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    Sold Lee Reloading Equipment

    Lee misc stuff $30 location Cave Creek. Please call or text. 602-five10-three993 Joseph
  2. Azooutdoors

    Bullet Casting Equipment

    My father a lifelong hunter and shooter has recently passed away. I am settling his estate and will be selling many items in the future. Per his Trust the money will be used for his grandchildren's education. I have been a Coues member for a while so I'm going to give all of you first dibs on everything. To start with here are some cast bullet molds and a Magma Engineering Master Caster Pot. I would prefer to sell these all together in a package and not sell individually. I don't have the time to piecemeal this stuff. I also have 3 Sizer Lubricator presses with many dies but no photos yet. There are thousands of bullets that are not sized or lubed and hundreds of pounds of lead. I'm not sure about the prices this used stuff is worth but I know the retail pricing averages around $75 per mold. I'm hoping one of you is a serious caster and I will work with you if you take it all. There are a few thousand dollars worth of molds alone. I can't get a photo of the list to download without it doing a link but there are 45 molds and you'll have to call me so I can get you the list. I'll keep trying to figure Coues files upload out so there maybe photos soon. Sorry bout that. I'll get a call or text quicker then I'll notice a PM on this site. 602-five one zero-399three Joseph
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    Bullet Casting Equipment

    Thanks. He was a great man.
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    Reloading Equipment

    Redding Turret Press-RCBS Uniflow powder measure-3 scales the Texan needs a part - 2 case trimmers $300.00 location Cave Creek Please call or text 602-five10-three993
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    RV Pad w/Hookups So AZ

    I have RV hookups at my place in Cave Creek.
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    I love those coolbots. I took half my pantry and turned it into a walk-in cooler. When I don't get a tag everyone brings over meat and stores it in my fridge to age it and then of course I get meat as a payment so it works out well. In the summertime I can go in there and read a book and cool off. I've Been using mine for almost 10 years. Good luck with the sale.
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  8. I’ll take it.
  9. Azooutdoors

    357mag and 44 mag both sold!

    I’ll take the Smith.
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    Large Generator Set Price DROP SOLD

    Any idea how long (Time)the generator will run with the current setup?
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    14’6” Enclosed Trailer

    14’6” Enclosed Box Cargo Trailer 6’ Wide X 6’ Tall Sink on inside. There’s a couple dings on the diamond plate at the front. Look at photos $3,200.00 located in Cave Creek 602-Five10-399Three
  12. Azooutdoors

    BNIB Ruger 10/22

    PM sent.
  13. Azooutdoors

    30’ 5th Wheel 2 Slides

    1996 Kit Sportsmaster 30’ 5th Wheel. 2 Slides, Tires 2 years old. Has had the axels flipped and set up for towing a trailer behind it. Set up with 2 Derp Cycle 6 Volt Batteries so it’ll go a week easy without recharging. It got caught in the 2010 hail storm so it has a Restored/Salvage Title. It pulls great and is ready to roll. It could use new carpet and a few minor things but overall it’s in good shape. I’m keeping the 5th Wheel to Gooseneck converter. Low Book is $4,500 but I’d like to see $3,500. Text is quicker. 602-5onezero-399three I’m in Cave Creek
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    PM’d you.
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    Feet still growing? I wore 13’s in high school, 14’s in my 20’s, 16’s in my 30’s and 40’s and now I’m wearing 18’s. I gave away a new pair of Sorel Mavericks 16’s on here last year. I know how you feel. I wish my feet would have stayed the same and my Johnson kept growing. Oh well!!
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    WTB cabinets

    Try Kent Klien. I had quotes on my cabinets for $26,000, $34,000 he came in at $1,850 and did an awesome job. +1 (602) 476-3099
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    Mobile App

    Is there a mobile app available for CWT?
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    I’m in. I got some last year and they were awesome!!
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    Wtb pipe for stalls

    How many lineal feet do you need? I might have enough that I can give you some. I have 2 3/8 oil field.
  20. Azooutdoors

    Tires wheels F350

    PM sent
  21. Azooutdoors


    1974 Terry. Great for hunting camp. Axels have been flipped. I think everything works. Stove, Toilet, fridge etc.. not sure about the heater. Pretty cool looking piece of Americana. Pulls great. I’m helping a friend sell it. She pulled it with a Nissan Pathfinder. Title is ready to go. $1,000.00
  22. Azooutdoors

    I phone 6s Verizon

    Where are you located?
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    I’ll take it.
  24. Azooutdoors

    Shotgun Ammo 12/20 gauge

    I guess the guy is dealing with his fathers estate. I haven’t heard back. I’m hoping to work something out on everything but the 28’s.