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  1. Broken Wheels

    ISO 6.5 CREEDMORE 140/143

    Ya just need 140 grain to sight in at 100 yards then will load my own variations until I find the one that works best. Thanks for the info again guys...
  2. Broken Wheels

    ISO 6.5 CREEDMORE 140/143

    Thanks fellas, I will get by there and see what they may have.
  3. Broken Wheels

    ISO 6.5 CREEDMORE 140/143

    Looking for some inexpensive (don't laugh) ammo to sight in a scope in the 140-143 grain area.
  4. Broken Wheels

    FS: Dog Vests

    What size dog for the Neoprene Rig em Right vest?
  5. Broken Wheels


    Looking for some reloadable 6.5 Grendel brass once fired only or new if available out there folks. Let me know what you have and thank you. Four 8 Zero Four 3 Zero Three 8 3 Eight...Kirk
  6. Broken Wheels

    Big tripod Death Grip

    Is this the aluminum or carbon fiber version?
  7. Broken Wheels

    ISO 6.5 CM STUFF

    Good on bullets for awhile now but thank you just the same!
  8. Broken Wheels

    ISO 6.5 CM STUFF

    Thank you but just secured 340 pieces of 1x brass so pretty good there for now.
  9. Broken Wheels

    ISO 6.5 CM STUFF

    I appreciate the offer, have the two loads I am wanting to try out so thank you just the same!
  10. Broken Wheels

    ISO 6.5 CM STUFF

    All good now, thanks to those for suggestions and those for sales!
  11. Broken Wheels

    Vortex 10x50 razor arriving today. Brand new 1100$

    Sinwagon, wish you nothing but the best of luck and there are those of us who appreciate what you were doing (for the working man) as it didn't harm anyone but the internet police with no real job are always going to whine and cry about anything and everything, probably socialist democrats on top of it but that is for the political pages only. Best of luck...
  12. Broken Wheels


    I watched my Father harvest more Elk when i was a child and he would try the camo clothes for a day or so, then wake up one morning and put his jeans on, his flannel shirt and smoke an L&M cigarette as he walked around and end up getting his Elk. Same with deer hunting, never tree stand hunted, never glassed just knew where to find the deer and what side of the mountain they would be on during a particular time of day. Back then I believe we had more critters, less hunters and old men kept it simple...
  13. Broken Wheels


    He will get all new 1st layer tops and bottoms from First Lite but the rest we may wait until the day after Christmas and catch some good deals. He is a very active Civil Air Patrol and Jr. ROTC young man and has his head screwed on pretty tight right now so the least I can do is help him with hunting and driving costs so he remains focused on his studies (4.1). Thanks for all the input folks...
  14. Broken Wheels


    He wont get any taller but like most Americans he will "fill out" over time. I messed up and didn't purchase anything during the Black Friday period for KUIU and First LIte
  15. Broken Wheels


    My 15 year old grandson is getting serious about hunting now and I don't want him wearing army surplus clothes as I did in the 70's so does anyone have any ideas who would have the most bang for their buck clothes out there for a young man? He is the tall and lean so wears 32" britches, medium shirts and 9.5 boots. Ayy suggestions welcome, would like to get him into 1-2 full outfits along the lines of KUIU or First Lite but perhaps a more economical line close to their quality...I know Cadillac tastes with a YUGO budget! Thanks for any input or leads on places to shop.