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  1. rpowell600

    AKC Labrador Puppies

    All puppies have been claimed. Again, big thanks to all of you guys as the puppies went exclusively to cwt members.
  2. rpowell600

    AKC Labrador Puppies

    One healthy male remaining. Akc papered, had 6 week vaccinations, and ready for his forever home.
  3. rpowell600

    AKC Labrador Puppies

    2 black males remain. Taking deposits now. So far, we have sold 4 puppies to cwt members and that’s the way we prefer. $200 deposit, $800 total with akc papers and 6 week vaccinations. 602 638 8181. Call or text with any questions. Thank you CWT!
  4. rpowell600


    Definitely go with the 43X MOS if you can find it. If not, the 43X is that much better than the regular 43. 43X MOS>43X>43 If you buy online and are on the west side I can help with transfers. $15 for CWT members.
  5. rpowell600

    AKC Labrador Puppies

    4 black males remaining. Thank you all for your interest. We are only advertising on CWT to make sure they go to good homes and plenty of camping trips!
  6. rpowell600

    AKC Labrador Puppies

    8 healthy puppies delivered May 27th! They will be going home at 8 weeks old. We will start taking deposits July 1st when they are 5 weeks old. Puppies remaining are 1 yellow male and 4 black males. Pm me if you are interested. Thank you! IMG_2679.MOV
  7. rpowell600

    SOLD Hornady 143gr ELD-X Bullets/Projectiles Only

    All 5 boxes back up for sale.
  8. rpowell600

    SOLD Box of brand new bass fishing lures and plastics

    Sold. Great meeting with you Dennis!
  9. SOLD 5 unopened boxes (100 count each) Hornady 143gr ELD-X projectiles.
  10. rpowell600

    143Gr ELD-X Bullets and Federal 55gr 223

    What guy? Hopefully I’m not being doubted as a stand up guy. I private messaged you the tracking number for shipping per our conversation last night. Unfortunately, I have a day job and couldn’t get to the post office first thing in the morning and had to wait until lunch. 12 hours barely passed by and you are already on alert. Maybe try midway in the future and wait 10 months.
  11. Located at 83rd ave and Glendale. No holds 2 unopened boxes of 100 count Hornady 143gr 6.5CM ELD-X bullets. SOLD 500 rounds bulk Federal 55gr 223 - $355
  12. rpowell600

    SOLD Box of brand new bass fishing lures and plastics

    Sale pending for Sunday
  13. rpowell600

    SOLD Box of brand new bass fishing lures and plastics

    Negative sir. I try not to go any further south than I have to for obvious reasons lol. If you want to add another $20 I’ll ship it to you. Send me a message if that interests you.
  14. Box full of lures, plastics and some terminal tackle for bass fishing. $50 takes the whole box.
  15. rpowell600

    Federal 223 55gr FMJ - AT MY COST

    1000 rounds left