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  1. mullmann

    Kopfjager reaper grip

    Purchased in 2021 and used on one hunt. Thought I would use it more, but I haven’t. Currently setup for left handed shooter, but can be set up for a right handed shooter. Works great just has a couple blemishes from transport and hunting. $300 shipped or $290 pickup in Chandler. Mark
  2. mullmann

    Specialized kids hot rock

  3. mullmann

    Cabelas day pack

  4. mullmann

    Small Pelican hard case

  5. mullmann


  6. Redding type s bushing style neck die #71288. Located in Chandler. $65 shipped, $60 picked up. Mark
  7. mullmann

    Specialized kids hot rock

    More garage clean out. Very used Kids specialized hot rock. I think it’s a 16 but could be a 12. My son used it from age 5-7. Tires are warn but hold air. Located in Chandler. $30. Mark
  8. mullmann

    Cabelas day pack

  9. mullmann

    Small Pelican hard case

  10. mullmann

    Ziess Conquest 10x42 Binoculars SOLD

    If my wife wouldn’t divorce me I would buy them. I still owe her for last years rifle build. Great price.
  11. mullmann

    Fs Winchester Model 12 20ga

    I have two in 20 gauge in my safe and dove hunt with them. My father and uncle have them in 12 gauge. Great guns. EDIT: ours are browning model 12 not Winchester
  12. mullmann

    SOLD TBAC 5/8-24 30CB brake

    Thunderbeast Arms 30CB brake and peel washer. Only used for 5 or so rounds. I switched to another adapter. $75 local pickup in Chandler, $80 shipped. Thanks Mark