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    Eddie Bauer guide pro pants

    I wear these pants regularly in the fall, winter and spring. Very comfortable.
  2. archery bank

    2018 kuiu gear medium/large/superdown/32

    Sent you a PM
  3. archery bank

    SPOT messaging service

    Another thumbs up for Inreach. Worked from Mexico during deer hunt.
  4. archery bank

    New hipbelt for outdoorsman pack

    Heat, thanks for the reply. My main pack is an Exo 3500. I will look into the Kifaru hip belt and see if I can make it work.
  5. Anyone ever replaced the hip belt on an Outdoorsman pack with another premium brand?
  6. archery bank

    Unit 33 Late Dec

    Hunt both areas, you have lots of time.
  7. archery bank

    Lees ferry

    I fish there quite a bit. I have fished this river for the last 25 yrs and spent the last two weekends up there. Last year there was a fish kill and I estimate 2/3 of the population was lost. The good news is that the remaining fish are healthy and strong. The average size fish is around 15" with the upper end around 19". The summer time temps can be brutal in July but the crowds are lower. I have not fished the winter there in about 15 yrs. It can be very cold. May/June then Sept/Oct are good times to camp on the river. With regards to the crowds the weekends are always busy. There are on average 3 to 5 guide boats on the river during the summer on Sat-Sun.
  8. archery bank

    7mm WSM - Favorite Loads?

    168 berger classic hunters with Win 780. Unfortunately 780 is not available any more
  9. KT tape. I sprained my ankle on last years elk hunt and this stuff saved me.
  10. Look into a Zodi hot tap shower if you are tent camping. Keeping clean and scent free is important.
  11. archery bank

    Anyone reloading for a .264 win mag?

    I have a Sako L6R1 that I replaced the barrel with a Brux 8 twist. I used Retumbo with the berger 140 hybids. Velocity is 3050fps.