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  1. willhunt4coues

    Cabelas Alaknak 12x20 with extras ****SOLD****

  2. willhunt4coues

    Cabelas Alaknak 12x20 with extras ****SOLD****

    No can not use with fire restrictions. We bought a 2020 wolfpup 23 foot trailer so don't need this anymore.
  3. willhunt4coues

    Cabelas Alaknak 12x20 with extras ****SOLD****

  4. I have for sale Alaknak 12x20 tent. Only used 2 times. Excellent condition. Asking 1100.00 obo. Here is a run down of everything included and original price. 12x20 tent, poles, stakes 1199.00 Floor liner 150.00 Roof panel protector for stove 120.00 Camp chef heavy duty stove 250.00 I will even throw in 2 cots I have for it. Paid around 1800.00 with tax. Smokin deal at 1100.00 obo. Sold sold sold sold
  5. willhunt4coues

    Big Sweets

    If I remember right this buck was not even in this unit. If it was in this unit post up the area he was killed. Thats when we will know if its the same buck. Of ya and the year this buck was killed. Sweets was in his prime in 2010. Again features like his eye guards never changed in any of the pictures I have. Out of all the deer I have watched through the years if their eye guards never change. If this is sweets congrats who freaking cares but I bet you its not...I have reason...lol
  6. willhunt4coues

    Big Sweets

    We go through this every 2 or 3 years. Guys say a few years back. Don't know if you realized but big sweets was last seen in 2010. No one i know has seen him (lots of guys since I have lived in the unit for 40 years). Few people say they know a friend that knows a guy that killed it a FEW years back. Again this buck is not sweets you can tell heck this buck is bigger than sweets but you can clearly see no inward tilt eye guards that make a diamond ◇. Plus sweets isn't as wide. I
  7. willhunt4coues

    Big Sweets

    AzP&Y may still have the trail cam pics also. We both were hunting the area together. I will have to reach into some old files to see where all the pics were. My camera had all the hard horn pics in 2009 and AZP&Y put his camera up near mine and got all the velvet pics in 2010. Every time we had him on camera there was a lion following him hours later. EVERY time. Crazy stalkers.
  8. willhunt4coues

    Big Sweets

    He was never killed as far as anyone knows. There are a few deer out there that people THOUGHT it was him but none of them had the same features. There were sheds found that are his.
  9. willhunt4coues

    Big Sweets

    I have about 70 pictures of him hard horned somewhere. That was back in 2010. No one ever saw him again after 2010. Ronnie placed about 30 trail cameras in the area and no one ever saw him. We did spot a big 120 in the area in 2013 but figured it was his kid. Those inward eye guards never changed.
  10. willhunt4coues

    Big Sweets

    Here is a picture again.
  11. willhunt4coues

    Big Sweets

    Not Big Sweets. His right side main beam next to tip had a stub that came dropped down. Plus his eye guards angled inwards. I will post up a picture when I find one.
  12. willhunt4coues

    Father and Son duo

    No he took about 10 steps and then was out, absolutely no movement.
  13. willhunt4coues

    Father and Son duo

    My son had the early November hunt. We had been watching his buck for about 5 weeks. we had photos and films of him and estimated him to be between 96 to 105. Rough gross was 100 3/8 and netted 96 6/8. Shot was 560 yards, with sun in eyes. he was not behind gun enough so the shot was a little high. but went in and came out the left side behind lungs. Crazy did a 90 degree turn in body. He used my gun since he likes it better..LOL. First day tag out before 9:00 am. I had built both of us 28 Noslers his had a APR hunter action and mine had my Bighorn SR3, We had shot over 300 rounds in each gun over the summer from june (when i finished barrels) to august, Then in sept and oct another 100 or so. We plan to change the barrels out this spring for next year. Shooting brux barrels 195 grain bergers at 2950. Next set of barrels i have a new reamer being built that should help get some more speed but will shorten barrels for weight. Also bought a new chuck to eliminate stress on work TBAS system. Then came my hunt for late November. We hunted every day except for the first day. We saw this buck one day during hunt on the move and was able to located him on last day glassing from the vehicles. Unfortunately with the fog rolling in and out and rain coming every few minutes when i spotted him I had to tale the shot or loss the opportunity. I had practiced for this for years now and knew i had it. 830 yards right behind shoulder and dropped him right there. Never dropped one with a shot behind shoulder but wow it was neat. Been worrying about the boys these past years that i finally got one. I wanted my dad to shoot but he passed since he has a hard time shooting far.