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  1. grunt

    Powder for sale/trade

    N560 spoken for. Willing to take a substantial loss on trade value for the N568.
  2. grunt

    Powder for sale/trade

    N565 trade pending.
  3. grunt

    Powder for sale/trade

    Unless someone wants trade the N565 in the next 24hrs the N565 is sold to Viper.
  4. grunt

    Powder for sale/trade

    I Have N560 sealed, N565 sealed, and N568(opened 3 days ago and 480gr used). $300 for 560 and 565 $360 for 568 Thats what i paid for them. Looking for 30cal 205, 215 bergers 212 eldx or 225 eldm And 8lbers RL26 Prefer trades first before sale Greg J 928 301 9439 Located in Verde Valley but travel to Phoenix often.
  5. grunt

    6.5mm barnes 120 ttsx

    Its Greg J in Cornville. Not sure which one of the Presmyks you are but they are yours. Sold!
  6. grunt

    6.5mm barnes 120 ttsx

    3 sealed boxes Barnes 120 TTSX 6.5 $120 shipped
  7. grunt

    6.5 PRC Ammo

  8. grunt

    6.5 PRC Ammo

    Sell Pending
  9. grunt

    6.5 PRC Ammo

    6 boxes 143 ELDX 4 boxes 147 ELDM $75 a piece Ill be in Phoenix this weekend and have with me. Otherwise live in Verde Valley. Greg J 928 301 9439
  10. grunt


    Pm sent
  11. grunt

    CA Stock

    If the bottom metal is included ill take it. Pm on the way
  12. grunt

    La sportiva trango cube boot

    If you have a narrow foot these boots are great. Love mine
  13. grunt

    Knight muzzleloaders

    Both are sold. Thanks
  14. grunt

    Knight muzzleloaders

    The black muzzloader is not tapped for iron sights
  15. grunt

    Knight muzzleloaders

    Ill check on that. He sold the stainless package already.