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  1. romytfd

    9mm Makorov

    Anybody shoot this stuff? PM Me I some ammo
  2. romytfd

    Wtb 30-06 ammo

    Sportsman had 180 grai. Today
  3. romytfd

    Needed 300 Win Mag 178gr. ELDX

    Ammo if I can!
  4. Looking for some 300 win mag 178 ELD X. I have 300 win Mag 200 gr. ELDX too trade or some 6.5 PRC ELD 147 Match or 143 ELDX I trade trade also. Not interested in selling or other trades. Thanks for looking
  5. romytfd

    please delete

    Going up on Ebay. Thanks for looking
  6. romytfd

    please delete

  7. romytfd

    please delete

    I have two Vortex Scopes Viper PST 6.5-24 x 50 FFP comes with One Flip Cover with a 20moa rail for a Remington 700 LA (no screws) $600.00 Crossfire II 6-18 x44 1in tube. Used as a range/zeroing scope for several rifle. markings are from moving to different rifle. $150.00 Located in Tucson. DM if interested Will place on Ebay monday if it doesn't sell
  8. romytfd

    Sold Please Delete

    Sold Pending
  9. romytfd

    Sold Please Delete

    $550.00 For the Package!
  10. romytfd

    Sold Please Delete

    $550.00 For the Package!
  11. romytfd

    Sold Please Delete

  12. romytfd

    Sold Please Delete

  13. romytfd

    Sold Please Delete

    Brand new in boxes a 6.5 Creedmoor in Browning A-Bolt. $450.00 Firm Vortex 3-9 x 40 BDC. 125.00 Firm AZ Drivers License and Bill of Sale. $550.00 for the Package
  14. romytfd

    6.5 prc trade

    Where are you located?