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  1. broadhead

    First Time Hunter, Coues whitetail hunt

    Awesome success story. Congratulations on a great Coues buck!
  2. There is some very good coues hunting to be had in border units so if you're willing to drive a couple extra hours you can get into some good habitat. Last year I moved to the north end of 34A and have been getting out when I can to learn the new areas and it's been fun. I also know a couple people way south (like Hereford) that have a good line on what the deer are doing. Let me know if I can be of any help. January is a great time to hunt the high desert here. The elevation gets up to about 5000 ft and up as you go further south so if you plan to be hiking the ridges I'd start preparing for it as soon as possible.
  3. I love mine. Decided on the 6.5 PRC for a little extra energy and velocity over the Creedmoor out to around 500 yards while still keeping the recoil down. I have a couple hundred rounds down mine now and I'm very happy. I will say that I broke in and zeroed it in late spring when the temps down here in Tucson were hanging in the mid 80s and was getting around .5 MOA when I was shooting well. When summer temps shot up over 105 the factory 143 grain ELDX ammo started getting really erratic to the point where I avoided shooting for the entire month of September in an effort to remove some variables with what was going on (the 147 match were still very accurate though). In that time I started hand loading and when I went back in October in cooler temps the hand loads were stacking 5 shots groups touching each other so I'm hopeful that as I increase the charge up to about 2900 fps that accuracy will hold. Overall the rifle is pleasant to shoot. It's lightweight and comfortable to handle and in a few months when the ATF kindly grants me permission to possess my own property I'll be adding a suppressor which will really make it fun (the muzzle brake is pretty loud). The only issue I have had was a bad extractor spring which Christensen promptly sent me replacement parts at no charge. The bolt is not quite as smooth as I would have liked for a rifle in that price range but it has never caused me any issues cycling the action. All in all if I had the option of going back in time and making the decision all over again I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again. Hope this helps.
  4. broadhead

    Help in 36A I

    I can't help you in terms of camp grounds but I struck out on all my draws this year and am just waiting for archery to open again. I live on the northern border or 34A so I'm not far away from there. If you would like an extra set of eyes I'd be more than happy to help you glass up some deer in an unfamiliar unit. No worries if not but feel free to PM me if you're interested. Good luck.
  5. broadhead

    Big Buck Down

    That's one beautiful Coues buck. He'll look great hanging on the wall. Well done and congratulations!
  6. Apparently. In general I really like Hornady's products but this one irked me a little. Oh well, not the end of the world.
  7. Ok great. Thanks guys. Glad that’s all it was.
  8. Ok thanks. I have the new stem on the way. Frustrating... Do you know if the custom stem will work for the Berger elite hunter bullets as well? Thanks again.
  9. **Edit** Did some more digging. Looks like I need the custom seating stem for the ELD-X bullets, don't I? I just started reloading and ran into an issue that I'm not sure is normal or if I screwed up my die setup. I setup the seating die according to the Hornady instructions but when I run the bullet up after placing it in the mouth of the case the bullet tip contacts the die and blunts the tip just a little as it seats it. When I make further adjustments to the seating depth everything is smooth and easy like I expected it to be. Did I screw this up or is this normal? I feel like I must be ruining the bullet when that happens to the tip. Thanks!
  10. broadhead

    Looking for a couple Hornady 143 ELDX bullets

    Thanks for the replies and offers to help, everyone. Got it taken care of!
  11. broadhead

    Looking for a couple Hornady 143 ELDX bullets

    PM sent, yes 6.5mm. Thank you!
  12. Kind of an unusual request but I'm looking to get my hands on only two or three 143 ELDX bullets - not cartridges, just the bullets. I'm playing around with with different bullets on my deer rifle with my OAL gauge and I'd like to measure a few without having to buy and entire box. I'd happily PayPal you a few dollars to cover the cost of an envelope and postage if you're not in the Tucson area. If anyone would be willing to help please PM me. Thanks! dan
  13. broadhead


    They might be spoken for already but if not you guys are next in line. Should know today.
  14. broadhead


  15. broadhead

    Snake Gaiter recommendations

    I sweat a ton and regularly end up with my pants and shirt soaked through in the early months. Not once have I noticed any difference when I had the turtleskins on.