less recoil for longer range days. But on the other hand the proven track record of the CM and the wide availability of ammo makes the Creedmoor and other rounds like the 300 pretty tempting. Good luck and let us know what you end up going with. I'm interested to hear how guys like the new round.
  8. broadhead

    Deadline Wednesday Mar 20th 5:00 PM

    I decided to put in too and was pretty impressed with how easy it was. Maybe I'll get lucky and pull a tag. Good luck everyone.
  9. broadhead

    Dad Passes

    Very sorry for your loss. My dad passed away two years ago. He was the one who got me started in the woods too and bought me my first rifle and gutted my first deer. Exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam finally caught up with him at only 65. Happy for the time I had with him.
  10. broadhead


    Welcome. This is a great site with lots of guys who are willing to help you out. I'm sure you'll find the learning curve is pretty steep here but if you keep a positive attitude it's a lot of fun. Some tough hunting but beautiful terrain and fun animals to hunt. Good luck.
  11. broadhead

    Teacher fired for giving ZEROS

    I love the whiteboard message.
  12. broadhead

    How did everyone do this year?

    Did you fill your December tag? That can be a tough draw but what a great rifle hunt.
  13. broadhead

    How did everyone do this year?

    That sounds like a pretty awesome season even if you didn't fill your tags. I went back and forth about applying for archery elk this year versus buying a point but decided to try to draw even if the odds are really low for bull tags. My 3 4 and 5 option went to cow applications just to try to get some experience and see some different units. I have never hunted elk and have no idea what I'm doing so I'm sure if I manage to draw a tag it will be a really fun train wreck of a hunt haha. And if I don't draw I'll just try again with another point next year.
  14. broadhead

    How did everyone do this year?

    I know technically January archery is the first hunt of the year but it always feels like the end of the season to me so I'm calling it that. How did everyone end up this year? Successes? Lessons learned? New gear tested? Crazy stories? Close calls? Goals for fall? I'll start. I'm still very new to western hunting. This was my second season out here after growing up mostly rifle and shotgun hunting in Wisconsin then not hunting for almost a decade due to military obligation. Got back into it the year before last and realized I knew absolutely nothing about western hunting so I definitely had my work cut out for me. Had a really fun first year learning how to glass and getting familiar with new gear available. One thing I realized after that first year was I needed camping gear and some optics upgrades So I saved up everything I could and got the best binoculars out there. What a difference. Deer jumped out at me and my ability to glass got much better too. Unfortunately I didn't get to spend nearly as much time out on the mountain as I hoped to this season. A nagging injury kept me out of the game almost all fall and with the wife nearing the point of giving birth I had to stick close to home for December and January. Nonetheless I checked out a spot literally two miles as the crow flies from my front door so I spent as much time as I could scouting around looking for a place to set up for the late season. I ended up seeing more bucks than I ever thought I would in that spot but it was a season of so close but so far away. Rutting bucks were sneaking past just out of reach from where I was setting up in an ambush or I'd lose them in the flats when I was glassing. Finally after the rut I was sitting on a hill surrounded by hikers, pig hunters and even a bird hunter kicking around trying to flush some quail. I had mostly accepted the season was coming to a close with my tag very well in tact when I decided to sit up on a hill and glass a little since the weather was so nice. Within five minutes I spotted a bedded buck watching the same activity I was watching, including the three horseback riders that walked through the wash right below him. I put a stalk on him but without a spotter I ended up beneath him a little and I looked up in time to see him bound away. I have so much to learn. This year I decided to put in for elk and I think when early archery comes back around I'm going to have to push up into the higher elevations to tree stand hunt the pines. Hope you all had success last season and are looking forward to the next year. I'd love to hear what you guys (and gals) had going for you!
  15. broadhead

    Coues rut

    Going crazy in 34A.