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  1. AzRaised08


    Congrats on a successful hunt! Still waiting to go on my first antelope hunt but I can’t wait til I get the chance
  2. AzRaised08

    2023 Wyoming hunt

    That sounds like a fantastic trip with memories that will last a lifetime! And that is a great buck! Congratulations on tagging out! Seems like you had a wonderful time
  3. AzRaised08

    Elk tag punched

    Sorry to hear about the stroke but what a way to cap off the following week! Happy birthday and congratulations on a very nice elk
  4. AzRaised08

    2 youth tags to fill.....

    That is awesome! Congrats on the double—those are great looking bucks
  5. AzRaised08

    First timer

    Way to stick with it and close the deal! Congratulations to your grandson—that is one happy kid!
  6. AzRaised08

    Lincoln's First Turkey

    Crazy how that first shot worked out with those turkey so curious around the truck. And congrats to your son on a nice Tom! Super cool getting the father/son double!
  7. AzRaised08

    Son's Unit 10 Youth Elk Hunt

    That is a great story and a nice elk. Congratulations to your son on perfect shooting and sealing the deal! Looks like beautiful country, and I’m glad you were able to create some awesome memories
  8. AzRaised08

    Easton's first hunt

    Great story haha. Love that your son immediately replied “nope”! But hats off to you for all your work and patience in making sure he had a great experience. And congratulations to your son on great shooting and tagging his first ever animal!
  9. AzRaised08

    Caliches first deer hunt

    Heck yeah Kev!! Congratulations to your son on a stellar buck!! That’s is super exciting and I’m sure it was awesome for him to tag out on such a nice deer. Happy for you all and I’m glad mom got to be there for it
  10. AzRaised08

    Moose or Coues Deer? Successful hunt!

    Finally had a chance to watch this video and wow what a great hunt! You deserve that buck after re-creating 30 yards of road haha. What a stud, congratulations!
  11. AzRaised08

    What it’s all about!

    Processing with family/friends is truly the cherry on top to end the hunt! Very cool all 3 generations participated. Congratulations on your success
  12. AzRaised08

    How do you measure success?

    I don’t know but for me “success” means different things for each hunt. When you tag out on an animal you’re happy with, of course that’s success. But I’ve also gone on “unsuccessful” hunts where no freezer was filled that I would consider a success due to the memories made with family, learning new areas in a unit, and getting to learn more about how the animals behave at different times of the day or different times of year
  13. AzRaised08

    Bull 2023 3A3C success

    Wow way to stick with it through 12 grueling days! Congratulations on a great bull, excited to see how it turns out from the taxidermist!
  14. AzRaised08

    Double Down

    Those two are smoking bulls! Congratulations on both of you tagging out. I bet it felt awesome after all those years to finally have one of your own
  15. AzRaised08

    Freezer fill!

    Sweet!! Very nice bull. Congrats on tagging out on the OTC