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  1. Won at a raffle and fired half a box and put back in safe. $450 takes it. 83rd ave and Glendale 602 638 8181
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    All 8 members who reached out that said they would take it have passed. Still available
  4. rpowell600


    6.5 CM Ruger American Predator with rail and threaded barrel. Utilizes Ruger magazines. Purchased last month and shot 10 rounds through it. Only bought it to experiment with a few suppressors. Not a flaw on the rifle as it was put back in a soft case after each shot at the range. Remember, this is a left model and usually goes for $80-$100 more than the right handed models.
  5. Purchased at Cabelas and three weeks later we ended up with a smoking deal on my neighbors fifth wheel. Still new in box with the nylon cable strap attached. SOLD
  6. rpowell600

    Glock 26 Gen 5 Package

    Used Glock 26 Gen 5. I’d guess 200-300 rounds have been fired. FDE/burnt bronze cerakote. Truglo night sights, case, 3 oem mags, StealthGearUSA holster and Kenai Gunfighter chest holster shell (will need to purchase the harness from their site to ultilize). If you don’t like the cerakote colors we can change them for a small fee. $600. 83rd ave and Glendale. 602 638 8181
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    Updated with what is left and price.
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    I’ll have photos in the next 15 minutes or so. Thanks!
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    SOLD WTS Vortex 1800 Rangefinder

    Bump. $200
  13. rpowell600

    Brand New Tier1 Concealed Axis Elite Sig P365x Holster

    “Fits Sig P365X without safety“
  14. Purchased the wrong model by mistake. Just got it in the mail yesterday. Tier1 Concealed OD Green Axis Elite Fits Sig P365X without safety. I’m taking a loss for my bonehead mistake and you won’t have to wait almost a month in lead time for production. $100. Meet at cabelas. 602 638 8181 These are truly great holsters. I wear one daily with my 43x. Company just doesn’t allow returns since they are custom holsters.