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  1. Azooutdoors

    ISO 38 super

    I got a Colt 38 Lightweight stainless Commander I was going to sell it last month, then I went and shot it. Now I'll keep it forever. I'm enamored with that pistol. It's a great round. You'll be happy.
  2. Azooutdoors

    FS Ithaca Model 37 12 g

    Great shotgun. Brownings and Ithaca's eject the shells at your feet so you don't have to look all over for your empties. Makes it a lot easier for responsible hunters to clean up their trash.
  3. Azooutdoors

    Browning A Bolt 300 Win Mag Lefty

    Rifles in great shape. Not sure of round count. Clean nice rifle. LEFT HANDED. Bases and Rings included. Located in Cave Creek but I'm in Tucson till Friday afternoon and have the rifle with me. $750.00
  4. Azooutdoors

    2001 Nissan Xterra

    Sold to Bigmalcolms kid. Great family. Thanks
  5. Azooutdoors

    2001 Nissan Xterra

    Pretty good shape for its age. My 17 year old daughters daily driver. Runs good. Good tires and no body damage. This is the 2 wheel drive version. 250,000 miles. Motor is strong and is currently registered. Has a power steering slow leak and the heater doesn't work. $1,500.00. Title is signed and ready to go. Cave Creek
  6. Azooutdoors


    Dad didn't throw away brass but this is all from 2005 and newer. He moved and this is all from after his move. I have lots more.
  7. Azooutdoors


    Please Read.....I've got some brass I'd like to sell. I'm looking for someone who is really into reloading and will buy it all. Repeat BUY It ALL. I also have lots of other components that I'll be posting down the road. They can use what they need and then sell individually what they don't. I personally don't want to break it up. Most of this was shot by my dad and he always kept his brass. 14,528 pieces of brass for $1,800 obo. that's just over .12 cents a piece for those who don't have a calculator. Caliber Brass or Chrome Quantity Status C=Clean, D= Dirty, N= New 25ACP B 2,000 D 30 Mauser B 66 D 7.62x39 B 22 C 380 Auto B 178 D 32 Colt B 40 D 32 Auto B 769 C and D 32 S&W B 535 C 32 H&R Mag B 260 C 32-20 B 506 C 9x21 B 376 C and D 38 Super B 113 D 38 Colt B 20 D 38 Colt Long B 27 D 38 S&W B 401 C and D 38 S&W C 785 C and D 38 Special B 1015 C and D 38 Special C 580 C 357 C 468 C 41 Mag B 41 C 44 S&W Special B 1008 D 45 Colt B 278 C 44 Rem Mag B 1586 C and D 44 Rem Mag (new) B 180 C 45 Schofield (new) B 21 C 45 Schofield B 201 C and D 44-40 (new) B 250 C 6.5x55 B 6 D 257 Roberts B 11 C 454 Casul B 15 C 348 Winchester B 58 D 30-30 B 270 C 300 Win Mag B 33 C 303 British B 38 C 6mm B 2 C 7mm B 22 C 8mm B 27 C 25-06 B 44 C 270 B 216 C 45 ACP B 902 C and D 40 S&W B 101 C Reloading Brass.docx
  8. Azooutdoors

    Springfield Hellcat Pistol Package

    I'm not a moderator but you should know that this page is for private sales between Coues members and not for dealers. There are other sites on the web that cater to commercial sales.
  9. Azooutdoors

    FOUND, 357-44 Bain & Davis Dies

    I might have a Bain and Davis Winchester Model 92 barrel if you want it. I converted my 92 back to 44-40. Let me know and I'll look for it.
  10. Azooutdoors

    Security system tech.

    I'm looking for some help installing some low voltage security cameras etc. Anyone on here work in that field. I'm in Cave Creek.
  11. Azooutdoors

    WTB Firewood

    I am in Cave Creek and you're welcome to come by and take what you need. I've got extra.
  12. Azooutdoors

    Garymills is a scammer

    Just curious but how are they getting on so quickly? When I joined you had to post in other forums for a while before you got approved for the classifieds. What happened?
  13. Azooutdoors

    20ga Shotgun & 25 boxes of shells

    If you're not too far I'll take all the 20 gauge shells. I'm in the north valley. Cave Creek.
  14. Fits a full size truck. Bought it for my Superduty but it doesn't work with my 98 gallon Diesel tank. New the box is over $750.00 and the rack is $423.00. I need $550 for the pair. Not willing to separate. Trades considered but not interested in trading wholesale for retail. 602-510-3nine nine3
  15. Azooutdoors

    Looking to buy a Mule

    Call me. Joe 602-51Zero 3993 I might be able to help you.