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  1. LHK2013

    Swarovski ATX 65mm Price Drop $2800

    Not willing to separate, no trades.
  2. $3000 OBO. Comes with Free Carbon Fiber tripod legs. They are not Slik, Gitzo, Sirui but paired with a VA-5 Head(keeping head) work awesome! Mint Condition Never Used in field. All original Items from factory included. (Covers). No scratches anywhere. ATX (angled) w/ 65mm Objective. 25-60 magnification. Swarovision Just like EL/ NL. More Pictures Provided if necessary.
  3. $2500 OBO . Mint Condition EL 12x50 EL Binoculars never taken in the field or used. No scratches on the lens or metal. These are HD and have Swarovision. All Accessories and components in box. More pictures provided if necessary.
  4. LHK2013

    LNIB Swarovski EL 12x50 Swarovision

  5. LHK2013

    LNIB Swarovski EL 12x50 Swarovision

  6. $2600 LNIB never been used. Never taken in field. most recent version, with HD glass, Swarovision, Field Flattener lens. Glass is flawless. more pictures available upon request.
  7. LHK2013

    Sold !! Christensen Arms MPR

    Yes still available. Just saw your message.sorry about that.
  8. LHK2013

    Sold !! Christensen Arms MPR

    It's a bolt action. Accuracy depends on you and the scope. However, I had a Swarovski X5 3.5-18x50 on there and was able to shoot 1000+ Yards accurately. 500 yards would be very accurate
  9. I decided to sell my Christensen Arms MPR 6.5 Creedmoor with 22 inch barrel with original box because I built a custom 6.5 PRC. There is nothing wrong with it mechanically, and shoots amazing. I only used it one year of hunting and between sighting in and some shooting at the range put 100 rounds through it. There are a few minor normal wear scratches on the picatinny rail from where the rings were, on the chassis from walking through the woods, on the magnet from folding the stock. Along with one ding on the bolt. The scratches on the chassis won't show up in photos and are barely noticeable in person, but I included the ding on the bolt and the magnet where the stock folds. Everything on this gun is stock from the factory. Any other questions please feel free to ask. https://christensenarms.com/modern-precision-rifle/ Price is $1800. They are $2249 plus tax new. Included with purchase 1 Box of 20 rounds 6.5 Creedmoor 143 grain ELD-X 1 MPR 22' 6.5 Creedmoor 1 5 round Magpul Mag Original Box. https://christensenarms.com/modern-precision-rifle/
  10. LHK2013

    ISO Swarovski 10x42 HD’s

    Sent you a PM