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  1. rpowell600

    GLOCK 20 10MM $525

    Fair price on a great pistol. One of my favorites now. Id imagine it will sell before tomorrow.
  2. rpowell600

    Hodgdon H414 Reloading Powder

    Ill do $120
  3. SOLD Press was used only to decap a few hundred 556 cases. Press is like new and the accessories such as powder dispenser, beam scale, hand primer, etc are all still in box new. Reloading manual not included. Original press instruction manual is there.
  4. rpowell600

    Hodgdon H414 Reloading Powder

    7 pounds remaining in an 8 pound jug of H414. $150. 83rd Ave and Glendale
  5. 50 rounds left. $20 takes it. 83rd ave and Glendale.
  6. rpowell600

    FREE Good words from Hoghunter's Wife Heather.

    He was at my house shooting the breeze the night before his surgery. He texted me later that night saying the doctors rescheduled his surgery for another time and wouldn't tell him why. Obviously someone wanted him to have more time with his family. He was proud of his family thats for sure. We always joked about him being an "old dad" lol. Im gonna miss that guy.
  7. rpowell600

    SOLD Xtreme Bullets 40 S&W/10mm 220gr RNFP

    Pm incoming.
  8. Xtreme Bullets 220gr 40 S&W 10mm Projectiles. (2) 500 count boxes might have another 250 or so as well. Received them on trade and don’t use them.
  9. Morning bump on a very fine shooting pistol. These triggers break like glass. You cannot go wrong with Canik! Good luck with sale!
  10. rpowell600

    Looking for a welder (wire)

    https://www.harborfreight.com/titanium-easy-flux-125-amp-welder-56355.html That has great reviews on youtube and inexpensive. If he wanted something to last a lifetime and great resale value you cant go wrong with a Lincoln 140 or 180. I personally have the 140 and does everything I have needed it to do around the house.
  11. rpowell600

    SOLD Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph

  12. Used twice at the range. Includes aux cord and carrying bag as purchased new. Like new without packaging. Must have for reloaders.
  13. rpowell600

    Reloading Brass Various Calibers

    I would be willing to stuff it all in a flat rate box for ya....
  14. rpowell600

    Reloading Brass Various Calibers

    Sure am. 83rd ave and Glendale