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  1. Broken Wheels


    Oops! Forgot their website is support@CoversandCamo.com
  2. Broken Wheels


    Hey folks, wanted to share a small family owned and operated company that specializes in custom car/truck/SUV seat covers. They are called Custom and Camo and they are very personable to deal with and their pricing is fair in today's market. I prefer dealing with small family business's and needed seat covers for my 2017 Ranger 1000 XP and they already knew about the seat styles and placed my order right away. Just passing on something positive in the negative world we live in today folks, have a great day!
  3. Broken Wheels


    Are these the usual back tires are 11" and front tires are 9"?
  4. Broken Wheels


    Congrats on the sell, fair price for quality optics! We have a guy here at work that after talking with me believes I am more of a SFP person than a FFP thus the reason I didn't pull the trigger. Congrats again on your sale...
  5. Broken Wheels


    SinWagon tried to message you, said you cannot receive PM's. I am interested in the scope but I must ask, you sell quite a bit of new or unused optics, are you a dealer or how is it you have so many quality optics at your disposal?
  6. Broken Wheels

    Yeti 125. Sale pending

    I will be the 15th back up to the other backups
  7. Broken Wheels

    FN Herstal SPR A1a .308

    An estimate of the number of rounds down the pipe please?
  8. Broken Wheels

    Cardinal 5th wheel

    Text me your address and we will set up a time to come look at it please. The wife is definitely interested in it which is a good thing, usually they are the sticking point in any deal. PM'd you my cell number should you wish to meet up, thanks!
  9. Broken Wheels

    Cardinal 5th wheel

    What year is this trailer and are you the original owner? Conventional battery set up? Any mechanical or structural issues?
  10. Broken Wheels

    Zenray ed2 spotting scope.

    I have the ZenRay carry's and they are incredible as you said especially for the price. Wish I had the cash I would buy this spotter, you should have no problem selling this!
  11. Broken Wheels

    45 Colt/45 LC reloading components $150

    Let me know if it doesn't sell to whomever and I will meet up with you, thanks
  12. Broken Wheels


    Thanks TanClan4 and Eli, back in town so will go see what is still available.
  13. Broken Wheels


    Folks, Just converted an AR15 to the interesting 6.5 Grendel and looking for ammo of course as well as brass. If anyone has any leads or the actual ammo or brass please message me. Thanks all...
  14. Broken Wheels

    6.5 Grendel ammo

    Any of these rounds still for sale or did you finally bulk sale them together?
  15. Broken Wheels

    ISO eberlestock gunrunner pack

    Price, pictures?