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  1. romytfd

    ISO 300 Win Mag Brass/Dies

    I'm Located in Tucson Also
  2. romytfd

    Item found in 36B

  3. romytfd

    300 win mag load

    Thanks, I was thinking so dumping my 300, But I'll try the 168 or 178 now.
  4. romytfd

    6.5 PRC

    It will take a few years for the 6.5 PRC ammo/brass to catch up. I recall when the Creedmoor came out. Winchester Match 140, Hornady 120 Amax, and Nosler were the only ones making ammo. So any time a new bullet came out I bought it. Now look at the Market. I'm thinking of the PCR as an alternate also.
  5. romytfd

    ISO 300 Win Mag Brass/Dies

    How much are you looking for? Where are you located? I'm selling my 300 so let me know what you still need.
  6. Thanks for the Buy More D!!
  7. Thanks for the Bump.
  8. Thanks for the Bump.
  9. ttTTT
  10. ttt
  11. Stream Lining my Clutter! I have some stuff for Sale Powder: Acuurate 4350 2-1lb Bottles $30for both Reloader 17 2-1lb. Bottles $30 for both Bullets: Hornady 45cal 250gr FTX 50ct $10 Hornady 6.5 129 SST 100ct $50.00 Hornady 30cal. 165gr Interbond 76ct $20.00 Barnes 6.5 120gr TSX 50 Ct. $20.00 Muzzleloader: Barnes 45cal w sabot 290 gr. T-EZ-B 39ct. $30.00 Nosler BT 300gr 45 cal w/ Sabot 23ct. $10.00 In Tucson but I can send the Bullets by mail. Let me know Lets make a Deal?