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  1. Broken Wheels

    Kriss Vector Gen 2 CRB 9mm

    How many rounds roughly down the pipe and are you the original owner? Is the barrel threaded? Thanks
  2. Broken Wheels

    Leupold 15x45x60 Spotting Scope

    See you Friday, call me Friday morning and we can pick a place to meet. Safe travels, Kirk
  3. Broken Wheels

    1999 Sportsman 500 $1500

    If the sell of the Polaris falls through I would like to purchase it. Let me know, thanks!
  4. Broken Wheels

    Leupold 15x45x60 Spotting Scope

    I am interested in this scope if still available and I work off of Baseline and Mesa Drive should you like to meet? There is a Grainger's store right at Baseline and Horne should that make it easier. Sent you a PM as well! Thank you,
  5. Broken Wheels

    Remington 308 full rig $650 and ruger 22/45 lite

    Can you ask your brother if he is original owner of the 22/45 and if so how many rounds is he guessing he has fired through that barrel? Also is the Remington an ADL, BDL or an SPS? I am not familiar enough with Remington's so thought I would ask. Also should we work something out i am an east valley person so how will the logistics work on the sale?
  6. Broken Wheels


    I can second that this Polaris is an awesome quad (seen it in action) and will serve someone well for many more years to come!!
  7. Broken Wheels

    Polaris Ranger GLASS windshields Front & Rear

    I have a 1/2 glass windshield i would trade you for the back glass. Are these true glass or plastic is my only question? Let me know, thanks! Can they be purchased separately and would the rear glass fit a 2017 Polaris Ranger Crew Cab?
  8. Broken Wheels

    Eureka Tent two person

    Is the Eureka still for sale, my grandson isn't quite ready to sleep out in the open yet? Thanks, Kirk
  9. Broken Wheels


    May I ask what the Pelaton material is as opposed to the other wool material they have been selling? I am ignorant to this material, sorry but interested for sure in all of it!
  10. Broken Wheels

    Crispi Lapponia GTX

    Send pictures please to 602-725-1958 please if still for sale!
  11. Broken Wheels

    Kodiak 8' canvas truck tent 275.00

    Thank you for the answer and sorry I couldn't use it, sure hope you sell it soon great concept and even better deal!
  12. Broken Wheels

    Kodiak 8' canvas truck tent 275.00

    Gonna sound stupid but is that a 6' bed with the tailgate down making up the other 2' or does it have to be a full 8' bed before the tailgate goes down too?
  13. You broke an old mans heart with this posting! My wife gave me a blue heeler for a wedding gift years ago back in Louisiana and he was the best gift I could have ever got! She got a $1500 engagement ring and I got a $75 dog and Baloo was worth a heck of a lot more than that dang ring over the years let me tell you! Great family dogs, will protect the kids and chase them around, wish I wasn't up in the years and had the energy to take on another heeler. Thanks for the memories though, GOD bless!
  14. Has this sold yet and if not can we meet up to look at it and talk turkey? Thanks Kirk 602-725-1958