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  1. Theres always one in every crowd. Thanks buddy.
  2. Video of Long Range coues hunt in southern AZ see link below to youtube - hope you guys enjoy Instagram = @b.a._hunting @the_ayers_brand
  3. 3 Tags, 3 Friends, and 3 Bucks. A short video of our November 2016 Coues Hunt which started in March and ended in early December.... if you include spring, summer, and fall scouting. We took Josh on his first hunt ever, he bought all the gear he needed a couple months before the hunt and it turned out he was amazing at spotting deer behind his new glass... I think we got him hooked.
  4. T-Post

    Dream Hunt of A Lifetime

    I am a new member but that's the best write up I've seen so far. And probably the biggest buck I've ever seen. Did you end up scoring it? Congrats.
  5. Two long range kill shots taken in the early November 2015 hunt in southeastern Arizona. The first buck measured 108 3/8" and the second buck which was taken the morning of the last day measured 80". . Video hyperlink: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iySVTYSaCwA Film was taken with an iPhone 5s with a phoneskope attached to a Vortex Razor HD 16-48x50 Spotting Scope. Hunt Story Below: My brother (the 108 shooter) glassed the first buck up in September of 2015 and again November 4th and again put him to bed on November 5th, the evening before the hunt started. When the hunt started on November 6th the buck could not be found and we glassed up about 15 fork and spike bucks that weekend. We found a few groups of bucks on the edge of our canyon that were 100+" but they were 2,000+ yards away and above us and frankly not killable. We tried to chase them one evening but the topography was not in our favor, and we quickly realized there's a reason those bucks were big. Finally on Sunday evening November 8th I glassed up the 108 bedded @ 1,000 yards. We quickly got the camera on him and the gun set up in a prone position on him, my brother informed me there was a bear about 60 yards below him. Seconds later the buck stood up, flagged his tail and ran over the ridge into the next canyon, about 20 seconds later the bear walked right through the bucks bed. (Which we have on film). We spent the next day trying a couple different canyons without a lot of luck. On Tuesday morning we glassed up the 108 again @ 1,050 yards @9:00AM and he quickly bedded and seemed to vanish. I stayed there and kept eyes on him (waiting for him to stand up) and my brother cut the distance to 570 yards. After he cut the distance and had his binos set up on the 108's bed I packed up my gear and ran down the mountain. As I was making my way down the mountain my brother watched the buck get out of his bed, walk about 200 yards and lay down in another bed. It became very windy and this may be why he chose a new bed. We knew exactly where the buck was sleeping and we doped the gun for 570 yards and the measured wind, 10-15 mph with gusts up to 23 mph. We were ready at 10:30 AM and we waited for 3 hours, my brother laid prone behind the gun and I sat preparing the camera and staring through my binos waiting to see this buck. @1:30 PM the buck stood up and that's were the hyperlinked video above begins. The wind must have been blowing a little harder across the canyon because we had 2 direct hits to the neck as you can see in the video. 2 shots 2 hits. . We moved to another canyon for the rest of the hunt because we had one more tag to fill and were starting to feel the pressure. I had a 1,000 yard opportunity on about a 100" buck, I had my crosshairs on his rear waiting for him to turn broadside and he promptly went over the ridge never to be seen again. The next day was Thursday, the last day of the hunt. We piled into the Rhino at 2AM and started towards the spot. At 3AM it was about 35 degrees and we got a flat tire, when everything seems to go wrong there's usually something good around the corner so I had a feeling it would be a good day. Around 7:00AM the last day of the hunt we glassed up the 80" buck and he was dead within 2 minutes. 1 shot 1 kill 590 yards. The 108 3/8" buck is at the taxidermist getting a full wall mount. I did my own European mount on the 80" buck. Special Thanks to: Jimmy Herbert Chuck Gutierrez